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Key board short cuts for SAP BusinesObjects Webi Document (Reports)

Key board Short cuts in SAP BO Webi Document(Reports) for 4.0 versions.

Ctrl+1                       : Read Mode

Ctrl+2                       : Design Mode with  report data          

Ctrl+3                       : Design with Structure only

Ctrl+4                       : Display document data Providers

Ctrl + R                     : For refreshing all webi queries

Ctrl+Shift+D            : Editing a query

Ctrl + N                     : Creating new Document

Ctrl + O                     : To open any existing document

Ctrl+F4                      : To close the opened document

Ctrl + S                      : Saving a webi document

F12                            :  Save as

F1                              : Help Contents

Ctrl + P                      : Print

Ctrl + F                      : Find

Ctrl +Z                       : Undo

Ctrl +Y                       : Redo

Delete                       : Will delete selected object

Ctrl +X                       : Cut (Selected object/block)

Ctrl +C                       : Copy (Selected object/block)

Ctrl +V                       : Paste (Selected object/block)

Ctrl+Z                         : Undo

Ctrl+Y                         : Redo

Ctrl+Alt+V                  : Paste Special

Ctrl+K                         : Add Hyperlink

Shift+F9                      : Show Grid

Ctrl +Home                : First Page of created report/tab

Ctrl + page up            : Display Previous page created report/tab

Ctrl + page down       : Display’s next page

Ctrl+ End                     : Display’s last page

Ctrl + –                         : Zoom out

Ctrl + +                        : Zoom in

Full Screen                 : F11

Ctrl+=                          : Formula Bar

Ctrl +Shift +V             : Creating new Vertical Table

Ctrl+Shift+H               : Creating new Horizontal Table

Ctrl+shift+X                :  Creating new Cross Table

Ctrl+Shift+F                : Define Form

Ctrl+Shift+E                : Blank cell

Ctrl+Shift+I                 : Section

Ctrl+Shift+G                :  More Column Charts

I Will update more…



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