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STO is the intracompany process to transfer materials, between one plant to another within the same company with the same company code.

** Inter/Cross Company is not supported because it has not been localized.


The most common scenario goes as follows:

  1. ME21N                 STO
  2. VL10B                   Delivery Creation
  3. VL02N                  Outgoing movement 862
  4. MIGO                   Incoming movement 861


Important Notes:

123124 – LSA BR:5th v. Customizing of Brazilian movement types

    • This note contains the report that updates the Brazilian movement to its standard configuration.

199233 – Transfer with stock transfer order

888805 – CBT: Stock transfer with stock transport order



  • The plans must be set one as a customer and the other as the vendor.
  • On view J_1BIM02V the movements 861, 861, 863 e 864 must have the NF relevance field set as ‘U’.
  • Transaction OMJJ ha slots of configurations for movements.
  • Posting string (J1BTAX>>>NF>>>Inventory Management>>>IM Posting Strings) field ‘line item ID’ must be set as T or D.



  • Taxes do not match. (incoming x outgoing).
    • Lots of customer open incident asking why the values do not match. As this is not hard coded the values can change from one document to another. So it is necessary to check your setting to find out why the taxes are different.


DEBUG tips:

  • SE80>>>Function Group>>>J1BN>>>Function Module>>>J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX_NEW
    • For all calculation routines related to material movement can be see in this FM and it is where it starts the interface with FI.
  • SE37>>>Function Module>>> CALCULATE_TAX_ITEM
    • Where the KOMP and KONK will be filled.
  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>J1BF>>>Include LJ1BFF01
    • In this include the NF is created.
  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>MBGB>>> Subroutine>>> FORM AUSGABE (INCLUDE LMBGBFSU)
    • This include you can find out issues regarding accounting posting and the famous balance error.

For more information check our out WIKI:

Stock Transport Order – STO – Localization Latin America – SCN Wiki

For post in Portuguese check out this link.





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  1. François CARRON

    Dear Patricia,
    I allow myself to contact you as you seem to be one of the STO specialists under Brazilian context. We are using cross-company STO N1 scenario (business function LOG_MM_SIT) where transfer of property occurs at Goods Issue: SAP simultaneously chains transaction types 683 Goods issue from sending plant (US for example) + 107 Goods receipt posted in receiving plant (Brazil for example). At that time, goods are considered as logistics stock in transit in Receiving plant in MB5SiT transaction. Then later on when goods are physically received, VL32N on Inbound delivery for transaction type 109 (no posting). At that time, goods are considered as being received in receiving plant and not in-transit anymore. This is the standard behavior, but in our Brazilian sub, it is mandatory to book the goods receipt only when goods are physically received (meaning at 109 time but not at 107 time). Between initial Goods issue and physical receipt, goods are considered as being in transit in receiving plant from a Logistics point of view, but not from an accounting point of view as 107 books a regular goods receipt posting simultaneously with Goods issue.
    I understand from your blog that STO has not been localized for Brazil yet, is it still the case or some enhancements are ongoing and Under release ? If not, does it mean that we need to use N1 scenario (described above) as for other subs and then process intra-company STO as you described in your blog (STO with brazilian transaction types 862 / 861) ? (in order to post on goods in transit waiting for physical receipt).
    Thanks a lot for your support,
    Best regards,

    1. Patricia Eidelwein
      Post author

      Hello François,

      The STO process that has been localized is the Intra-Company. Cross Company has not been localized nor it is planned to.

      The STO Intra-Company process, uses movements 861 and 862, the logic about the stock is that once you post the goods issue it automatically enters the receiving plant. This is the standard behavior of the system.

      Best Regards,


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