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Interactive Form for Sales Quote

1. Business Scenario

The existing business scenario is after the sales person created the sales quote in the system, the sales quote should be confirmed by the customer, so that the next process (ex. order) can proceed.

After the sales quote been created by the sales person, the sales person submit the sales quote, and the sales quote will automatically be send to the customer by the output settings. Usually the sales quote will be send by the PDF template.

The customer will receive the PDF file which contains the sales quote’s information, and the customer can check the sales quote is correct or not. If the customer not satisfied with this sales quote, and want to change it, the customer must communicate with the sales person offline (ex. mail or phone call), and then the sales person change the sales quote to the system and send the changed quote to the customer to confirm it again. After the customer confirmed the sales quote, the sales person can proceed the next process.

2. Problems and Solution

According the above business scenario introduction, we can see that the communication between the customer and sales person is offline, inefficient and inconvenient. And also if the customer send his/her feedback of the sales quote to sales person by E-mail or a phone call, the risk of misunderstanding is very high.

For these problems, we add an interactive form.  After we add an interactive form, the whole scenario will like this:

After the sales person submit the sales quote, the system will send an E-mail to the customer by the interactive form, the customer can directly change the sales quote on the interactive form, and then submit the interactive form. After the customer submit the interactive form, the sales quote’s responsible person will receive a BTM notification on the system, and also the changed sales quote will as an attachment to the BTM notification. The responsible person will open the BTM notification and check the attachment, the responsible person open the attachment and check the sales quote which been changed by the customer, and then the responsible person can update the changed quote to the system.

3. Advantages

The communication between the customer and sales person will be more efficient and convenient, and also the customer’s doubts for the sales quote will be simple and clear. And because there is a BTM notification been generated for the responsible person, so that the customer’s changes for the sales quote can be proceeded by the responsible person in time.

4. Details

Next is the details of the interactive form:

Create sales quote and change the output settings


Submit the sales quote


Customer receive the interactive form and do the changes on the interactive form



Customer submit the interactive form


After customer submit the interactive form, there is a BTM notification generated for the sales quote’s responsible person


The responsible person open the notification and check the attachment


Responsible person open the interactive form to update the sales quote to the system


Sales quote been updated


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  • Dear Ke Wang,


    Nice Post.

    Could you please tell me how we can create an interactive forms.

    what are the tools is required for this.

    I am trying to create an interactive adobe forms but I am not getting a right direction for it.

    please help me .

    Thanks & Regards,

    Manoj Kannaujiya.

    • Hi Manoj,

      If you want to create your own interactive form, first you should install adobe lifecycle form designer.



      • Dear Ke Wang,

        I have install adobe LiveCycle Designer in my system.

        I have done lot of work for Adobe print forms through Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

        But now I am trying to create an Interactive print forms through ALD.

        What is the next step ?

        Please Help me.

        Thanks & Regards,

        Manoj Kannaujiya.

        • So far I don't have any guide but if you want to create an IForm, you should set the Preview Type as "Interactive Form" in the designer.

          I suggest you go help center of Adobe for more information.



          • Dear Ke Wang,

            Thanks ...

            There's a typical requirement to work with output of sales quote in C4C.

            In order to enable user to modify/update the output of sales quote, we thought of using interactive adobe forms (both online and offline).

            The challenge we are facing is ,in order to render a form template work on  'Adobe livecycle designer  ES4' as interactive we need 'Adobe reader extension 10'.

            I am trying to create a new Sales Quote interactive forms in SAP Cloud for Customer System.

            I have given some check boxes , text fields  in to forms.

            My requirement is that these fields should be filed by user at a time of preview and save it in pdf .

            As you told about preview settings, I have done it same for my form but at a time of preview I am not able to fill my custom filed (check box and text fields).

            Is there any more settings I have to do  or we need some additional application for making fields to editable..?

            Please let me know the visibility of proposed solution and if we are heading in right direction.

            Thanks & regards,

            Manoj Kannaujiya.

          • If your issue is that you cannot edit your field or checkbox in the IForm, I think you should enable the function of Java when you open your form.



  • Hi,

    When this feature is released for usage...?

    I don't think it requires any development in the form level. Because this functionality has a linkage between Interactive form and the front end. Which i feel SAP has to release the functionality and this can be enabled via scoping.



  • Hello Ke,

    Thank you for writing this blog.  It is very informative for someone who is not familiar with this function yet.

    Before I start researching on how I can apply this in my client's system, can you let me confirm that this function is goo-to-use condition since the 1511 upgrade release was already done?



    • Hi Yamato,

      So far as I know, this function will be delivered in 1511. But you can also double check that in the release announcement.

      Just a information for you that we're enhancing this function so there may be some delay(not sure on my side).

      So sorry I cannot give you a confirmation exactly 🙁



  • Hi Ke,

    Thank you for this great post and knowledge sharing.

    At the moment I am working on some requirements regarding sending a PDF form to clients. The PDF form should be pre-filled with data from the system (SAP Cloud for Customer). Once client receive the PDF he/she should be able to complete it with additional data and send it back.

    1. Does SAP Cloud for Customer allow generating editable PDF forms which can be send to clients and filled with additional data?
    2. Is it possible to define Interactive Forms in SAP C4C for standard and custom BO?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,