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A lot of partners can’t wait to test and work with the Browser Access function in SAP Business One 9.2.

The installation is straight forward and simple! It will be explained in this document in a few steps:

Installation files:

The 9.2 version contains the installation files to set-up Browser Access. During an upgrade you can choose to install it directly (then it will be installed on the machine where you executed the upgrade, if that is the database server it doesn’t make sense in a lot of cases) or you can install it on a later moment.

Once your installation is upgraded the shared folder contains as usual a Client folder, in that folder a new component is added: SAP Gatekeeper Installation.

Client folder.png


Go to the specific folder and execute the setup.exe. During the installation you will be asked to connect to the SLD. A connection string will be created and will be saved also in the SLD. If you would like to use a certificate, enter it during the installation otherwise a self-signed certificate will be created.

Post Installation Steps:

In the SLD a new tab is added:


The line with Browser Access Server is added automatically when installing it on a Presentation Server. Here you also find the link to access SAP Business One in the Browser.

Per Browser Access server you can setup some parameters, select and click on edit:


The Initial Process Pool Size means the number of client already running in a kind of silent mode, to improve the logon time. (you can see them as active processes on the presentation server even if users aren’t logged on to the system)

The Max. Process Pool Size means the maximum number of clients running on a presentation server.

Supported Browser:

Details on Web Browser Access/supported Web Browser per version are documented in the recent SAP Business One Platform Support Matrix: Platform Support Matrix for SAP Business One or Platform Support Matrix for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

Use SAP Business One in the Browser:

Open the browser and navigate to the URL listed in the SLD, a verification will happen against the SLD (a pop-up can appear with the message you have to accept the website as trusted). The login screen will appear:


Enter you credentials and click log On, the client will be available in the Browser in a few seconds:


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    1. Akinlabi Semiu

      why is it that we need to restart gatekeeper service every now and then, because people could not connect, it will show blank or  ”we are still waiting for a response from the server, what will you like to do now?
      *keep waiting
      *keep waiting and don’t ask me again
      *log off

      once we restart the service gate keeper, everything will be normal.



  1. Robert Alparone

    We just installed 9.2 PL5 and are testing the browser access. Locally we can access via a browser. When we try to access from another computer within our local network we receive a SAML2 error.

    invalid SAML2 SSO request reference token

    Any thoughts on this?

  2. Joel Mwangi

    Hi Team,

    I am faced with the same challenge. I have installed the browser access in a windows server and SLD is installed on the linux box. I have exposed the SLD externally and i can access it. Also i have mapped the Browser to external address but it directs to , where i have even edited the location tags in the path. I can access the browser internally. What am i not doing right? Am running SAP Business One, Version for Hana 9.2 pl 03.


    kind regards,


    1. Mike Taylor

      Hey Joel,

      For basic instructions, check out my browser access video series.  Part one on how to install is here:

      Then there is a part two for SSL installation.




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