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JOB After SAP Certification ??????

Dear all,

This Blog is for A much Hyped , Talked & discussed ERR tool SAP, JOBS.

You do Certification you will be highly paid, there are tremendous opportunities in SAP & Bla Bla Bla….

When you inquire about Training all institutes gives you all Fake Pictures, there are very less people who are certified & people already working without certification are getting paid  5 LPA, 8 LPA , 10 LPA, hence just imagine your doing certification & you will get handsome Salary.

( Routine Talks while taking Admission for SAP Training by Institute )

One really thinks Because of the high Fee structure of SAP Training & invest his Hard Earned Money , Time , Energy in SAP Training.

( Even Some Take loans, quits their current jobs thinking SAP will boost their Career) But reality is something Different …..

There are No job openings for Fresher in SAP, All asks hands on experience on SAP.

There is NO Demand in Market without EXP. & supply of Certified people from SAP authorized Channel partner is not controlled in fact its purely business for SAP.

After investing Lacs of rupees in Certification one Expects at least he should get annual package = Fee

but real scenario is people will ask you to work FREE for 03 Months / 06 Months & after which they will pay you 8 – 12 K / Month.

come-on Even Security guard gets paid more than this.

Anybody thinking of doing SAP Certification pl. Read it carefully / Ask your Doubts / questions before wasting your Hard Earned money.

Even search for Existing blog’s for Jobs in SAP & you will see people don’t get jobs for Years after Certification.

Instead keep those money in Savings / go for Foreign Tour / Buy a new car / Buy your Dream bike or just spend it as you wish,

at-least you can enjoy those money than doing COMPLETELY DEAD INVESTMENT. 

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  • Dear Kulbhushan,

    Yes, I agreed with you that for fresher get a job in market is so difficult but not impossible.

    After paying huge amount 😯 on particular SAP module you come to know that no value in market & just companies need experience. 😡

    From my personal experience no one bothered or asking you about certification  in interview. Interviewer much interested in saw his own experience & knowledge of SAP rather than asking fresher(NO SAP experience only have certificate) related interview question. 😏 They directly ask such kind of question which you had been never heard or learned at time of training. So you will be rejected from start of the interview. 😥

    After rejected from so many interviews first question come in mind that did I made mistake to choose the SAP for career?? & end of result loose the passion, interest & everything about the SAP. 🙁

    I have one suggestion:

    We are paying huge amount for SAP certification course in result we are getting

    1) Only Simple A4 size Certificate paper 😉

    2) SAP training & practice (which is not considered as an experience in market) 😥 .

    Now suggestion is that give create some live implantation program at time of training or give minimum 1 month free working experience at big companies. In result fresher get some experience which they can express or explain in their interview & companies also meet their requirement(get experience person). Win-win situation for both fresher & companies 😀 .

    From above my suggestion if you like than please give your valuable feedback.

    Regards &Thanks,

    Dhaval Mistry

    • Yes Dhaval,

      Those suggestions are good.

      Either they should train us as per Industry Standard or provide complete training on Real project implementation as a course only.

      What training quality we are getting is something like Book Stuff in PPT format with how to operate SAP TOOL & nothing close to what is expected in industry to get the Job.



    • Thank you Dhaval for sharing your experience with us.

      I am also a certified fresher with 5 years of domain experience searching for a job now a days while doing internship at my institute.

      Your suggestion regarding "Create some live implementation program" sounds very nice.Can you please briefly tell me what should i do in terms to create the same.

      Looking forward for you valuable reply!

      Thank you in advance!



  • Hi Kulbhushan Kulkarni

    I can see the frustration and the situation you are facing right now.

    SAP BOOM is gone after the IT recession in 2007-2008, with domain experience, i started working in SAP since 2007 and some how lucky to be retained.

    Before 2007 Certified consultants are very less and people moving from domain to SAP is more. After the recession, you wont find people moving from domain to SAP since IT lay offed many who was recruited with domain exp. Slowly from 2009 certification has been highlighted, so due to lack of opportunities in other streams, many freshers started moving to SAP by doing certification. As a result, now there are more certified consultants.

