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How to- SDK/PDI for Key Users and Admins, Part 2- Use the Repository Explorer to view the Public Solution Model (definition of the C4C data model and APIs)

Part 2- How to use the Repository Explorer to view the Public Solution Model (definition of the C4C data model and APIs)

C4C is a metadata based cloud application platform. Every component of the platform: UI,  business objects, business logic, APIs, business configuration, and analytics is “configured” and then compiled into native in-memory code that executes very efficiently on the SAP Cloud application servers. Given the application platform is metadata based, we publish the definition of these platform components through the Public Solution Model (PSM for short), which defines the standard C4C components that can be accessed and customized by customers and partners in KUT and SDK.

The entire PSM is exposed as a simple point and click “Repository Explorer” in SDK. You can search for any PSM released business object, data types, enhancement options (BADIs), SOAP APIs, reuse UIs to learn about the details of the component, how to use it, data samples, and customization/code samples.

To access the Repository Explorer… Go to View -> Repository Explorer. Once the Repository Explorer is open then either browse the repository or enter search criteria to find a component. In the example below, I browsed for the C4C Ticket (Service Request) business object and can see the detailed data model of the business object, data types of the elements, and sample SDK code how to manipulate the business object in SDK scripting.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.50.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.51.48 PM.png

The repository explorer is very useful to find details of the C4C business object data model. Sometimes the UI labels do not match the business object element names. The repository explorer helps map these differences from the End user “front end” (UI) and the SDK “back end” (business object), as well as understand the structure of the business object as most of these BOs have very complex Many to Many or 1 to Many data model relationships and data structures.

Thank you and have fun!

Rei Kasai

VP, Product Management

Cloud for Customer

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      Hello Rei,

      thank you for this informative introduction.

      I've followed your article and browsed though the Repository Explorer to find Utilities specific Business Object explanations and details about Enhancement Options.

      In the public documentation SDK Documentation SAP Cloud Applications Studio — Version November 2015 (1511) I've found the following statements in chapter

      The documentation of the enhancement options describes how you can use an enhancement option, when the

      enhancement option is called, and what it does. Furthermore, it gives information about the business configuration

      content you need to develop for an enhancement implementation, the scoping requirements in the customer system,

      as well as information about the filters, the input parameters and output parameters, and testing activities.

      Unfortunately this in contrast to what I've found: the PSM documentation differs a lot - for some BOs it contains comprehensive explanations including code snippets, while for other BOs the bare minimum is contained.

      For several BOs in the Utilities industry solution, the documentation is quite sparse (if not missing): especially for the Enhancement Options I'd expect more explanation and code example. Please see the attached screenshot of UtilitiesExtensibility (1602) - no explanation at all.

      Will the PSM documentation (e.g. for Utilities) be reworked or content added in future releases? If YES, is there a public roadmap for this PSM content?

      Snap_2016.02.18 15.43.35_007.pngCould you please advise how to find detailed information in this case?

      Thanks in advance for any hints and assistance.

      Best regards,