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Successfactor (LMS) Integration with HCM system Using SAP PI

In one of my Project, we had a requirement for Successfactor Learning Management System Integrations with SAP HCM for Curricula data exchanging.

  • The term qualification in SuccessFactors refers to Curricula.  Curricula is a template that contains multiple items (courses), requirements and sub-Curriculas. When Curricula is used as a compliance tool, completion of a series of items and requirements (electives) as a whole can be tracked in SuccessFactors.  Here the requirement is to track safety certificates for job execution as some jobs require employees to complete mandatory certification.
  • There are two parts to the interface – qualification catalog updates from SF LMS to SAP ECC and qualification link along with Status to be assigned to an employee in SAP ECC (PA – IT24).

So in simple words, we need to set up following 2 scenarios using SAP Standard content:

  1. Employee Curriculum Catalog :

b. EmployeeCurriculumStatus :

Steps to integrate successfactor EC and LMS with SAP HCM through SAP PI in simple following steps:

Step-1: Pre-requisite of standard content for the Integration has to be download from SAP Market Place

## In SAP PI following objects needs to be imported for SFSF LMS Integration.

  • SFIHCM0360004 (Support Package XI CONTENT SFIHCM03 600 #Database independent)

## The ECC version supported by LMS are version 6.0 and above.

Along with that, it is required to download the following Add-Ons and import in SAP ECC.

– SFIHCM03        600        0004      SAPK-60003INSFIHCM03              SFIHCM03: HCM integration with SuccessFactor


NOTE: SFIHCM03 depends on SFIHCM01, SFIHCM02 – Need to deploy complete package in ECC and always go for the latest available version for all the packages. (If client requirement for version is not specific)


Step2 – Creating channels

For Catalog Interface we are going to create following channels:

Sender SFSF Adapter with REST Protocol – To connect to Success Factor LMS services for Catalog

Receiver ODATA Adapter with ODATA Protocol To connect to On-premise SAP HCM system.

For Curriculum Status Interface we are going to create following channels:

Sender SFSF Adapter with SOAP Protocol: To connect to Success Factor Employee Central services for Curriculum Status

Receiver SFSF Adapter with REST Protocol : For performing lookup in Success Factor LMS services for Status

Receiver ODATA Adapter with ODATA Protocol: To connect to On-premise SAP HCM system for Status

Step 3– Apply Integration model from ESR.

Use the following Process Integration scenario in ID and complete the configuration part for SAP PI.

Integration Model forCurriculumcatalog:

Integration Model for CurriculumStatus:

Step 4- ODATA service Configuration in SAP HCM:

In order to maintain and activate the following ODATA service: HRSFI_QUALIFICATION_SRV in ECC requires to follow the following steps:


  • Execute the transaction – SPRO in HCM-ECC and follow the below path mentioned in the screen for Activate and Maintain services.

  • Once execute the Activate and Maintain Services, it will open following window to add the service

Once it is added , it will show under below service catalog window as follow:

Step 5:  BADI configuration

Note : The test case scenarios has been attached , please download it and change the extension to “.zip”.

Referenced links –

OData Adapter and SFSF Adapter (extensions) for SAP Process Integration

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Apu- Thanks for the complements and Yes you are right - If you are using SFSF adapter for following protocols -SOAP , REST or ODATA to connect success factor , you don't need to worry about session handling through separate Interface . It all happens internally by the SFSF adapter .

      Author's profile photo Sugata Bagchi
      Sugata Bagchi

      Very well documented Goutam!

      Each steps were described very easily.

      Thanks for sharing this !

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Sugata!!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Goutam,

      do you have any experience on other API integrations in SF-Learning apart from the two REST-Scenarios?

      I figured out, that the template scenarios (curiculumn) are working because they use REST. But all other  LMS APIs are using ODATA. And those do not work with the SFSF-Adapter (neither ODATA nor REST).

      Do you have any idea?

      Thank you,


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      Former Member

      Hi Goutam,

      nice work!

      As you have worked with the SFSF rest adapter, you might have a hint for my problem:

      We installed the latest SP for the SFSF-adapter on our 7.31 PI (SP11), but it doesn't seem to work...

      OK 20.10.2015 08:59:44 Europe/Berlin Ended polling.

      Fehler 20.10.2015 08:59:44 Europe/Berlin java.lang.ClassCastException: class incompatible with class

      Schwerwiegend 20.10.2015 08:59:44 Europe/Berlin REST_LOGIN_ERROR:An error occurred while logging in.

      OK 20.10.2015 08:59:44 Europe/Berlin

      Started polling.

      The SFSF ODATA and SOAP are working fine.

      Do you have any ideas? Do I need to install or import any other packages? Do we need a later SP?

      Thanks and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Excellent blog Goutam...Thanks for sharing..



      Author's profile photo Apu Das
      Apu Das

      Hi Goutam,

      How to get the resource path we need to put in ODATA receiver channel. From where can I get information regarding resource path to use for LMS integration.



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      Former Member
      Author's profile photo Eugene Fourie
      Eugene Fourie

      Good day.  It seems that the same package or capability is available in CPI, correct?

      I just have one question - this will transfer only delta records, correct?