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Schedule a job using Data Services Management Console.

A step by step process to schedule a job using Data Services Management Console –

  1. Log In to Data Services Management Console.
  2. Goto ‘Administrator’ Expand the ‘Batch’ menu from left hand side panel.
  3. Select the repository where you have the job.
  4. Then Goto ‘Batch job Configuration’ Tab.
  5. Select the project of your job.
  6. Then click on the ‘Schedules’ (this is under other information column) of the job for which you want to create schedule.
  7. Then click on ‘Add’ button. Give a name for your schedule.
  8. Select Date/Day for your schedule. Their is a option of ‘recurring’ if want to schedule the job in recurring fashion(Say if you want your job to be run after every 2 hours or daily at some specific time or on every Monday etc.)
  9. Provide a time for the schedule (Your job will be triggered at this time automatically once you activate the schedule).
  10. Now you are done, so click on the ‘apply’ button and a schedule for your job is created. (Make sure you have selected the active checkbox which is below the schedule name before you say apply).

Now go to the ‘Repository Schedules’ tab and here you will see the schedule you’ve created for the job.



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