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Linking Down payments with Supplier Invoices

Linking Down payment with Supplier Invoice

In some scenarios where we have made some advanced payments to the suppliers & want to link with the Supplier Invoices we will post further, you can perform this as:

  • Create NEW DOWNPAYMENT REQUEST for your Advanced Payment.


  • Enter Details like Supplier, Doc ID, Posting Dates, etc.


  • Add Line Items & enter description, Tax codes, Amount, G/L accounts, Cost centers, etc.


  • Click POST, you will get notification that Down Payment Posted.


  • Go to Payables WoC & select Supplier Accounts.


  • Find Supplier & click View.


  • Select Down Payment & click Pay Manually by Outgoing Check.


  • Enter details & POST.


  • Now Create New Invoice Without Purchase Order.


  • Enter Details like Supplier, Doc ID, Posting dates, etc.


  • To add the Down Payment to the Supplier Invoice,

      Go to the Payment Information tab –> Down Payments –> Add Row.


  • As you click on the Add Row button, you will get a new screen. Search & select your Down Payment here.


  • Add Line Item & enter Description, Tax codes, Amount, G/L account, Cost Center, etc.


  • Post the invoice.


  • Here, you can see that as you linked the Down Payment to the Supplier Invoice, the Invoice get Partially Cleared automatically & you have got a Clearing ID.



  • You can see the details by clicking on Clearing ID.


If You have further queries regarding this you can ask me.


Anant Patel


Phone: +91-9716100326


Skype: anant.3105

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  • Hi Anant Patel

    I have a problem with down payment.

    For example,

    PO :                     10 items, 6000 each, total amount:  60000 US dollar,

    Down Payment :    60000 US dollar(paid),

    Goods and Services Receipts : 5 items,

    supplier invoice 5*6000= 30000 US dollar,

    When I create supplier invoice ,  it is linked to the Down payment.

    But the Down Payment can not get Partially Cleared  automatically  in supplier invoice.

    I need to go to the Payment Information tab –> Down Payments –>modify the ammount .

    Can Down Payment of Byd get Partially Cleared automatically ?