    SAP Certifications are more valid when you are working in abroad, in India most of the companies don't prefer certification but only experience or knowledge on the tool.

    Coming to your views...

    1. Why one need to quit the current job to do SAP certification ? Do you think this is a right decision...? All need to be matured, even i don't encourage people to search job after quitting the current one. You cannot risk your career at any cost, else you need to pay for it.

    2. Why can't you work for less salary ? Yes, you have paid huge amount for certification, which does not mean you can be compared with a 2-5 years experienced guy. When i joined IT, i too thought the same, things got changed in 2 years of SAP Experience.


    If you are able to get a job with low salary, please don't hesitate to join. There are many waiting for such a opportunity. Just join and get experienced, learn the module completely, learn the business concept, how to obtain info or requirement from client and many more. This will take minimum two years, also you need to learn the domain concept of your module, else its bit tough for you to discuss with clients.

    I strongly disagree on the term COMPLETELY DEAD INVESTMENT, it is valuable but you need to wait / adjust to get the complete wealth from it

    All the best



    • Dear Maria,

      mentioned good points still....

      1) i did not quit my job. ( just mentioned the real scenario what people do )

      2) working for Less - i cannot coz i have total 7+ Year domain Exp in SCM/ Purchase/Projects etc my module is MM which pays me a handsome salary. i should at least get half of it after investing  lacs of rupee. due to my domain exp i m clear of business concepts & i cannot go & work @ 8 K / month .

      going & working @ that salary thinking after 2-3 YEARS i will get paid Handsomely, sorry,

      seeing further with my domain EXP & CTC if i forecast my Salary after 2-3 Years in Domain will be definitely almost equal or 10-20% less  

      So its like going back for taking a long Jump & you land up with same distance if you had started where you was.



      • Hi Kulbhushan,

        With respect to your post, i thought you are a Fresher.

        For Point 2.

        Yes, You are correct. If you have experienced, then joining for a less salary is not preferred.

        Recruiting domain consultants has been reduced since 2008, but still i have heard some big companies recruits domain consultant and place them in projects. When a IT company is recruiting domain consultants, if you are certified, you will be preferred compared to other candidates.

        Now, you need to wait and grab an opportunity accordingly, i am not sure, how you are searching or where you are searching, but the Market is not so good and whether you get placed based on domain exp is bit shaky.

        Still i have heard some mid scale companies recruit domain consultants and train them in respective module. Salary will be a concerned, which needs to be checked.

        So i suggest you to update your profile weekly in all job searching sites, so your CV can be shortlisted.

        From domain to IT, i searched for a year and got an interview.

        Hard work never fails and don't loose your hope.

        Until you get a break keep on trying.



        • Hello Maria,


          Problem is not the JOB in SAP. Forget if i don't get one at all.

          The Real problem is the FEE / Time / Energy i had invested in it.

          if the course FEE was say 50-75K i would have not posted all this things.

          Only concern is the huge FEE Amount paid for Training.

          If that Training cannot train us at-least 50% as per industry requirement then FEE Structure  MUST Be revised.

          We are paying SAP to train us to the market requirement at present its just equal to how

          TALLY courses are run in market.



      • hello sir

        can you please tell sap bi future i have done and soon join as i got placement


        I suggest you post this as a new question in the career center, having of course already searched to see if anyone has discussed it before.

    • hi  Kulbhushan Kulkarni

      and all of you,

      I am an Electrical engineer graduated in 2012 but since then i couldn't find a job in my field. but one day this year SAP announce " SAP Skills for Africa program" for fresh graduates .. i passed the interview and succeeded. the program is a 10 week training by expert. and at the end you pass the certification exam . in my case i passed "SAP BI & SAP ERP". and after that they propose you a training or a job contract with one of there partners.

      why i am saying this just to let you know guys that SAP though of it and it gives training & certification and a job to start your career with.  and all of this without paying anything not even a dollar.

      i am agree with you guys that without experience it is very hard to get a job. But SAP give smart people the full package  you should just grab it. and show your competencies

  • I entirely agree. Certification will not get you a job. It will increase your chances a little. But finding that first job is extraordinary difficult.

