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Hands-On Tutorial SAP Predictive Analytics, Automated Mode: Classification

This hands-on guide explains how a Business Analyst without deep statistical know-how can create a predictive model to identify customer contacts that are most likely to respond positively to a Marketing campaign.

SAP Predictive Analytics, Automated Mode is creating the predictive model that scores customers on their interest for a certain product. This analysis is based on the outcome of a previous Marketing campaign, which is stored locally in a flat file.

Since the data used in this guide is publicly available, the reader can follow the steps hands-on and carry out the same analysis.

Please note that this guide is giving a high-level introductory overview and only shows a small fraction of the available functionality.

Download from GitHub (when the pages open, click on “Raw” to save locally)

Happy Predicting!


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  • Hi Andreas,

    Market campaign analysis classification tutorial is good and in detail.

    When we apply the model to sample data set generating the  values for “proba_rr_y” .  As per the tutorial , If we sorted the output on “proba_rr_y” and give 10% to the marketing team for the campaign.

    Here how can link the “proba_rr_y” values to input . Because in the output we have only KxIndex, y, rr_y, proba_rr_y and bar_rr_y columns.

    Can I link “proba_rr_y” values with input data based on KxIndex. Is it work as row_id for the source data?

    Could you please explain how can i find my source record which has more proba_rr_y value.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Hi Andreas,

      I got it . You explained in the additional settings . Rowid column we created in the source that column will be used to recognize the source record.

      Thanks & Regards,