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SAP Fiori Cloud Edition is now available for Productive Use!

We are excited to announce the availability of SAP Fiori, cloud edition for productive use as part of a controlled availability program.

SAP Fiori, cloud edition renews your SAP Business Suite experience by deploying the new Fiori UI layer on the SAP HANA cloud Platform (HCP), connected to your on-premise systems. It allows customers to extend and develop Fiori apps, brand the solution, and provide end users a single, personalized entry point via the Fiori launchpad – all provided to you as-a-service, for productive use.

SAP Fiori, cloud edition offers a limited number of apps across Line of Business while covering the most frequently and commonly used use-cases.

11/04/2016 UPDATE: app scope available in the following blog SAP Fiori Cloud Edition – Apps Scope

Additional Fiori apps running on HCP are planned to be available in the future, according to customers’ demand. If you have a strong use case, and would like request additional Fiori apps to run on the cloud, please submit your request in the SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition IdeaPlace page.

To experience SAP Fiori in the cloud, you can already today create your own SAP Fiori demo cloud account (for non-productive use, limited for 90 days).

This is a major step in simplifying the SAP User Experience in the cloud, following the Fiori UX. Currently, the product is in a controlled availability phase, and we plan the General Availability of the product for Q1 2016 (this is the current planning, with all the regular legal disclaimers… ). Two major enhancements that we are already working on and are expected to be delivered early next year are the availability of HCI OData Provisioning for SAP Fiori cloud edition and the availability of additional Fiori apps running in the cloud (… disclaimer…).

Ok, so how can I join the controlled availability program of Fiori cloud edition?

To join the control availability program, please submit your nomination in the following link. We will review your nomination and get back to you at the soonest. Comment below if you have any question.


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    • Hi Gavin,

      The backend system need to be updated according to implemented Fiori application requirement. In the controlled availability release Gateway is required, in the future releases it will be allowed to run w/o Gateway on premise.

      Best regards


    • Please send me an e-mail and we will look at your specific license. In general, only customers who are part of the control availability program can use the software.



    • Hi,

      There are two parts in the answer:

      - Technology support: UI flexibility is supported

      - Currently delivered applications are based on UI5 1.28 w/o smart templates and thus don't make any use of UI flexibility. Your custom apps may make use of UI flexibility immediately.

      Best regards


      • Thank you Vitaly. Any new Apps recently released or planned for any quarterly release of Cloud solutions? We are looking for some very good reference code from SAP before we start using it for production Apps.

        • You can have a look at the list of apps we are currently evaluating in the following link: SAP Cloud Experience> SAP Fiori, cloud edition

          As you can see on the site, the 'Approve Shopping Cart' app was accepted and is planned to be delivered. Additional apps are in evaluation.



  • Hi,

    Apart from the applications listed above, is there a way I can import my on-premise Fiori applications on HCP.

    If not, can you provide any insights which applications are planned to role out in near future.

    Regards, Navin

    • The scenario of deploying any on-premise Fiori app on HCP is not a supported scenario (although technically possible).

      The list of additional Fiori apps SAP will deliver on HCP is based on customers' demand. You can get an insight about the demand in the following link: SAP Cloud Experience > SAP Fiori, Cloud Edition.



    • Hi Aviad,

      Is it already possible to connect the SAP Fiori Cloud Edition to an on-premise backend?

      I see that we can change the FIORI_BACKEND destination but with which URL?

      Do we need to install a specific oData service in the backend?




      • Hi Hans,

        We are working on the end-to-end documentation and guidelines of this process, which will take some more time.

        We will update once we have the process with the guidelines available…



      • Hi Hans,

        Just to clarify, I don't believe you can connect the Fiori Cloud TRIAL edition yet to a back-end on premise system. I would presume you have a separate copy?

        Regarding the connection though, you are right. In HCP destinations, you would adjust the back-end connection for the destinations, for example FIORI_BACKEND. You will need to setup Hana Cloud Connector on-premise and route a destination there to your Gateway system. The Virtual name determined in HCC is what you will need to put into the destination.

        You won't need a single specific odata service, you essentially need ALL of odata services. For each app that is in the cloud, you would need to install the backend software component. You can see the related items here: Fiori Apps Library

        One clarification though, is I believe Aviad & Team (Aviad, correct me here please) have slightly updated backend software components for a lot of these to address cloud performance items. So there may be specific back-end notes / etc. to retrieve.

        Best regards,


  • Hello guys,

    I would like to connect Fiori Cloud Trial Edition to a backend system.

    What about the HCI OData Provisioning service ? It seems it is not available in the HCP Cockpit.

    Can you advise me ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hello all,

    Are you sure about the apps listed in the Fiori Apps Library (on SAP HCP) ?

    I'am not able to find the following apps in Fiori Cloud Edition despite they are mentionned in the library :

    - Check Price and Availability

    - Customer Invoice

    - Track Sales Orders

    Thanks for your feedback