    Anyone who tells you that getting certification will guarantee you a job, or even that it's a good investment is lying.

    • Totally Agree with you.

      I have worked as an ABAP Programmer and System Analyst for 16 years, and after, I had the chance to learn Solution Manager, took a few courses, bought some books about SOL MAN and we have configured and implement SolMan 7.1 (Incident Management and ChaRM  in our environment.

      Now my focus is to specialize myself more on Solution Manager and  the whole SAP Concept of ALM within Solman.

      Am I certified in Solman ?  no

      Does that stop me or discredit me on knowing how to install and configure Solman ?

      Absolutely not!

      • Denis,

        To specialize in SolMan you did attend few courses, read some books. So training, reading theory does help. But your situation is different from that of a fresher. S/He does not have the chance to work on a live system, or even to see experienced analysts at work.

        In India, certification and training are clubbed together. The rules here are without SAP training, a candidate cannot take the certification exam.

        Certification per se (without training) is just a certificate, piece of paper.


        • HI TW,

          The Subject Here is not about taking few Courses ,  It is about the Value of SAP Certification, I never said that Training is Useless.

          One Other thing, A lot of good SAP Jobs are lost here in Canada, especially on the Development side,  because there is a tendency now to  the development work to other country because the labor is much cheaper.

          • Denis,

            Thanks for your post!

            The subject is misleading, and it is done inadvertently. The high cost/ fee is mentioned because certification in India means, SAP training and then certification. Without SAP training, one can not take the certification.


  • I can understand your situation how difficult it is, when you spent huge amount of money and expecting something, which has not materialized. When I passed my first SAP Certification in way back 2003, I had to wait for 4 months to break into consulting career. Now the things have changed a lot, employers become proactive and matured. Now, SAP Certification alone is NOT just sufficient to fetch a job. 15 years back number of SAP Installations all over the world and limited consultants in the market. But, now most of the implementations are drastically come down, currently, there are only support / upgrade opportunities. Now a days business users are more matured than consultants, they knows better configuration than a consultant. So, employers realized to meet the expectations of such users, SAP Certification cannot alone help them. They need some seasoned consultants to satisfy those users.

    Many people Certification route to get a job became a problem. SAP resourcing is purely based on the demand and supply. There is no compulsion on the employer to take a person who is Certified. If somebody is Certified it may be a plus to mention to the clients. Please do not get too much disheartened if you do not get an opportunity right now. You do not know what is going to knock your door tomorrow. Try all possible ways to improve yourself. Even when I was fresher, I had rejected in number of interviews. I know it is painful, but each such painful experience will give you a good lesson to make ourself purified and improved. So learn from the mistakes. This is not the end of the world. Look with positivity and learn something new out of the mistakes.

    Nobody is perfect.

    All the best.

    Kind Regards,


  • Dear Sir,

    As usual this is also an awesome blog. A must read and an eye opener for those who just blindly want to change the career into SAP. But the passion and hardwork never let the person fail i heared it and working hard now a days to get a break.

    I am sure that i will get a break soon.

    Your blogs are truely nice and very informative.



  • Remember, if you feel that everything is going fine in your way then you might be on a wrong track. Yes , It's true I have spent more than 3 years to look for such opportunity to come in to this field but due to high course fee and market situation around '07-'08 I was not made it. But I Kept trying and learning something 2-3 new things everyday in SAP (I slept only 4-5 hours at that time for learning SAP). Trust me you will surely get what you want just keep trying.

    Tip: Please have some self-help book for keep motivation up it really helps.


