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How to jump to a different report dinamically


I´m writting this post as a extension of How to set a WEBI document to autorefresh each n seconds

One of the questions raised was if I knew how to dinamically jump from one report to another programatically.

Digging a little, I found out a solution.

It´s a simple script. So, here it is

I´m assuming that the document in which you´re setting the script has 3 or more reports.

1 – Drop a blank cell in your main webi report(the one from which your´re jumping to the other);

2 – Set its value to

<input type = “button”  value =”Go to Report2″ onclick=”gotoReport(1)”>



<input type = “button”  value =”Go to Report3″ onclick=”gotoReport(2)”>


function gotoReport(n) {




3 – Set the cell Reading as property to HTML

Your document will render like this :

mudar report.png

Attached is a sample WEBI file (.wid), in which I demonstrate the script. It´s on WEBI 4.1 SP5. The extension was renammed to .txt so I can post it here.



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  • Thanks for your post 🙂 .

    I am very interested in Javascript capabilities inside of Web Intelligence. Is there any place where I can read more about Javascript functions like selectReport().


    • Hi Jonás,

      Unfortunately I don’t think só.

      I intend to organize all posts and Documents related to this subject in the way Webi Tricks page do.

      I  am continuing studying it.



      • One more question, is it necessary to have Web Intelligence 4.1 SP5? I’m trying with 4.1 SP4 and the report is not rendering the HTML.



        • Jonás, it is supposed to work on BI 3.x and 4.x.

          Did you export the report to BI Launch Pad and it´s seeing it through the HTML mode ?



          • I am copying the same code above in a new Webi document through BI Launch Pad and set the property Reading to HTML. The code is shown as text.

            Could this be a permission issue?



    • It is. For example:

      <input type = “button” style=”background-color:#00F”  value =”Go to Report3″ onclick=”gotoReport(2)”>

      style is a HTML property to apply CSS style as this ugly blue color.