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Author's profile photo Rohit Mahajan

List of Useful SAP Fiori TCodes

Hi All,

These are list of transactions which i found very useful for Fiori Development, Sharing with all, Please add more if i have missed some.

1) Great Information from Chandrashekhar Mahajan

Small tip on launching Fiori Launchpad using transaction code

/UI2/CACHE Register service for UI2 cache use
/UI2/CACHE_DEL Delete cache entries
/UI2/CHIP Chip Registration
/UI2/CUST Customizing of UI Technologies
/UI2/FLC Fiori Launchpad Checks
/UI2/FLIA Fiori Launchpad Intent Analyis
/UI2/FLP SAP Fiori Launchpad
/UI2/FLP_CONTCHECK Fiori Launchpad – Content Checks
/UI2/FLP_INTENTCHECK Fiori Launchpad – Intent Checks
/UI2/FLPD_CONF Fiori Launchpad Designer (cross-client)
/UI2/FLPD_CUST Fiori Launchpad Designer (client-specific)
/UI2/GW_ACTIVATE Gateway – Activation
/UI2/GW_APPS_LOG Gateway – Application Log
/UI2/GW_ERR_LOG Gateway – Error Log
/UI2/GW_MAINT_SRV Gateway – Service Maintenance
/UI2/GW_SYS_ALIAS Gateway – Manage SAP System Alias
/UI2/NAV Register navigation objects
/UI2/NAVPROV Define navigation provider
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUST NWBC Configuration (Customer)
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_CUST NWBC Config: Define Parameter (Cust)
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_SAP NWBC Config: Define Parameter (SAP)
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAP NWBC Configuration (SAP)
/UI2/PERS_DEL Cleanup Personalisatation Service
/UI2/POWL Register POWL for OData consumption
/UI2/SEMOBJ Define Semantic Object – Customer
/UI2/SEMOBJ_SAP Define Semantic Object – SAP

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      Author's profile photo Sarbjeet Singh
      Sarbjeet Singh

      Thanks for sharing this..


      Sarbjeet Singh

      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel

      much required one. Thx

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very convenient, thank you!

      Author's profile photo Chandrashekhar Mahajan
      Chandrashekhar Mahajan
      Author's profile photo padma mundru
      padma mundru

      Thank you for sharing this.

      Author's profile photo Christoph Sting
      Christoph Sting

      Thanks for sharing this..




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      how to use these t-codes ? I am not able to see out put when I entered in SAP Easy access screen and getting " This Function is not possible .


      In addition :  :Small tip on launching Fiori Launchpad using transaction code " is not working..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      It is funny...

      now i am able to execute all t-codes when use "/n"  🙂 🙂



      Author's profile photo Shashidhar Shetty
      Shashidhar Shetty

      Hi Rohit,

      Can you please post the below link again? Its not opening.

      Small tip on launching Fiori Launchpad using transaction code



      Author's profile photo Auxesky Jean-Louis
      Auxesky Jean-Louis


      Do you know a transaction in Fiori that would help me know

      starting from a TCode in which catalogs i could find this specific TCode ?



      Author's profile photo Jorge Monteiro
      Jorge Monteiro

      thank you for sharing.

      great compilation.

      Author's profile photo Abdullah Galal
      Abdullah Galal

      Very Useful, thanks a lot for sharing

      Author's profile photo Neelesh Jain
      Neelesh Jain

      Thanks Rohit for putting across.

      Txn /UI2/FLP is working from gateway system only. is there any way to configure and launch FLP through S/4 back-end system directly?

      Author's profile photo Surya Appala
      Surya Appala


      I think you can execute them only from Fiori gateway systems. If you want them to be executed from your S/4 Backend system, you may have to disconnect Fiori Gateway to S/4 and apply Fiori Add-on which means to turn Fiori from Hub model to Embedded model.




      Author's profile photo Giovanni-Maria Pace
      Giovanni-Maria Pace

      If you do not have front End and Gateway servers then you cannot run FIORI

      Author's profile photo Tania Oliveira
      Tania Oliveira

      Hi Neelesh,

      The "trick" is to precede the Tcode with /N.

      So instead of entering:

      You need to enter:

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Sajith Puthanpurayil
      Sajith Puthanpurayil

      Thanks for sharing this. Very useful.

      Author's profile photo Mohammed Altarkawi
      Mohammed Altarkawi

      Thank you so much!