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How to build a UI5 prototype with BUILD and publish to SAP WebIDE

At the recent SAP Tech Night and Inside Track event in Sydney I presented a session on prototyping and user testing using Axure and BUILD, here are the slides from my presentation. In this blog post I’d like to share part of that session that focussed on BUILD. If you haven’t heard of BUILD then here is a list of useful links that will point you to some more information and some great blog posts from fellow SAP Mentor Graham Robinson and others.

Useful Links for BUILD

BUILD YouTube Channel


Want to BUILD a better User Experience?


BUILD from the Outside

BUILD GitHub Repo


BUILD is still a Beta release, but with the kind support of the BUILD team I have been given permission to share this demo here on SCN. In the video I show you around the various parts of the BUILD tool including creating your first project and user study, building a prototype using the built in UI5 controls and binding these controls to a data source. I also show you how you can then take your prototype and publish it into the WebIDE, where your developers can then turn your prototype into a real application. I think that this feature is one of the most important for BUILD and should help accelerate the delivery of a better User Experience for both SAP and its customers. So without further ado here’s the video:

I hope you enjoyed seeing this introduction to BUILD. I encourage you to try BUILD for yourself. You can contact the very helpful BUILD team by emailing them at

If you have any questions or comments please share them below as I am always interested to understand your point of view.

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  • Nice presentation. I have a Build account and a Web IDE account, but I don't see a template option to create a Build application in the Web IDE. Is there some configuration required to make that option appear in the Web IDE?

    • Hi David,

      Yes there is, you need to enable the BUILD plugin in the WebIDE. If you go to the help in BUILD it will show you how. One thing I did notice was that I needed to be using BUILD and WebIDE from the same source (does that make sense?). The BUILD team helped me by giving me the right URL to access WebIDE on the same system as the BUILD release I was using.



          • Hi Fabio,

            I am not clear on the exact technical details but it seems like you need to use the same HCP "instance" for WebIDE as for BUILD. The BUILD plugin is only available on WebIDE that is part of the same instance I guess. Like I said I am not clear to the technical reason for this. Just contact the BUILD team they will be able to help you.

            Perhaps Ran Hassid can clarify the technical reason behind this.



  • Hi,

    I have developed a build prototype, I have enabled the Build plugin in in WebIDE,

    And normally, i have a correct configuration in HCP. (perhaps problem with _TENANT)

    But, it doesn't work and in WebIDE when I try to access on Build prototype i have the following error :

    Error Request Failed : Not Found URL :  ../destinations/_TENANT/api-basic/projects

    Could you help me to configure ?

  • Mr. Simon,

    I wet through all the BUILD steps, published a good old prototype on SPLASH.

    I then followed the online help steps to set up the BUILD plugin, in the HANA Cloud Cockpit.

    Then in the SAP WEB IDE the BUILD option is indeed available, but after I have entered my SPLASH user name and password I get the "no prototypes" error.

    I suspect that this is because under the "BUILD System Information" drop down there is only the entry "standard" which does not seem to correspond to any entry I set up in the "destinations" in the HCP cockpit.

    The whole connection thing is ridiculously over-complicated, but that would hopefully be because tis is all still in a very early beta stage. Everything still feels very "beta" to me. My gut feeling is that the instructions in the online help have some typos or something.

    How do you troubleshoot not getting any available prototypes in the SAP Web IDE in the :new BUILD prototype" screen?

    Cheersy Cheers


      • I got this working in the end. The answer, as always, is quite simple.

        The online help on the Splash/Build site contains instructions on how to create the two needed destinations in the HCP cockpit. Those instructions are wrong!

        I found another set of instructions on the SCN, followed those instead and after several false starts (things are very case sensitive) all was well. It also takes a lot longer then ten minutes for the corrected destination to show up in the SAP Web IDE.

        The error message in the SAP Web IDE is a bit misleading. It says "there are no prototypes at this destination" when what it means is "there is no such destination".

        Once again I made the fatal mistake of thinking an SAP error message meant what it said. That is rather like the success message on SAP web sites which says "you have now been authenticated" which means nothing of the sort as 99 times out of 100 you are asked for your username and password directly afterwards.

        Cheersy Cheers


        • Hello Paul,

          I am the person who wrote the help on how to create the destinations in Web IDE.

          Would you mind letting me know what was wrong with the doc so that I can correct it?

          Thank you,


          • Dear Suzy,

            Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing, I started by following the instructions on the site where the URL starts with SAP.GITHUB.IO/BUILD_User_Assistance

            There under the "Extend prototypes with Web IDE" / "Set Things Up" one is instructed to create two destinations in the HCP - one called SAP_WEBIDE_PLUGIN, one called BUILD_PRODUCTION>

            In actual fact when I set those two up, nothing happened. I found another document which told me to create another destination called "Standard_TENANT" and that did the trick.

            Just to even things out, the other document I used on the SCN, the one with the correct destinations, forgot to mention you had to install the BUILD plug in in the SAP web IDE, but working with both sources together I was able to make everything work.

            Cheersy Cheers


          • Dear Paul,

            Thank you for getting back to me.

            In earlier versions of the doc we did tell people to create a destination called Standard_TENANT, however, for Beta 5 that was changed to BUILD_PRODUCTION which is a destination for all tenants.

            That should have worked.

            I’ll look into why it did not work for you.

            Was the WebIDEUsage property set to BUILD/SPLASH all in caps?

            Thanks for reporting the issue. Our documentation is validated by product owners and then tested by Q&A before it is released. I definitely want to find out what went wrong.



          • Dear Jocelyn,

            With Beta 5, we no longer need to create one destination per tenant. All we need to do is create one destination for BUILD. Then, WebIDE plug-in will pull in all tenants where the logged in user have access to. See below for the update on BUILD destination (no need to add the tenant name in the URL and change in WebIDEUsage parameter). No change in WebIDE plugin destination.

            Let us know if there are any follow up questions.



  • /
    • Hi Muhammed,

      I suggest that you post a question in the Q&A area. A lot has changed with BUILD since I first wrote this blog back in October 2015. You are more likely to get a answer in the Q&A space and please provide some context for the error you are experiencing.


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