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SAP Fiori 2.0 – Next generation business software

SAP Fiori 2.0 – Next generation business software

SAP Fiori 2.0 centres on the users and the way they work. In addition to classic applications, it also supports unstructured work, offering users a clear structure and easy orientation without compromising on flexibility.

The SAP Fiori 2.0 – Next Generation Business Softwareconcept takes the personalised, responsive, and simple user experience to the next level. It centres on the users and the way they work, offering a clear structure and easy orientation without compromising on flexibility.

The user start out with the viewport – a personal gateway to the daily business – that allows one to focus on the core tasks but still follow the happenings in other areas. As the user works, a floating panel that offers a range of smart features can be called up. This can be used to park information, share and collaborate with others, or to build complex business scenarios – all without leaving the task the user is currently working on.




The flexible display means that the user can decide what he or she wants to see:

The workspace is the main working space where the user carries out all the day-to-day tasks and where the work-in-progress application is contained.

The control space allows the user to keep track of everything that is going on, without distracting the user from the current task. Reminder notifications can be set for important changes, critical threshold levels, or open tasks.

In the ‘Me’ space, the user can adjust the settings and preferences to define how information should be retrieved.

Object pages provide access to business objects, allowing the user to create, edit, and view them in an easy-to-consume way.

The multi-instance floor plan comes into play when the user needs to work on several objects in parallel.

A side content carries additional contextual information, giving the user deeper insight into the current situation and its dependencies.

However, the real benefit of this ‘co-pilot’ is the seamless integration with all of the other business data. Even as the user collects unstructured information, the system recognises the business context, and adds relevant content automatically. Later on, the system helps you to turn this unstructured content into real business objects. Instead of being forced to work in a linear fashion, information can be added as it becomes available, and multiple activities can be conducted at the same time.

Together, these features help bridge the gap between traditional system tasks and preparation tasks that are, in the past, typically dealt with offline. The SAP Fiori 2.0 concept perfectly demonstrates that users of business software can also enjoy a simple and delightful experience.

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    • Hi Andreas,

      Here are some of the screen in higher resolution. But please note that this is a design concept and we might still change many aspects in the process of productization.

      This is the Home Page with the same anchor navigation as we have on the Object Page.


      This is the Overview Page that will be used to expose information from various apps around the same task area. This is similar to the old concept of a work center but much more flexible as a role might have none or many overview pages.


      The notification area in the Fiori Launchpad with additional decision support sliding in from the right.


      This is a preview of multiple concepts at the same time:

      • Multi instance handling should allow the user to work on multiple open documents (of the same type) at the same time.
      • Dynamic side content is already available in 1.32 and can be used to define different screen areas within the application without losing the inbuilt responsive layout mechanisms.


      I hope this helps.

      Best regards


    • Hi Borut,

      Fiori 2.0 is way more than just a lab concept. We have included much of the feedback and learnings that we have made in the course of the first two years of our Fiori journey.

      As you will find we have focused on improvements on the Fiori Launchpad with regards to navigation and opening up a surface of interaction with the viewport. Notifications will allow applications to better communicate to the user and the co-pilot will allow the user to gather information in an informal and unstructured way converting it into business information.

      Yet there are a number of improvements also for the individual applications that are in parts already available with 1.32 like the dynamic side content, the wizard and the object page. These enhancements allow you to show contextual information along with the main application in a responsive manner. The object page is a modern floorplan that combines a rich and expressive header with a lean anchor scrolling navigation.

      Many of the concepts shown in the video are currently under development or even available in a first version so I believe that it is fair to say that we are beyond a lab preview.

      Best regards


  • Hi Joseph

    Thanks for the good news. Also dates please, when this will be available for customers. 🙂

    One quick query here, I read somewhere that with Fiori 2.0, now integration with SuccessFactors and Ariba solution is possible. Is this true? If yes, could you provide more insights on it ?



  • hi!

    Progress on that is highly appreciated. I'm curious to see some of the improvements @SAPTechEd2015.

    Please don't forget the performance on mobile devices. So many apps on my (*not* yet outdated) Ipad 3 are running with sufficient performance. Exactly one app drives me crazy: SAP Fiori Client App. Hangs, delays, wait-time, 😡



    • Hi Christian,

      there will be a session on Fiori 2.0 at Teched 2015. I hope we can discuss this more in detail there.

      We are working on designs that are optimized for mobile device in the context of our responsive strategy. So I hope that we will be able to deliver to your expectation.

      Best regards


      • hi Kai,

        can't find you in the speaker's list for teched. 🙁

        Expectations: imagine being at the coffee break with a customer. having your smartphone or tablet with you. lazy talking about her/his application requirements and possible solutions with focus to mobile users. grab your mobile and show examples to the customer. it's a breeze with e.g. access to google-drive-documents. it's a fuzz with starting up SAP Fiori Client App. My Android phone works somehow fast with Fiori Client App. Drawback: bigger apps like MRP are not available there. So you need the Tablet. You need 100 coffees until you can do something useful in the Fiori Client on Ipad. Sometimes it even does not come up with the launchpad. sometimes it shows stupid icons... 😡 😡

        where can we meet @SAPTeched2015 Barcelona?



    • Hi Jeremy,

      I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if I can help with more information.

      Check out the lecture UX102 at Teched Las Vegas and Barcelona to get more information and chat with us.

      Best regards


  • Hi,

    Something I've been asked a couple of times by cutomers is if Fiori Client supports or will push notifications. Something like Whatsapp or Twitter, etc. do for incoming messages..

    Anything like it in Fiori 2.0?

    • SAP is showing notifications on a mobile device from Fiori in their demo videos for Fiori 2.0 so that is going to be delivered.  When and with what methods remains to be seen but it is for sure shown in the Fiori 2 videos.

      • Hi Bjorn,

        I've seen (in the forums) some workarounds, or solutions using SAP Mobile Platform SMP, or some other of SAP's mobile products. There's also a third party app called SAP Fiori Notifier for iOS and Android that I suppose is a modified compilation of the Fiori Client. I sure hope notifications are available without setting up SMP or some complex extra layer of software.

        Lets see what Fiori 2.0 has!

        • Richardo,


          Yes they should work as documented however no sign of luck for me, I opened up a thread

          If you know how to enable notification, it would be great if you help me.



  • Any new info on the release dates for Fiori 2.0? Also, are there any documents/presentation (besides TechEd UX102) showing how will the new 2.0 relate to the previous version? For example, is it healthy to propose for the costumer to develop a Fiori App using Ui5 or wait for the release of Fiori 2.0?

    Would like to know the visualization and dashboarding capabilities of Fiori 2.0.

  • /
  • Hello together,


    is it possible to filter all Fiori 2.0 APPs in the Fiori Apps Library, which are able to run on mobile devices like ipad or iphone?



    Or can i download a list of these APPs anywhere?


    Thank you!