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Future Eye On Cloudera Navigator To Proliferate Data Management In Apache Hadoop

Cloudera navigator was released almost two years back with the name Cloudera navigator 1.0 to manage and handle large volume of data for enterprises and organizations. Then after a year, Cloudera navigator 2.0 was released with significant improvements and technology advancements. The major highlight of this version was metadata management and Hadoop lineage.

There are leading companies also giving Hadoop consulting services to explain its benefits to users. You would not believe but today more than two hundred customers are using Cloudera navigator to maximize trust and visibility in Hadoop deployments.

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What’s hidden in store for Cloudera Navigator in near future – Let us have a quick tour …

The exciting news about Cloudera Navigator is that it has just joined a partner program that will accelerate the deployment of partner applications. This partner includes many governance partners to proliferate overall data management, Hadoop lineage and Hadoop consulting activities. This collaboration will not only improve Hadoop deployments but interoperability will also be enhanced significantly.

In this blog post, we will focus on Cloudera Navigator versions and their capabilities how they can help enterprises in data management and getting full-fledged governance solutions. It would not only be interesting but easy for Hadoop consulting firms to notice the major changes that will be made in Hadoop architect in coming years.

Cloudera Navigator Roadmap

     1. Cloudera Navigator 2.0

  • Metadata management for enterprises and high quality governance solutions.
  • Lineage for various Hadoop features like HDFS, Hive file system, MapReduce, etc.

     2. Cloudera Navigator 2.1

  • In 2.1 version Cloudera navigator metadata management and lineage capabilities were improved dramatically.
  • In this version, it would be easy for users to play with metadata and searching the right attribute but he will not be allowed to audit history.
  • There is one improved auditing interface with enhanced governance capabilities to give powerful data management solutions.
  • There is comprehensive auditing facility to expand coverage.

    3. Cloudera Navigator 2.2

  • This 2.2 version will include set of capabilities data curation and data stewardship.
  • It has been featured with powerful engine to automate capabilities data curation and data stewardship activities.
  • Using this version, data can be transformed or converted to a meaningful structure that can be presented to partner firm later.

    4. Cloudera Navigator 2.3

  • In this version, two capabilities are highlighted mainly; these are self service discovery and expanded coverage of components.
  • Now users can find, analyze or build new data sets themselves for more powerful and wonderful business solutions.
  • The component coverage has also been revised using different schemas and design definitions.

What will be coming in 2016?

We have already been discussed what can be included in future Cloudera navigator versions like expanded lifecycle management, expanded auditing and expanded coverage. Now let us have a quick on facts what will be coming in the year 2016.

  • The experts will leverage technology with Hadoop architect to optimize data management and lineage activities.
  • Users would be able to discover new data sets themselves to maximize data transformation rate.
  • Data management service can be customized to handle sensitive and non-sensitive data separately.
  • Now component could be studied out in detail from every angle for unified and improved Hadoop deployments.

There could be lots of surprises relates Hadoop architect and developers ther than these discussed earlier. We will keep updating you to leverage the best of all.

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