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Catch a Mentor and Know a Mentor Missions

UPDATE (Sep20,2016)

!!!October 3rd is the LAST date to upload your #catchamentor picture here!!!

All new 1DX missions will only be available approximately a month after Go-Live on the new platform. Stay tuned, as I will write a new blog and will announce it.

“KnowaMentor” will be discontinued in the new platform!

You can earn now badges around the year! Please use the “comment-section” to add your photos and links. Thank you!

“Catch a Mentor” Mission


To earn this Catch a Mentor badge (and 10 points), you’ll need to:

  1. 1. Take a Selfie with a SAP Mentor
  2. 2. Post the Selfie
    • Use the „comment-section“ below!
    • Tell us the Name of the mentor, SCN user, and where you caught the mentor
    • Make sure your pic has a good size and is not upside down

  3. (Optional: Tweet out your selfie with #CatchaMentor) 

“Know a Mentor” Mission


To earn this Know a Mentor badge (and 15 more points), you’ll need to:

  1. 1. Prerequisite is the “Catch a Mentor” mission
  2. 2. Start a conversation with a SAP Mentor
  3. 3. Post a short blog about what you learned from the SAP Mentor in the SAP Mentor space
  4. 4. Link to your blog in this document
    • Use the „comment-section“

Additional information for Online Mission:

  • Period: year-round (**NEW**)
  • Where can you catch mentors? At SAP events and other gatherings all over the world.
  • All SCN Members (including SAP Mentors and SAP Employees) are eligible to participate the “Catch a Mentor” and “Know a Mentor” mission, and to earn the Badges and SCN points
  • You need to fulfill the requirements listed above
  • To receive your badges and points you need to upload the picture (or link to “know-a-mentor”) blog in the “comment-section”, connected with your full name, email, SCN User
  • We will provide Badges and Points in Batches, at the End of each month.
  • Although you’re encouraged to do multiple selfies and blogs, you can only earn 1 of each badge
  • All blogs will be approved to ensure quality

Catch a Mentor Mission: Upload your Selfie With SAP Mentor here Know a Mentor Mission: Link to your Blog Your SCN Profile Link

Barcelona TechEd 2015, thanks to my favorite mentor  Yariv Zur


Integrating Visual Composer Model with UWL Part 1/3 Gilles JUNG



Photo: Martin Lang


What made me run SAP TechEd 2014 Berlin


Moshe Naveh


With Martin Lang at SAP TechEd in Vegas.

Ali Ajdari


I catched Marlo Simon’s Profile | SCN at ATL.

Tobias Hofmann


Me and Eduardo Chagas’s Profile | SCN at GIG

Tobias Hofmann
/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/catchamentor_01_813488.pngMe and Tobias Hofmann at SAP TechEd Jose Nunes
Martin Lang Martin Lang.JPG Getting to Know SAP Mentors at #SAPtd Jason Cao

catchamentor saptd with Eduardo Chagas


Leandro Nascimento

saptd catchamentor

with Henrique Pinto


Leandro Nascimento


Me with Tobias Hofmann

Coming soon! Brian O’Neill

Be aware, don’t try to #catchamentor at saptd while they are eating… they can become very angry. LoL

Good catchamentor moment with Tobias Hofmann


Leandro Nascimento

Sap Mentor Tammy Powlas and me (Andrés Moreno)  catchamentor at saptd


Andres Moreno

Andres Moreno

I took serious this #catchamentor thing here on #saptd and got a selfie with Ms. Karen Rodrigues


Leandro Nascimento


Julien presenting our team visualization during Viz-A-Thon

R. Beeren



Ivan Costa Baldoino

I took a selfie with this Geek guys: Raquel Seville and Tamas Szirtes

catchamentor saptd

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Karen Rodrigues

We catch a customer! Have fun with Brazilian’s Mentors: Eduardo Chagas Marlo Simon Tobias Hofmann

catchamentor saptd

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Karen Rodrigues

My husband and Sap Mentor: Eduardo Chagas

catchamentor saptd


Karen Rodrigues

Ingo Loves Taking Selfies and Signing His First Edition Copies of his Books! Kevin Lee Elder


Caught Ingo and Got a Signed Edition of his Book to Boot! Kevin Lee Elder

I caught a few!!!! I had to wait till home to edit/post. FUN GAME! BONUS points for catching the cool, university alliance guys!!! They were GREAT! Christopher Solomon


Coming Soon!!!! Christopher Solomon

Masa was caught by hads-on speakers and customers. 8 hands-on sessions + 2 networking lounge sessions.


Masa Sekihara

Day 0 ASUG SAP TechEd Pre-conference w/ SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort


Knowing a Mentor: ASUG SAP TechEd Pre-Conference – Knowing A Mentor Tammy Powlas

Caught some Mentors. catchamentor saptd


SAP TechED Vegas 2015 – The Techiest TechED of … | SCN

Shankar Narayanan SGS

Mentor selfies compressed 2015-10-26_13 37 42.jpg

Just a few of my Mentor selfies.

Gretchen Lindquist



Some of the selfies with Mentors

Ivan Femia


To quote @PeteHumble on Twitter “SAP Mentors are like buses…you wait ages for one and then 4 turn up”

Pictured left to right – Derek Loranca, Mike Howles, Peter Humble, Jamie Oswald, Dallas Marks.

Mike Howles

Me and Tammy Powlas


Tobias Hofmann

Mike Howles and me


Coming soon! Dell Stinnett-Christy

Ivan Femia and me in the Catalogna Market


Coming soon! Alessandro Iannacci

Caught the world-traveling Alessandro Iannacci


Maximilian Schaufler

(See photo below): catchamentor with Marilyn Pratt’s Profile and Rukhshaan Omar !


Good news: UK+Ireland SAP User Group creates a SIG for UX Julie Plummer

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