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Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Introduction

Hi all,

This blog will show you all the possibilities of the HANA Cloud Platform.  But first we’ll start with a small introduction.

I’m Wouter Lemaire and I’m a SAP Netweaver Consultant at Flexso. I constantly try to help the customers and I always do my best to follow the new SAP Technologies to stay up to date.

Flexso is a SAP Consultancy company  and SAP Partner in Belgium. For more information about Flexso, check the website:

At Flexso we always try to follow the new SAP Technologies and be an early adopter. Like the most people on the SAP community we try the new SAP technologies and build small PoC’s (Proof of Concepts). The HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) looked interesting and we wanted to do something with it. HCP is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Solution. In this platform you can use HANA as a database. On top of that you have the ability to build Java and SAPUI5 applications. There are several other services that you can enable on the platform. For more information, take a look at the website:

We were thinking of a good PoC to build on HCP as we suddenly received an invitation for a Hackathon for Epilepsy. We immediately wanted to do something with it and we came up with the idea to combine HCP, especially HANA, with Epilepsy. It seemed an interesting idea if we could try to predict seizures (seizure = epilepsy attack) by using the Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) on HANA. But we needed also something to sense data and send it to HANA. Internet of Things (IOT) would be the solution: connecting a Bluetooth heartrate sensor to a mobile device that in his turn sends the data to HANA. ,With this idea already in our mind, we participated with 5 colleagues to this Hackathon. Jeremy Coppey, Fouad Hjiyer , Nico Deleener , Glenn De Groote and myself. You can find more information about the Hackathon at:


At the start of the hackathon teams were divided. As we already came as a team we could work together. To improve our team, we collaborated with an epilepsy patient. He also participated to the Hackathon and was looking for a team with comparable ideas. We’ve convinced him of our idea with HCP 🙂 . Once the teams were put together, we started brainstorming and we came up with the following ideas:

In our concept the patient is the most important stakeholder. To help our patient, who is suffering from epilepsy, we wanted to create an mobile app but not just that: An epilepsy platform looked more interesting.

First of all a heart rate sensor, which the patient is wearing, will be connected to the mobile app (using Bluetooth). The mobile app will send all these heart rates to HCP where it will be collected in the HANA database. The HANA database will analyze all the incoming data together with all historical data to predict the possibility of the next seizure of that patient. The result of this calculation will be send to the mobile app to inform the patient. That way we want to warn the patient in case of danger, so he can already prepare himself for a seizure.

Besides warning the patient, we also want to connect him to his family. Therefore we wanted to create a website where the patient can share his data with his family or his relatives. By sharing his data, his relatives can track and trace the patient. This will give the patient a safer feeling when he’s alone.

In our concept we didn’t just think about the patient and their families, but also about how we could build a stronger relationship with a doctor/hospital. To make this possible we created a SAPUI5 application, which will give an overview of all the patients of a doctor or in a hospital (with Epilepsy) and their medical condition. With this application we wanted to bring the doctor closer to his patient so he can do a better follow up.

With the three applications mentioned above, we want to help the patient on the short term. Warning the patient for danger, give him a safer feeling by connecting him with his relatives and bringing him closer to his doctor/hospital. But we also want to help the patient on the long term.

To help the patient on the long term, we wanted to open our data by using SAP API. Thanks to this, specialized stakeholders – like Pharmaceuticals, Universities & Research Centers, Government and Scientist – can use all the data. These stakeholders support us also financially. We give the patients free access to the platform, but we’ll sell their data. Someone eventually has to pay our HANA Cloud Platform 🙂 .


After we’ve created an idea, we started building all the applications. All applications on top of HCP:

  1. Mobile app for the patient: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Patient Mobile App
  2. Website to share the data with his relatives: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Family and Relatives Web App
  3. SAPUI5 app for dokters/hospitals: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Doctors and hospitals SAPUI5 App
  4. Predicting possible seizures by using PAL: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Predicting possible seizures by using PAL

Building all these applications for the Epilepsy Hackathons showed us the power of HCP. We share this with you to show you all the possibilities of HCP. It’s a great platform and it allows you to build great applications 🙂

Check our full demo on youtube: Epilepsy Monitor on HANA Cloud Platform Demo – YouTube

Next part of our Epilepsy Monitor: Epilepsy Monitor on HCP – Patient Mobile App

Kind regards,


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