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Payment Advice configuration and activation for different kinds of SAP Print forms


Automatic Payment Program (F110) is used to do the clear the invoices and post the payments.F110 is the standard t-code for doing the same.

In addition to the above there also forms sent to customers and vendors about the Payments done which are called Remittance Advices and Payment Advices based on the payment method configured


  • There are three kinds of forms that can be used in SAP :
  • SAP scripts
  • Adobe Forms

  For payment advices we can use all the three kinds of forms .In this document configuration and the calling logics for all the 3 kinds of forms.SAP SCRIPTS:

  • This is the default configuration provided by SAP.
  • Standard script for the payment advices  : ‘F110_IN_AVIS’
  • The same can be configured in the FBZP screen as shown below :
  1. Payment method in company code .This will be the default script name in case in case the configuration on the payment methods if the script name is not given.


  • Enter the script name in the below mentioned place.


  • Print program for each will be defined at the payment method level.


  • Two types of print programs can be defined

               Use payment medium work bench :/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/5_801178.png

  • In the below print program will always be a standard print program in case of PMW as it is hardcoded in the standard F110 Program .
  • In the standard SAPF110V program based on the xformi indicator.
  • In the T042Z table FORMI is the name of the Payment medium workbench.


  • Based on the above the print program will be called.

/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/8_801181.pngUse classic print programs :                        /wp-content/uploads/2015/10/9_801182.pngSMARTFORMS:

  • There is no standard way of customizing smart forms in SAP for Payment advices.
  • So maintain the form names in one table based on the company code and the payment method. In the program call the form name and in the part of the code in the standard include call the form name and smart form name.
  • In case of the classic payment medium programs we can custom a Z Program.
  • In case of the Payment medium work bench always the program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM is called :


  • So create a Z program program and then use the same calling the smart forms.
  • Logic to call should be written at this place in the include :


  • Fill the variable hlp_pdfformular in the program by the same form name and then instead of the above FM call the smart form FM and then fill the OTF data to either send mail or to create spool.

Adobe Forms:

  • Adobe forms configuration can be done only in the Company code level not on the payment method level.
  • SAP has already provided standard Adobe forms for the Payment advice.
  • The same can be configured and can be used.
  • Below are the steps to be followed for the configuration.

/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/12_801185.png Standard adobe forms for the  F110 would be F110_AVIS_INT/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/13_801186.png

  • Below is the place where the Adobe form will be called and sent in either email or spool.


Any Inputs are highly appreciated.

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      • Is there any way in which F110 t code could be utilized to call custom smartforms like the one for fbz5? I have created “ZRFFOUS_C” for FBz5 its working but for F110 its not working!


      • Hi Vijay ,


        I have developed new Program and adobe form for payment advice , now user wants to run that program and adobe form through F110S Program  .

        Can you Please tell me where i have to add this program and form to run through F110S transaction .

        As soon as executes vendor should receive mail .

        Can you Please help me on this issue.






      • Hi Vijaya Simha,


        Can you please share the code details under the adobe form to trigger the payment advice.. The last screenshot under adobe form section is not a code one , it got pasted twice the immediate previous screenshot in your blog.


    Your document was trendsetting one.

    i have a small doubt.

    we have to configure F110 for check print and payment advice using custom adobe form objects

    which is the right one to choose for these requirements as driver and adobe form for custom changes.

    my question is why the standard driver programs are not triggering while generating spool for checking the final table values regarding check and payment advice in RFFOAVIS_FPAYM and RFFOUS_C for exporting it to adobe forms.

    any sample code with import export values to adobe form is highly appreciative.


    Best Regards


  • Hello Veeresh,

    First of all your print program will be decided by the company code and payment method i guess there some standard program which are giving for each company also if your payment method has DMEE default one RFFOAVIS_FPAYM.Can you show me what is the configurations and country



  • Hi Vijaya,


    Thanks for sharing the nice document. But could you please help me once I configure this and run F110 then what step need to follow and once F110 successfully run then how payment advice note looks like....If you can share this document it wil be a great help for me as well as SCN members.


    Joy Lodh

    SAP FI/VIM Consultant



  • Hi Vijaya,


    Thanks for the information.

    Could you please tell me, how to configure the form where the payment advice form will be called based on the vendor language. Currently it is picking from the company code language.




  • Hello,


    Thanks for this information. In my scenario, i have different payment methods: some use PMW, some RFFO. I have only one PDF form developed. Is it possible to print Adobe form with old RFFOAVIS program? Or RFFOAVIS only supports smartforms?




  • Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for the explanation.

    In my case i have to use SMARTFORMS rather then script. Is BTE is useful or copying the standard program and make changes is good.

    If BTE then how to implement it for SMARTFORMS and if copying the standard program is good then which over are the places where modification required to use custom smartform.




  • Thanks Vijay for sharing this document, it is really helpful.

    I have a question regarding Payment Summary page which comes out after running Payment Run in F110.

    I am running ACH through F110 but I would like to add some more fields in the Payment Summary Page which are not available in the selection. How can I add more fields in the selection box for example Vendor #, branch code, vat # etc)

    I followed the following link to get to the field selection screen but now I can't add more fields in the selection box. I am using Payment Medium Workbench for Payment Medium.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank You

  • Hi Vijay


    Greetings of the day !