    • Hi Avirat,

      Got energy from your reply! 🙂

      Sleeping 4-5 hours in a day and rest 16-18 hours on SAP. awesome! 🙂

      And perseverance for 3 years learning to get break. Great! 🙂

      I think you should create blog it will definitely help to N numbers of freshers to keep calm and have patience and continue practice and study even in pathetic situation.



      • I worked on other technologies not on SAP those days during office hours; I was practicing on SAP after office hours for continuously 3 years to jump into SAP technical field. I didn’t have any sap access at that time but somehow after reading books/online materials and podcasts / SAP website helped me a lot(later I have paid sap access to work on). But you may count 5-6 hours daily for 3 years. It requires lot of reading/practice if you are not fulltime working on SAP during office hours. If you are working on SAP then also you need reading/practicing the logic by experienced fellows at SCN/ follow the giant gurus and get the frequent update/ Follow the tips they provide/follow them/ check what they are doing – way of coding, managing, preparing, thinking, point of view, answering to others etc.etc. I am still learning .. well this is from my side. Thanks ..


  • Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as someone mentioned, anyone who tells you an SAP certification guarantees you a job is lying.

    I completed my SD certification in 2007. Thankfully, my company paid for it (~$20K USD incl. travel expenses, etc.). I can tell you, my certification has never come up in an interview. Of course I've had to answer technical questions, but oftentimes the interviewer has been more interested in my business process experience.

    That being said, since you have 7+ years of SCM experience, an idea may be to join a company using SAP as a business/super user/CoE and work your way into configuration tasks. I've seen (and helped) some of my former clients make these moves.

    Good luck!

  • The SAP training material is case-study based, in other words it takes IDES group and in it IDES Inc company and all the SD business processes, enterprise structure, functionalities, etc are based on business done by IDES Inc. So it is an implementation. Your trainer and you could make it an live implementation (unreal) and it should be taught that way.

    There are three problems -

    1. Institutes giving major emphasis on SAP, the transactions, configurations etc. etc.

    First and foremost should be focus on business processes and business terms. They should always emphasize SAP is to support business and not the other way...therefore learn the business meaning of everything you study.

    2. Very short duration - Implementations take years, small enhancement takes months...institutes finish a functionality in days. No wonder the student runs at a very high speed, at the end of the training learning nothing in depth. Superficial knowledge is of no value to a company.

    3. Domain experience - If someone does not understand the business processes before going into training then it is much more difficult for them. Without domain experience simply don't join these trainings. It will be a waste of money.


    • Agree with you and I saw many institutes begin introduction/SAP gui/SAP features on the very first day and jump to write statement on the 2nd day of joining and so on. On the other side fresher does not have any idea how to start and where to start they just go with the prefix direction that is designed by the tutor/institute. So fresher have no any business process in mind in most cases they simply know how to code into abap after knowing insert/update/delete/report.

      Therefore it is required to clear all doubts with them before starting.


      • May be a technical analyst can get away with meager business process knowledge but for a functional, this way of teaching is so faulty. (Mature) Business users might know during interactions and that can have severe negative impact on the his/her career.


      • Avirat,

        Does the customer (the trainees) think that there is no value (profit) spending time is non-SAP in the training? Ofcourse the institutes are to be blamed but is it from both sides?


        • Yes, Willingness of more learning and providing better knowledge is essential from both the side while the time is limited. Learners may have ability go get more from limited. There should be general guidelines for learners and experienced people at the institutes.


  • part2:

    I would suggest, get trained in an unauthorized training center. While choosing the center, see that the trainer is capable of giving you business pov for every process, various scenarios in each process, how each functionality works in the business world. Get the training and study material.

    After the training, study the material for 6 months, follow, participate in SCN. Correspond with your trainer for doubts, clarifications; or simply post it in SCN and you will get lots of input. Keep learning from business pov and then start your job search. At this time you should be ready with

    - all the SAP standard processes - every thing at your finger tips, from business pov and SAP pov

    - for every functionality have a real time example, you will get this from SCN

    - in the interviews, pay attention to the interviewer, you will definitely learn some real time things from her/him. Take that learning with you, use it in your career growth


    • TW Sir,

      Awesome tips. 🙂

      Going on the same track and learning a lot of things and not concerned about job yet. 😉

      Thinking to give next 4 months on studying>practicing>Follow SCN SD Space>Interview preparation> then see what happens after 4-5 months.

