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Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Patient Mobile App

Hi all,

Before you start reading this blog you’ll have to read the introducion on the previous blog: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Introduction

For the patient we’ve created a mobile app to track his current heart rate. For tracking the heart rate we’ve used a polar v7. Our goal is to support multiple devices such as an apple watch. To connect the mobile app with the heart rate sensor we’ve followed the following blog:

The mobile app receives heart rates from the heart rate sensor. The app will sent these heart rates to the HANA database in HCP. Therefor we’ve used a Java Servlet in HCP, which will fetch the request from the mobile app and insert the heart rates in the HANA Database. With this servlet we protect the HANA database. Here you’ll find how you can create a Java Servlet in HCP and use it on your mobile device:–iot-blog-series-part-2-receiving-the-sensor-values-in-the-cloud

Who can use the mobile app?

Only patients that are registered by the doctor or hospital will be able to send data from the app to the Java Servlet. It is also important to note that every app has an unique id, which has to be registered by the doctor together with the personal information of the patient in the doctor application.

Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Doctors and hospitals SAPUI5 App

On the first screen of the app we show the current heart rate and the possible risk of a seizure. This last one will be send from the platform to the mobile app:


Because heart rates are not enough to define a seizure we added another source of information. We ask yes or no questions to the patient. Simple questions because we don’t want to bother the patient too much.   Later, we’ll use this information in our analytics to predict the possibility of a seizure.


We’ve also created a graph for the patient to see his heart rates of the past half hour. Together with his heart rates, he will also see a line with the trend of his heartrates defined by HANA. This trend will allow the patient to see his possible heart rates for the next five minutes. The green chart shows the heart rates of the patient. The red chart is the trend of the heartrates with five minutes in the future.


With this blog we want to show you how far you can go with HCP. You can do much more than just building Fiori apps 🙂

Check our full demo on youtube: Epilepsy Monitor on HANA Cloud Platform Demo – YouTube

Next part of our Epilepsy Monitor: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Family and Relatives Web App

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