    I would like to know can we assign two payment advice forms for one company code if so can you advice where we can assign in FBZP configuration steps. i want to assign form in text format for Citibank payment gateway.

    Thank you and best regards

    Balaji P




  • /
    • Hi Vijay

      Thank you for your advice.

      The path which was shown in your screen shot is from FBZP--> payment methods in CoCds --> forms for the payment medium and next forms

      can we assign the payment advice form at SPRO > financial a/c new--> global settings-> accounts rec and payable-- > vendor accounts --> business transaction--> automatic outgoing payments --> payment media ,please check attached screen shot, please advice whether  we can  use payment medium work bench for vendor payment advice in text format.


      Balaji P

  • Hi Vijay sorry for the delay in reply, Thank you for your quick reply !

    my requirement is, our client"s vendor is Citibank, out client's employees will be given credit cards they use credit cards while they are in travel and after they return they  submit their travel expenses statement in concur, from concur to SAP data will come through PI and vendor invoice document will be posted in SAP when we run F110 payment advice to vendor (city bank) should be generated in text format and should be placed in AL 11 directory PI will move the payment advice file to city bank.

    please note: my client bankers are different, payment will be made to Citibank as a vendor not as banker.

    For the above requirement can  we create new payment method and assign payment advice form as shown in your screen shot or some where else please advice me.

    Thank you very much for your help and support.



    Balaji P

  • Hi Vijayasimha,

    Thank you very much for the document. I have a question though.

    Today for ACH and wire transfers within the US and UK, we are using IDOCs to send the payment information to bank (through RFFOEDI1 program). The remittance advice is also generated in those cases.

    However, there are a few countries like China, Philippines etc where we have not yet partnered with the bank to send information through IDOCs.

    For such payments, today, we are sending them from bank portals directly and posting a payment document in SAP through payment method 'M' (Manual). However, we would like to send remittance advices to vendors for payments made through payment method M.

    Do you know how to create remittance advice for vendors for whom payment medium file is not generated?

    Thank you!


  • Hi Vijaya Simha,

    Can you please share the code content under the adobe form section. The last screenshot under this adobe form was a duplicate screenshot paste of previous one. I use PMW with print data medium program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM under F110  print option. The requirement is to send the remittance advice output to vendor email address. We have implemented BTE 0002040 and 2050 and Z adobe form PDF incorporating the customized layout and assigned this in "paying comp codes" settings under fbzp. The issue here is when BTEs are activated we are not seeing any spool/data in payment run log/print log. When BTEs are inactivated the PDF form based remittance output is getting triggered but it is no use without BTEs.

    Also can you please help me/share some knowledge in how to code in order trigger the remittance advice output with BTEs . My email id :

    Thanks Much. I loved your blog.




  • We have implemented the BTE 2040 and 2050 and now remittance emails are getting triggered but for each invoice in F110, a seperate email is getting triggered. I read in some blog that it is part of standard fucntionality. Any idea how to code to generate a single remittance email for multiple invoices in a particular run id and date.



    Venu Jalda

  • Hi Vijaya Simha


    Can you advise whether the standard F110 will generate a payment advice when there is both a customer and vendor account for a payee, and the balance of those 2 accounts net to zero 0? We would like to be able to send a payment advice even when the balance of the payee vendor/customer account nets to zero showing all the items that have been cleared by this payment document. Currently the system does not seem to generate a payment advice for this case. Is there a way to have the system generate a payment advice for this case?

    Thank you for your help in advance.



  • Hi Vijaya Simha

    Please can you advise on how to change the trigger in a custom program for RFFOEDI1 so that a payment advice can be generated for wire transfers.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Thanks for your very informative Blog!

    We’re following the BCM approval process to send remittance to vendor/customer and using the

    Flow is -F110->FBPM1->BNK_APP(approval process)—download the file from FDTA.

    After the file is generated, we will have to send an Email along with Remittance.

    I have implemented the Note-1313075 and activate Event 41 and did the BTE-2040 implementation and set up the standard PDF form in paying CC.

    We are running the report-SAPFPAYM, for picking the file based on run date, identification.

    1. My question is when I’m running this report my event is getting triggered and calling the program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM in the job after executing this FM when in checked the job-sm37 I found the message –No Record selected.

    2. am I putting the wrong variant in the selection screen, what it should be?

    3. How can I debug my BTE, I did put BREAKPOINT in the FM and it is not getting triggered.

    Your values will be helpful.




    • Hi Vijay,


      Can you please advise me on this issue related to Remittance advise.

      as per my requirement in the remittance advice notes for example for the payment run  if a  customer has  5 invoice items(3 invoices with same header reference and 2 invoices with different header reference  number )  while displaying on the advice form ,add the invoices amount which  same header reference number display as one line item.




  • Hi Vijay,


    Can you please advise me on this issue related to Remittance advise.

    as per my requirement in the remittance advice notes for example for the payment run  if a  customer has  5 invoice items(3 invoices with same header reference and 2 invoices with different header reference  number )  while displaying on the advice form ,add the invoices amount which  same header reference number display as one line item.




    • Thank You Vijay.

      Copied the RFFORI01 to ZRFFORI01 and made modifications in the Zprogram to change the data of structures REGUP and REGUD.