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Hello Developers,

As mentioned by John Wargo in his blog

We hope to simplify this process in a future release by enhancing the Companion app with the Kapsel Barcode Scanner plugin. With this in place, a developer will be able to populate the web application URL in the Companion App using the QR code capabilities already included in Web IDE.

The Companion App contains all of the Cordova core and Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) plugins, so any code within the web application that utilizes the plugin APIs will work within the Companion App

Wait is over. SAP has just released HAT companion App for android phones and tablets.


Update:  Its available on Apple App store as well.


Hybrid App Toolkit (HAT) a tool which allows to deploy SAP Hybrid Apps (can be created by using SAP Web IDE) on mobile devices (iOS and Android at the moment). This HAT consists of three components: Web IDE Plugin, HAT Connector, companion App


This HAT companion application will help developers to streamline testing of hybrid applications created using SAP Web IDE on android devices.


Key benefits:


1. You dont need to package the web application content into a cordova app, instantly preview apps

2. Load the application’s URL by scanning the QR code displayed in SAP Web IDE

3. Any changes done in Web IDE project would reflect immediately in this app (go to menu>REFRESH)


Let me share steps to do it:


1. Download and install this app on your android devices

2. Once you open the app, it will ask you to set App Passcode. (optional)



3.Run index.html for any Web IDE project > click on QR code icon



4. Come back to app, double tap on that page to show the scanning menu, click on Rectangular icon, scan the bar code.

     In the login screen, enter your SAP web IDE login credentials. (for trial version its SCN userid and password) cool, isnt it?




5. Any changes done in Web IDE project, you dont need to SCAN again. Click on REFRESH, it will load latest changes.


Thanks Raz Korn for this announcement.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Raz,

    I have downloaded this for Android, but after scanning the bar code, it pops up the Login page, but immediately goes blank and I am not able to enter an ID/Password. Then nothing happens till I close the application.

    Any ideas?



    1. Raz Korn

      Hi Kevin,

      I’d appreciate if you can open a discussion on this issue.

      In addition – please add more details on the issue you encountered. It is not clear to me if the issue encountered is part of the HAT companion app installation or the use of the HAT companion app (testing an application). In the case of testing an app using the HAT companion app , I’d appreciate if you can provide more details on the app, how it was developed, etc.


      — Raz

      1. Former Member

        Hi Raz,

        I have encountered the same Issue as Kevin.

        When I scan the code in the SAP companion app it shows for a really short time the login page to the HANA cloud. But it dispersares before I’m able to fill in my credentials.

        When I scan the code with a other barcode app (“Barcoo” or “Barcode Scanner”) I can open the app in Chrome and everything is working fine.

        My device was a Android phone running on Android 6.0.1.


        — Miguel

        1. Ludo Noens

          Hi Miguel,

          The problem you were facing was related to changes on the SAP ID Service. For the time being, this change was reverted. So you should be able to use the Companion App as before.

          Meanwhile, we will make the necessary updates to handle this change in SAP ID Service properly.



    1. Thomas Zang

      For now, with the companion app you can test all the cordova plugins and part of Kapsel plugins that are available in the Device Configuration.



  2. Former Member

    In case you cant find Qr Code for your application on web IDE ….try running application as index.html and generate the Qr Code manually using the Qr Code generator available online using the app URL


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