      Thanks a lot!


  • HI All,

    If I can add to this discussion, is that certification does not equal JOB.

    I have started to work in SAP back in 1996. I took the basics ABAP Courses in 1997 for version 3.0F.


    I went through a complete Implementation and configuration of SAP in 1997 ver:3.0F. For experience, believe me, Nothing beats going through a full implementation. You will explore and work on many modules and understand their functionality.

    I went also through many Upgrades over the years (3.0F - 4.0B) (4.0B - 4.7) (4.7 - ECC6) and few enhancements packs upgrade and not counting the various  project implementation over those years.  

    Upgrades also adds a great amount of knowledge and experience witch represent good food for your CV.

    I find that Certification is so condensed that when you get out of this training you forgot most of it especially if after , you are not working right away in SAP.

    We hired many people over the years for our projects implementation and certification was never a factor for decision. Experience was.

    • When I was hiring manager (I'm not anymore, so don't send me your CVs!), I never gave any thought to certification. Experience was what mattered. Theoretically, if taking on a trainee, I'd only be concerned with potential ability. Certification might have some bearing on that.

    • Denis,

      Many members here agree with training is too short and rapid paced, you forget most of it especially after.

      In my opinion, SAP is about self learning, get a job and with each ticket, project keep reading and understanding the functionality, test in your sandbox and gather bit by bit. Ofcourse, there is so much of don't work on some thing for few months, then you have to go back and read, check how it exactly worked.

      The OP is so right, authorized training institutes seldom say that certification and training will not make any difference (or a very slight one) during job search. They want to sell an expensive item without being accountable. Some promise jobs too.

      After all most of us are interested in "the bottom line", profitability.


      • The OP is so right, authorized training institutes seldom say that certification and training will not make any difference (or a very slight one) during job search. They want to sell an expensive item without being accountable. Some promise jobs too.

        After all most of us are interested in "the bottom line", profitability.

        So, if you want to make a profitable living out of SAP, it seems a good route is to set up a training institute.

  • Hi Kulbhushan,

    All your views regarding SAP certification may be true in some cases but not in all cases. Every certification help us to get more opportunity definitely  but it is not guarantee that certification will provide us a job. This is true for all types of certification not even for SAP. I am also not SAP certified but working since last 8 years but at the same time i had started with Rs 6000 only and explore more and more to gain in my module. So if you are getting opportunity with low salary then accept it after that in 2-3 years I hope you will be on the top.

    So be positive and learn new things in your SAP module. I hope opportunity will knock your door soon.



    • Dear Ajay,

      You can not compare 6000 salary of 8 years back and today 15000 salary.

      What Mr.Kulbhushan has said is totally correct. You are not certified and if you would have planned to do the certification 8 years back, it may have cost you near 2L or less than that. But 8 years back SAP industry was on boom, people were getting handsome salary.

      But in today scenario if you have 3 yrs of sap exp you will not get a good job even though you have good exp.

      Well exceptions are always there in life, people have got good job but if you take out the ration its only5-6% or lil more out of 100%

      But anyways i am happy for you that you're doing well and settled in sap.

      Wish you all the very best.


      • Hi Parag,

        Yes, we can not compare but this was not my mean. I want to say that SAP certification is not guarantee for job just like any other certification and i agree that SAP certification is very costly. You mention that struggle is there so can you please tell me any field where struggle is not there. If SAP certification will be job guarantee then nobody will be unemployed.

        All these thing which you are facing in your career, it may be for anyone in any industry, so why we blame only SAP industry?

        Definitely if anyone has invested huge money then he needs the result but do you think that after investing huge money and time should we change our career path.


