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SAP HANA LIVE: How to install & view its content.

The purpose of this blog to help in understanding how to install SAP HANA LIVE & view the content in HANA studio as well as launch it via browser.


SAP HANA Live is a solution for real-time reporting on HANA. Since HANA can be used as both OLAP & OLTP systems, HANA LIVE as a primary reporting tool provides real time information on the data which is residing on the OLTP tables within HANA. Any transactional changes will be reflected in real time via HANA LIVE.
Also it comes as a separate package with predefined SAP HANA content across the SAP Business Suite.

What SAP HANA LIVE provides:

   SAP HANA LIVE for Business Suite consists of set of predefined models which are HANA calculation views from across the SAP Business Suite. HANA LIVE views are available for the following modules across SAP Business Suite:


This content is available as VDM –Virtual Data Model, which consist of the transactional & master data within the suite tables.

Architecture of SAP HANA LIVE:

AS seen in the below diagram, HANA LIVE content which are basically VDM’s, are created on top of the suite tables.


HANA LIVE VDM’s consist of HANA calculation views which in turn are categorized into:

Private views: Views that are built on top of the tables and not intended to be changed. These views encapsulate certain SQL transformations on one or several database tables or even other views. They are not classified as reuse views as they might not carry clear business semantics but are rather intended to be reused in other views. They are comparable to subroutines or (private) methods in programming languages.

Re-use views: Customers can build upon reusable views to create their own custom query views. These views are the heart of the virtual data model. They expose the business data in a well-structured, consistent, comprehensible way covering all relevant business data in SAP Business Suite systems. They are designed for reuse by other views and must not be consumed directly by analytic tools.

Query views: Query views are designed for direct consumption by an analytical application (for example based on HTML5) or a generic analytical tool (for example SAP Business Objects tools). In studio we can identify a query view if the view name ends with “Query”:


Views as seen in the browser:


Query views are always the top view in a hierarchy of views & are not to be reused in other views.


HANA LIVE VDM’s consist of the above mentioned views (Query, Reuse & Private) which can be consumed by any analytical tool.

As seen in the below diagram, there are out of the box delivered views but if the customer wants to extend these views they can do so by copying these views & then changing the copied views where ever necessary. Standard views delivered by SAP must not be changed.


How to install HANA LIVE:

In SMP search for the delivery unit namedSAP HANA ANALYTICS FOR ERPunder the section HANA. Select the latest version of this DU.

Import this DU into your HANA system. After this is done in the HANA studio check for the package named “hba” in the content folder:


If you expand the “hba” package, there are few sub packages here expand the package “ecc”. Inside this there would another folder with calculation views. As of now there are approximately 1000 HANA LIVE views for various suite applications.

HANA LIVE via Browser:

To launch HANA LIVE in browser there is another DU which has to be importedSAP HANA CONTENT TOOLSwhich is again present in HANA section in SMP.

Ones you have installed this DU, within the package “sap” there will be another sub package called “explorer”:


After this there are couple of roles which needs to be added to the user via which you’re going to access HANA LIVE views:

  1. 1. sap.hba.explorer.roles::Business
  2. 2. sap.hba.explorer.roles::Developer


Note: Roles sap.hba.explorer.roles::Business & sap.hba.explorer.roles::Developer will appear in the options only after importing the explorer DU mentioned above i.e.

Ones the assignment of roles is done we can launch the HANA LIVE using the URL as mentioned:


For further information on the features of SAP HANA LIVE, kindly follow the link: .

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