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Hello All,

In this blog, we shall see the how logic of the depreciation calculation for a fixed asset is derived in the Depreciation Overview Screen

Issue: We you can see in the below screenshot that the depreciation start date is 01.10.2015 but the depreciation overview shows the calculation from period 011


To know how system did this:

Step 1: You can open the help document ‘Using Depreciation Methods’ and Under ‘Depreciation Methods — Pre-delivered per Country you can click on ‘Country XYZ’

For every country there is a specific document for depreciation from which can know the ‘Period Control Method’


So, for this depreciation method, the Period Control Key is 003

Step 2: Look for help document ‘Period Control Methods and Keys’ and in this document  Under ‘Period Control Method Tables’ you can find for the period control method: 003


So now for each transaction is assigned to a different ‘Period Control Key’ , you can compare what is that transaction you did for the acquisition of Asset, and in the above Asset , we used ‘Transfer‘ of old asset to create/capitalize this Asset.

So, the Period Control Key Applicable is 02

Transfer = 02 ; under period control method 003


This states that if the transaction was done before 15th of a current period then the Depreciation Calculation starts from current period, and if the transfer is done to acquire/capitalize a Fixed Asset after 15th of current period then the Depreciation Calculation starts from Next Period


So, the same thing has happened in the above Fixed Asset : 104, Although the Depreciation Start Date shows as 01.10.2015, since the Asset is acquired based on Transfer – Receiving took place on 16.10.2015, the Depreciation Overview shows the calculation starts from period 100

Please drop in your comments/feedback, if you have any regarding this blog post.

Hope this helps  someone of you.

Note: The above screenshots are taken from our internal test system only


Lokesh Sharma

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