I’d like to gather here all the general SQL queries that would help to verify that the integrity of a SBO database is correct.

Taken from 1076082 – UDT & UDF related issues:

–1) UDT is defined but does not exist.

select TableName from OUTB

where not exists (select 1 from sysobjects where xtype=’U’ and [name]=’@’+TableName)

–2) UDT is not registered.

select * from sysobjects where [name] like ‘@%’ and name not in

(select ‘@’+tablename from outb union all select ‘@’+logtable from outb where logtable is not null) and xtype=’U’

–3) UDF is defined on an unregistered UDT.

select T0.TableID from CUFD T0 where left(T0.TableID,1)=’@’  and not exists (

select 1 from  OUTB T1 where ‘@’+T1.TableName = T0.TableID or ‘@’+T1.LogTable = T0.TableID)

–4) UDF is defined but does not exist.

select TableID, AliasID from CUFD where not exists (

select t0.name, t1.name

from sysobjects t0 inner join syscolumns t1

on t0.xtype=’U’ and t0.id=t1.id

where t0.name=TableID and t1.name=’U_’+AliasID)

and TableID not in (‘BTNT’, ‘BTNT1’, ‘OIBT’, ‘OSRI’, ‘SRNT’, ‘SRNT1’, ‘ODIB’, ‘ODSR’)

–5) UDF valid values are defined for non-existing UDF.

select TableId, FieldID from UFD1 T

where not exists ( select 1 from CUFD where TableId=T.TableId and FieldID=T.FieldID)

–6) UDF definition does not match actuality.

select T1.UDF, T0.nvarchar_size as ‘act_size’, T1.nvarchar_size as ‘def_size’ from (

select T2.name + ‘.’ + T3.name as ‘UDF’, T3.length/2 as ‘nvarchar_size’ from sysobjects T2 inner join syscolumns T3 on T2.id=T3.id where T2.xtype=’U’ and T3.xtype in

(select xtype from systypes where [name]=’nvarchar’)

) T0

inner join (select tableid + ‘.U_’ + aliasid as ‘UDF’, editsize as ‘nvarchar_size’

from cufd where typeid=’A’ and editsize>1) T1 on T0.UDF=T1.UDF

where T0.nvarchar_size>T1.nvarchar_size

–7a) UDF contains extra spaces in field TableID in User-fields description CUFD table.

select * from CUFD

where  datalength(TableID)<>LEN(TableID)

and  ascii(SUBSTRING (TableID, LEN(TableID)+1, 1)) =32

–7b) UDF contains extra spaces in field AliasID in User-fields description CUFD table

select * from CUFD

where  datalength(AliasID)<>len(AliasID)

and  ascii(SUBSTRING (AliasID, LEN(AliasID)+1, 1)) =32

–8) UDF exists but is not defined

select T1.name [Table name], T0.name [Column name] from sys.columns T0 join sys.objects T1 on T0.object_id = T1.object_id

left join CUFD  T2 on T2.TableID = T1.name and (‘U_’ + T2.AliasID) = T0.name

where T1.type = ‘U’ and T0.name like ‘U/_%’ escape ‘/’

and (‘U_’ + T2.AliasID) is null

and (T0.name !=’U_NAME’ and T1.name not in (‘OUSR’, ‘AUSR’, ‘TDIB’, ‘TIBT’, ‘TDSR’, ‘TSRI’))

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