        Ajay Goel

        • Hi Ajay,

          Thank you for taking interest in my comment.

          Yes you are absolutely correct that in today's era there is no sector with zero struggle.

          I am not even blaming SAP industry but the way institute's projects the career growth and shows the rosy picture and miss guide the youth is absolutely wrong.

          90% of the people who does the sap certification are unaware with the reality and that where they goes into depression.

          My intentions is not to reduce the business of SAP but there should be a awareness so the newcomers will be more conscious before investing such a huge amount for certification.

          What i mean is, This awareness should first come from all these big authorised sap training partners, because they also know that for freshers there are very few job and there should be some strict criteria for for doing these certification like minimum Experience and Education level etc.....

          But i believe there is no one who listen it and take action against it, because every business need money and SAP Germany has got this very wonderful opportunity to earn more money.


          Parag Pandya

          • Parag,Ajay,

            thanks for your contributions! Your posts put more light on the title (question) of this blog. Indeed, the sad story, in India is that authorized institutes want to make more, that is their first goal and maybe maybe imparting SAP knowledge and helping break into the SAP job market comes a distant second.

            Today the SAP job market is tough and very tough for freshers! And it might not get any easier, as the supply is increasing and increasing (more than the demand).

            SAP should ensure that each authorized institute communicates to the trainee (gets his/her signature on a document which says), during enrollment, training and placement are two totally different things.


  • Dear Kulbhushan Ji,

    I am totally agree with your article, I am also fresher in SAP with 1.5 yrs of SAP exp and 8 years of sales domain exp.

    When i joined the sap certification i have also faced the same situation, same fake commitments from  institutes regarding good jobs and salary in big companies and...bla bla bla....

    We all think that life will be easy after doing SAP but that is not the fact.

    So many people in my friend group and via-via friends and relative has contacted me for inquiry about the sap certification and scope of it. I tell the facts of sap industry to all my friends and referenced persones.....!

    Somewhere i think that whatever is going is very wrong becasue the person invest 4 Lakh rs in SAP certification and at the end what he gets is dis-satisfaction, Not getting job, or poor salary.

    I am also one of the victim of it.

    In Sales i was ASM with very handsome salary and perks. But now what i am getting is only 25% of what i use to get previously.

    Struggle is very high in this industry and other then that people are selfish here....! they think that if their colleague learns more than him, then colleague  will get the promotion and becasue of this jealousness, opportunities gets reduce. Person has to learn by its own and struggle a lot.

    But anyways this was a good information you have shared and informed all the newcomers about the industry facts and figures.



  • Colleen Hebbert

    Hello super influencer 🙂 congratulations on this badge!

    We have a section on the top of Career page for Moderator Pick's. Could we have this blog up there too? (Or some other place with visibility) Giving visibility to this topic is important and will be helpful to many members who plan to pursue a SAP career.


  • Hello all and thanks in Advance:)

    I've 5 years in customer service in technical process.

    I'm interested in SAP job and wanted to start my carrier in it.

    I've no clue and which one to choose.

    I need help to choose the right module and how to start my new carrier.

    I'm from Hyderabad- India and any pointers are appreciated!

    Thanks everyone in advance!

  • Hello All

    Can anyone please guide me more about the SAP Material Management module as i want to build my career in SAP. In 2016 i am planing to go for the SAP MM certification course but before that i want to prepare myself for this course and get as much information as possible. What are the references, links or the books should i refer. I completed my post graduation in International Business and i have a 2 years of experience in travel domain.

    • Dear Sariputra,

      If you search on google once you will get ample amount of information about the MM module and there you can find so many institute from where you can do the certification.

      I suggest you can search on Youtube and see some videos about MM module information and SAP working processes.

      Nowadays its very easy to get information and thanks to google to make our life easy...

      So don't worry about anything you will get each and every information, you need to search and work hard on it. No will spoon feed you, we all have to learn by our own only. Try to read more and more.

      Wish you all best.

      Best Regards

      Parag Pandya