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My SAP HANA Certification Experience – C_HANAIMP141

Author: Saurabh Raheja, Infosys Ltd., Chandigarh

Hello All,

I wanted to share my SAP HANA Certification Experience so thought of SCN as a best platform where we can learn, share and connect with SAP professionals.

My journey “To Be SAP HANA Certified” begin when I get to know that my organisation is keeping a SAP Certification Drive in collaboration with SAP. The moment I heard this news I was just praying and hoping to get myself in the list of selected nominations. I had a very strong inclination for SAP HANA from the very first day.Being SAP HANA certified was my dream and it was dream come true when I got a mail from one of my senior folks of the organisation that I have been nominated to appear for SAP HANA certification. That day I felt very happy that my orginasation has nominated me to appear for SAP HANA certification.

There are various Service Packs of SAP HANA available now. The latest one as of now is SP9 for which we have different Certification Code.

C_HANAIMP141 Certification Code is for SAP HANA SP7.

To register for the certification, one has to submit their profile/resume at

The profile is verified by SAP certification team within 4-5 working days. If the profile is approved then we receive consent form. where we fill the payment details.The certification date and venue is shared by SAP only before 4 days before the certification date.

This Certification drive was held at various locations Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Noida and candidates can choose their preferred location to appear for the certification.As Noida is near to Chandigarh and Chandigarh not being SAP Certification Center so I opted for Noida as certification center. I have got approximately one month for the preparation of HANA certification. I used the materials available at learning hub( Eleanring,Handbooks,etc). Elearning in Learning Hub helped me a lot to prepare for certification through its online videos, simulations and demos. The Handbooks used for the preparation are majorly are HA100, HA300 and HA350. One should go through these books at least twice before they appear for certification.HA100 and HA300 are more important and cover most of the topics of certification.

The cut off score to pass this certification was 59 percent. There were total 80 questions in the exam which do not include negative markings.

However, there were questions which have single correct as well as multiple correct answers. No partial marking were there for questions having multiple correct answers. We have total 3 hours to complete the certification exam. The computer screen has timer on it. The questions were more scenario based. Many questions had choices which were very closely related. Therefore, one must have a clear understanding of all the concepts.

For C_HANAIMP141 information check the link—sap-hana-g/

Major percentage of questions were from Data Provisioning. So I would suggest to get through this topic very thoroughly and understand the concepts.

Plus one should practice creation of attribute views,analytic views and calculation views in detail for SAP HANA modeling through SAP HANA Studio.

Finally the certification day came when I have to travel to Noida center . Some students had exam in the morning from 10 to 1 and some in afternoon from 2 to 5.

Luckily I got the morning slot which I also wanted to get. The exam started bit late than the scheduled time but it should not bothered much as exam has its own timer of 3 hours. I was bit nervous and tensed too as my organisation nominated me by keeping trust on me that I would clear the exam. I also could not take the exam lightly.The Exam was started and I was given the credentials by the proctor through which we have to login. We have to cross verify the exam code and passing marks at that time. Then the time came to click the start button to begin with the exam.

Once the Exam started, questions started flashing on the screen. There were few buttons for which we should be very carefully. There is no save button. Our answers are saved automatically each time we select the options. We can change our answeres any number of time. There are previous and next buttons through which we can navigate between questions sequentially. There is also one assessment navigator button through which we can open a small window and all the question numbers are mentioned on it so that we can navigate to any question randomly. We can also flag the question if we have doubt so that we can return to that question on later time. On completion of the exam, there is no need to unflag the flag questions as it would simply waste the time.

When we complete the exam only then we have to click to submit button. The moment we click on submit button the results are immediately flashed on the screen.

I called the proctor and clicked the Submit Button and I was confident enough that I am not going to fail this exam. It was just the check for me how good I score.I got 90 percent marks and tagged myself with SAP HANA certified. I am very happy as I am now globally recognized as SAP HANA Certified.

We have to note the Participation Id for future references after completion. We receive the hard copy of Certification within 6 weeks from the certification exam.

Hope this blog might provide you an insight for the SAP HANA Certification (2014 Edition)

All the best for those preparing and appearing for the certification exam.

Do not forget to like, share and comment on the blog as it would help me to improve in the next blogging.

Your feedback is valuable

Thanks a lot !!

Signing off for now.

Warm Regards,

Saurabh Raheja

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for posting your experience. Very useful info.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Saurabh,

      Congratulations for your certification.. 🙂

      Could you tell me what was the approximate cost for the certification?

      Also, is there a possibility to download HA350 ebook/pdf from any SAP site?



      Author's profile photo Saurabh Raheja
      Saurabh Raheja
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Anup,

      You can confirm by calling or mailing SAP India. Contact Details are mentioned on the website

      SAP study material are not available as such.You can try other various sap forums.

      Let me know for further discussions.




      Author's profile photo Harsh Talesra
      Harsh Talesra

      Good post Saurabh.

      Just wanted to know a few things.

      1) Did you had any prior experience working on HANA?

      2) Post the certification, has your organization put you into a HANA based project or are you still struggling to get one?

      3) How much self study you did and how about the hands-on preparation you had before the exam?

      Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Raheja
      Saurabh Raheja
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Harsh,

      There are two ways of appearing for SAP Certification either you go training with SAP Authorized Center or you go with Direct Certification. Former does not require any project experience but latter requires minimum 1 year experience. The syllabus and contents/topics details are mentioned on the link I shared above. You need to go through the relevant books thoroughly before appearing.

      Hope it helps.




      Author's profile photo Harsh Talesra
      Harsh Talesra

      Thanks for your response Saurabh.

      Can you please also answer my 2nd ques.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Saurab,

      Nice blog.. I am planning to give HANAIMp141 certification. I have few questions

      1. I am currently working on SPS08 version and will I be eligible to give HANAIMP141 ?

      2. HANAIMP141 will be retired after 30.06.2016. Does it mean 141 certificate is not valid if pass the exam before June?

      3. Do we have the flexibility of selecting the dates for the examination or it is managed by SAP?

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Raheja
      Saurabh Raheja
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Veena,

      Please find below my answers in line as per my knowledge.

      1) Yes you are elligible for HANAIMP141.

      2) If you pass before June, you will surely get the certificate. I am not sure of expiry date of this certificate but this is a regular process. Previous versions certificate get phased out and new versions comes

      3) If you are Direct Participant it will be managed by SAP though you can talk to them for any other suitable date.

      Hope it clarifies