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TechMon Dashboard – System Response Time – no data found in BW (infoprovider 0CCMAW)

Hi All,

I am happy to write my first blog on this wonderful community which has helped me configure and resolve Solution Manager issues. I will be sharing a fix made for Gray Metric in Techmon Dashboard limited to landscapes using Extended SID like DEV_XXX

Yesterday Evening while I was finishing my day, I happened to see Gray Metrics for System Response Time for one of the newly configured systems. Packed my bags thinking that the value may take some time to popup.

Today Morning, when I had a quick look from the overview screen, it was showing all green. Did not bother to check further and carried out with the next system to setup Technical Monitoring.

Looking at the error, I straightaway logged into my managed system and ran ST03N to check if the performance related data is visible. Also checked the SAP Performance collector job which did not show any failure. Now, it was evident that the issue lies somewhere in Solution Manager. But the biggest question was “Where?”

In our Solution Manager system, ran transaction RSA1 and searched for infoprovider “0CCMAW“. Displayed Data for the specific managed system and to my surprise, the data was visible for the Managed system.

Now only thing to look at was the Data collector running for this piece of information.

I entered Technical Monitoring under Solman_Setup Tx and selected Template Maintenance(Step 4). Opened my custom template and searched for the Performance Metrics dealing with System Response Time.

The same was identified as Average Response Time(Last Hour), making use of ASR Perf Data(per hour) collector.

On step 2.2, there are 5 tasks, which need to be run manually. Out of the 5, I clicked on Data Collector Maintenance

Within Data Collector Maintenance, I searched for ASR Perf Data(per hour) and selected the same. Clicked on Simulation tab to test the functionality and here it was the same error i was getting in dashboard.

I wasn’t expecting this to fail, So had a good look at the parameter value and voila, there it was.

The result in RSA1 showed 0SMD_LSID as Extended SID but while performing simulation, it took 0SMD_LSID as SID only.

Started my search for SAP notes related to this problem but could not find much so decided to make a fix as in our landscape we have over 100 systems connected to Solution Manager and have Extended SID’s as identifiers.

I made a copy of this collector and put input parameter for 0SMD_LSID as $T_LONG_SYSTEM_SID$ and triggered simulation again. The data was available this time.

Assigned the custom made collector to my template.

After Apply and Activate, within 5 min the data was visible under System Response Time for both the systems.

I hope you enjoy the post

Feel free to post questions and I will try to answer.

Aditya Khorana

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      Former Member

      Hello Aditya - Indeed a great article on SOLMAN. Thanks for the info.

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Aditya

      Nice blog post, thanks for sharing. Useful for community members who want some custom datacollector / metrics created and also useful for others who want to learn how to troubleshoot.

      Mentioning sources would probably improve your blog further because it will help others to get around to doing the same ~ for example creating the custom data collector explain in following PDF:…

      And which dynamic parameters exist like T_LONG_SYSTEM_SID

      How to define manual activities with simple navigation links - Technical Operations - SCN Wiki

      In general, I try to avoid extended SID's, any particular reason why you've got them? I try to avoid them because people get confused when they see SID001 and SID002 they wonder which one is the correct one, some transactions, scenarios aren't foreseen to have extended SID's etc. Saves heaps of trouble to avoid it overall.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

      Yes, within our solution manager we have data for 5+ different companies. As the SID's for example "PRD" may exist in more than 2 companies, then it becomes difficult to understand the alert emails received. Also the EWA emails get mixed up.

      To avoid that kind of confusion, we use extended SID's


      Aditya Khorana

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Bansal
      Mahesh Bansal

      This is quite useful. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Ram Kaushik
      Ram Kaushik

      Good Blog.....Mate !!

      Author's profile photo HITESHKUMAR LIMBACHIYA


      i got this error while call dashboard.

      App instance with UID 0050568A7A4B02DEBA91D3C6010182F3 could not be found..


      Author's profile photo HITESHKUMAR LIMBACHIYA



      can any one please tell me how to config dashboard for system s4 hana