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SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account – End to End Story

It’s TechEd season and as usual that means exciting announcements and innovations from SAP  🙂

It brings me great joy to share with you the new features for SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition extended demo account. First and foremost, the extended demo offering has been extended from 30 days to 90 days! We received feedback from our customers (YOU) that 30 days was not enough time to fully experience and prototype Fiori in the Cloud. We heard you and based on your feedback that 90 days was acceptable, we made it happen. You will notice a helpful status bar in your extended demo account that tells you how many of the 90 days you have left. Check out this blog for tips on how to preserve your work before expiration.

Let’s dig into the new technology! We’ve been waiting and waiting (myself included) for the ‘Connect to your back end system – coming soon’ to arrive, well here ye here ye it is here! (insert applause and cheers of excitement). If you’re attending TechEd and have session UX260 on your agenda then you’re going to get to experience this in the hands on section. For those of you who can’t attend, there is always the virtual hands on that you can access here, available from October 26, 2015 – September 2016. If neither of those options work for you or you’re eager to learn more now then keep reading!

Note: that connecting to your back end system is not a guided process included in your extended demo account. Since every customer has different requirements and different landscapes we decided it would be a better idea to publish guidelines here in SCN [coming soon – stay tuned!].

In collaboration with the SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition Product Management team, I have put together a series of videos for you to view at your leisure. There are 6 videos total – with each focusing on a specific piece of the SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account end to end story. We tell this story by focusing on the various business roles/key players to provide you the whole picture.Please note that these videos refer to the extended demo edition, if you purchase SAP Fiori, cloud edition for productive use then some of the steps below may vary. This blog is meant to guide you through the steps necessary to prototype Fiori in the cloud for your business before investing in the productive solution. Also note that there is not a way to switch your extended demo account content to a productive landscape. You can reference this blog and learn how to export some of your work (for example: customized apps and themes) and you can import them into your productive account. However, it the responsibility of the customer to ensure compatibility with extended apps/themes that are imported, this is not something SAP supports. The extended demo edition is intended to just be a demo account and not a productive landscape. With all that understood, please read on and have fun!

The first video shows you how to sign up and log into your SAP Fiori, cloud edition account. It also shows the difference between the demo/extended demo and some of the new features/functionality we’ve added since May 2015.  

The second video focuses on the end user experience and what value, features and flexibility your end business users can expect to gain from using SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition.

The third video takes you through the admin role and shows you how to create content packages, categories, groups and more.

The fourth video is all about the developer and shows you how to extend the My Leave Requests app.

The fifth video continues the developer role and shows you how to connect your SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition extended demo account to the SAP HANA Cloud Connector and then how to develop a new app from a template in SAP Web IDE.

In the sixth and final video you will go through the designer role and be shown how to create beautiful themes using UI Theme Designer.

Now that we have the end to end story for the extended demo edition in place I hope you have fun leveraging these videos and the other useful links in SCN to start prototyping the SAP Fiori Story for your company. Choose the app(s) of interest to your business, gather business requirements, adapt/customize the Fiori apps to work for you, theme with your company specific branding requirements and connect to your back end system – the end result is seeing SAP Fiori, cloud edition working for your business and running your data!

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    • Hi Syam,

      Licensing (and pricing) is a topic best served by contacting your AE (for customers) or PartnerEdge (if partner).  If you have access, the pricing is available on the SAP Pricing List (but sorry, I don't have the link for it).

      Cheers, Mike

      SAP Technology RIG

    • Eventually you should expect to see it on the HCP Pricing page, but I don't know the timing of this update.  See the blog by Aviad Rivlin for more information on the Controlled Availability that is currently open.  The formalized pricing should be more prevalent in the coming months, but in principle you can expect a recurring monthly base price for a block of users.

      Best Regards,

      Jeremy Good

      SAP Technology RIG

    • Hi Rodolfo,

      Here is a list of supported languages for HANA Cloud platform - Portuguese, Spanish and French are supported among others.

      You can also manage translations by using the manage translations tile from the Account group in FCC (drop down next to your name > Manage Site). For more information you can read here and of course you can already see it by logging into your extended demo account.

      Kind Regards,

      Liz Thorburn

      SAP Technology RIG

  • Elizabeth Thorburn , also it seems like I can't download the info sessions from:

    "For those of you who can't attend, there is always the virtual hands on that you can access here, available from October 26, 2015 - September 2016"

    Since I haven't attend to the TechEd ? is there any way for us to get the files ?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Can you access the link I posted? If so download the mobile docs app and you should be able to find the files. I have not done this myself but if you continue having issues,let me know and I'll take a look.


      Liz Thorburn

      SAP Technology RIG

      • Hi Liz,

        Can we also change the FIORI_BACKEND destination to an on-premise destination URL so all the destinations for the Fiori apps are changed? Or is this not possible yet?




        • Hi Hans,

          We are working on the end-to-end documentation and guidelines of this process, which will take some more time.

          We will update once we have the process with the guidelines available…

          The connectivity of a custom developed app is already there, see the video that Elizabeth Thorburn pointed to.



  • Hi Elizabeth,

    Fantastic blog... Thank you Very Much...

    Can you please answer the above query which i asked....

    Be it cloud Edition of Web Ide or Local Web Ide. If I extend the standard App(CA_FIORI_INBOX) to ZCA_FIORI_INBOX  and I deployed this custom application to Back End System as well... It went to Quality everything is perfect. Now user came back to me asking few more changes in the same extension view(which I can do it in my custom view which i extended earlier - S2.custom.fragment.XML)  , But also seeking some changes in other Standard View(S1.view.XML) ...

    When I import the project to WebIde , It only has , extended views/controllers information . I am not even getting the Extensible Pane Option.

    I Request you to please check the question asked in the above link and guide me ...

    Thanks alot...