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How Language Adaptation works in SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) offers language adaptation within our cloud application, which allows key users to translate UI labels, code lists, or messages to non-standard languages or adapting text of delivered system languages.

This presentation  Link to presentation describes C4C language adaptations capabilities for key users. The presentation will enable you to:

  • Define new target languages
  • Create text pools for new and existing languages
  • Mass change texts
  • Export and import text pools from one tenant to another
  • How to integrate with SAP HANA GoGlobal translation service


Added feature in 1811 release:


Added feature in 1805 release:


Added feature in 1808 release:


Further information on how to find specific label text for language adaptation in C4C:


With release 18.11 (November 2018),  warning pop-ups can guide you more to avoid configuration mistakes.

With release 19.11 (November 2019), you can complete the action Collect Text in the background to return to your planned adaptations at a later time.

With release 20.05 (May 2020) the Language Adaptation tool supports direct filters on extension fields:

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