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ACDOCA’s Big Brother

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  • Thanks a lot Nathan,

    Material ledger is already integrated in ACDOCA in SFIN 3.0 or S/4 HANA Nov release. Yes, I agree on the second point, SAP still needs to think/take care about few redundancies. 🙂

  • Hi Nathan,

    You have been great help for FI folks on SCN. Quick question, will we have special purpose ledger play in tomorrow's simple finance world? With Acdoca table accomodating all the fields, relevance of SPL may slightly pushed back, what are your view on this?



      • Nathan

        There is a correction.  BSEG  is still available .  I am not sure whether this BSEG table is simultaneously updated along with ACDOCA.  or  this a just a view which reflects data from ACDOCA.   This need some clarity from somebody in SAP  Development .

        and I don't see any changes in Special Purpose Ledger as such.  The reasons that customers  used to  adopt SPL  still remain  valid  to a large extent. In some cases Special Purpose  ledger can be retired to  make way for an Appendix Ledger or a Parallel ledger ( future  exercise after  SFIN migration .

        • BSEG will continue to be used in Simple finance to manage open items. Though the universal Journal posted in ACDOCA contains all the characteristics of the line item but still open items management for all GL accounts will be managed through  BSEG.

  • Yes, I very much agree with Malolan,

    BSEG Table is still available in SFIN however I thought its only a view and for all practical purposes only ACDOCA Table will be used.

  • SAP material says -

    Document Summarization

    Accounting Interface






    Document Summarization

     BSEG summarization is still in place and can be used as usual.

     ACDOCA stores the full detail that is needed for all components that base on ACDOCA (G/L, AA, ML, CO, PA). 

     Summarizing BSEG “aggressively” will bring relief with respect to the 999 line item limitation (BSEG-BELNR has only 3 digits). This can be done, since ACDOCA stores the full detail and ACDOCA has a 6 digit field for line item numbering.

    Else where Nathan Genez says that still we have 999 limit in BSEG.....reason am enquiring is my access to S4HANA system is still underway, meanwhile can you all confirm which one is right?

    Thanks -

  • There  was a Q &A session with Product managemet a couple of months back. We  hd Janet Saloman and others  in the session.  What these experts  were telling us  was  that BSEG was not going to be retired  anytime soon  The reason given is that BSEG is  the first point of entry or  " Prima Nota "  so  in effect  it  continues to  be necessary.  But since these aggregate  tables  are no longer needed , we dont need to  use BSEG to  access  data  relating to  Revenue and Expense..  this would  be in ACDOCA and we could  use  BSEG   to access AR and AP data . Product management felt  that  changing  dcument line item  field  from 4 to  6  digits in BSEG wasnt necessary and   customers  could  use  ACDOCA for revenue and expense.  So  this brings us to  te question whether typially AR / AP transactions  for  have more than  999  line items ?  maybe not ?

    Ths  could  be laid  to rest  by  doing a  a trial  of  a FB01 data load   using a Mix of AR / AP and Expense / revenue  items  where no of lie items  exceeds 999.  I would  like  to see if such a document gets posted and if so  how tables get updated .. 

    • Thanks Malolan for product mgt. updates.,

      Regarding 999 line items still i don't think so it is materialized in sFIN.,

      Yes, As product management saying BSEG is Prima note for further documents, then with out changing line item field digits from 4 to 6 in BSEG in FI &  COEP in CO., how it is possible just changing only in ACDOCA.?

      Even SAP saying in sFIN document that every 999 line item there will be a separate document number Or Transaction number will generate automatically.




  • Hi Folks


    So  this essentially means  that  customers need to  compress documents if possible  or  rework  interfaces so that   you  have seperat document numbers for  each  block of  999 lin items ..  I can only infer that  when SAP  created  this new table it wanted to  do a clean  start  by  keeping  it   6digits .   In case  SAP's developement tea  is able to do away  with  a need for  Prima  nota  linked to   BSEG/  BKPF and  COEP  obviusly  this is a foundational  change ...  then we will  see genuine  use of   6  digit line items..   The use of   currency   per  header  serves as a limitation   for large  volume external interfaces ..


    Long way to go yet,....

  • Hi  Friends ..


    I just had a thought  about this  999 line item issue.  Has  SAP  given a thought  to this  in the latest 1610 version.  Has  BSEG line item number field changed from 4 to 6 ??  Any  updates  from product management on this  ??




    Malolan R

  • BSEG for the time being will not change. You must make use of summarization for more than 999 lines. There are to my knowledge no plans to change this logic anytime soon.

  • Hi,

    Since line item reports such as FBL3N are based on "old" tables like BSEG, BSIS, BKPF etc. does anyone know of a line item report based on ACDOCA?



  • Hi Guys,

    What is the big deal about Prima nota being stored in BSEG?

    If the record is stored in ACDOCA, isn't it good enough to be regarded as a prima nota as well?

  • Hi,

    If all BPKF fields are in ACDOCA as well, why do we need BKPF still? The argument that BKPF is still needed to depict a document header and line items relationship is not very strong considering the fact that the such a parent and child relationship can still be depicted by the BKPF records stored in the ACDOCA.

    Please enlighten me.

  • Just wanted to update this blog.  SAP Note 2297729 has additional info on the BSEG / ACDOCA usage. Apparently BSEG is used for the "entry view" of documents, as well as open item management.  The Note points out that some postings do not require the "entry view" so they are only contained in ACDOCA (which is the "G/L view").  So ACDOCA has all documents, but not so BSEG.

    Regarding Sanjay's comments on BKPF:  the functionality of the document header and line item tables has not changed under S/4:  some fields are unique to the header and are not duplicated at every line of ACDOCA (or BSEG).  I don't ever recall seeing that that was a modeling change introduced in S/4.

    Regarding Yoel's question on new line item reports for S/4:  transaction FAGLL03H is an awesome new tool for aggregating and reporting on any field in BKPF, ACDOCA, and BSEG, as well as associated master data tables SKA1, SKB1, LFA1, and KNA1.  Note 1671486 briefly describes these "FI Line Item Browsers".  I highly suggest exploring this t-code and the others.