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HANA Cloud Platform at TechEd: Your 2015 Bucket List

Watch out, TechEd!  This year, SAP HANA Cloud Platform will be even bigger than last year, and we’ve got the 2015 wrap as well as your top-12 don’t-miss sessions below.  We’ll focus on TechEd Las Vegas in this wrap but you’ll find much of the content is valid in Barcelona as well.

In the USA, there’s a new HANA Cloud Platform product management team in town – not exactly in Las Vegas itself, but in Palo Alto, CA, so this year you’ll also get to see some new faces at TechEd in addition to the usual suspects from product management in Germany and India.  Be sure to stop by and say hi and connect with us whenever you can spare some time.

Without further ado – if you’re interested in HCP, read on for what you must not miss.

SAP InnoJam

Just like last year and years before, you’ll want to come early and kick it off by hacking an app in real-time at InnoJam for your chance to appear on the DemoJam stage (the six DemoJam finalists will be selected from InnoJam itself).  InnoJam starts with a reception on Saturday night, October 17, followed by two full days of coding until Monday at 3pm. The theme in Las Vegas this year: Solving the needs of the Medical and Health Care industries. Say hi to Matthias Steiner while you’re there.

ASUG Pre-Conference

Once again we’re collaborating with ASUG to bring you premium pre-conference content related to HCP.  This year, you’ll be able to meet HCP PM colleagues Jenny Lundberg, Michael Phorn, and Lakshmi Narasimhan along with other SAP IoT luminaries on Monday to participate in a solid half day on HCP’s Internet of Things offering as well as SAP’s vision for IoT in general.  See the ASUG Pre-Conference page for the session called Making the IoT Real: What You Need to Do to Develop — and Deliver — Your IoT Strategy.

Also of note is the full-day lecture on SAP S/4 HANA, the Next-Generation Business Suite.  While we’re at it, expect a lot of focus at TechEd on S/4 HANA and how it fits together with the overall HCP strategy.



Keynotes are on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Quentin Clark and Steve Lucas kick it off on Monday from 5:45-7:00pm, and Bernd Leukert takes the stage on Tuesday from 9:00-10:00am.

We can’t share all the details about what you’ll hear in these keynotes, but given what we’ve heard from Quentin and Steve in the last couple of months it’s obvious that they, as fans of the platform, will shine the light on what’s hot at HCP again this year.  Needless to say, do not miss.

Show Floor

The Show Floor opens on Tuesday at 10am and it’s not an understatement to say that HCP will be prominent nearly everywhere you look.

In the Platform & Technology Showcase section on the floor, we’ll have four booths related to HANA Cloud Platform, and members of the HCP PM team as well as other HCP folks from SAP will be on-hand at all times to answer whatever questions you might have, so stop by! The HCP booths are:

  • Getting Started with HCP
    What is HCP? Technical Overview, Common Use Cases, How to get started today!
  • Empower the Line of Business
    How to extend on-premise and cloud applications (with a focus on customizing and extending the Business Suite)
  • HCP for Openness and Portability
    Building to all open standards (Java, Node js, etc) and on top of open standards (Cloud Foundry, Open Stack)
  • Create Innovative Agile Apps
    How to create new applications with HCP. Uncover the power of HANA and the many services in HCP to build custom tailored apps for internal or customer needs


In addition to the HCP booths, look for the IoT Lab in which we will be on-hand to help you get familiar with IoT, play with sensors, load data, and more.

The show floor will also feature an HCP Partner Showcase where you’ll find several HCP partners showcasing their stuff live.

There’s a lot of HCP going on in the Build Zone as well.  Get over there to meet HCP folks from product management and product marketing and get your hands (and your laptop) on HCP and HCP tools.  Join us in the Developer Garage in which HCP experts will walk you through how to quickly get a started with a free trial license for HCP, or work through several HCP and UI5 step-by-step tutorials on SAP provided equipment in the App Space (where you can say hi to Joe Binkley).

SAP CodeJam (mini editions) will also be featured in the Build Zone.  Plan to geek out in person with Rui Nogueira to get hands-on with HCP in either of these two CodeJams:

There are several more HCP-related CodeJams, so check your agenda builder.

We’ll probably be refining these show-floor sessions until the last minute, but you’ll also be able to meet HCP product managers up-close and personal at a number of Expert Networking Sessions on the show floor.  On Thursday at 10:30, you’ll be able to engage with HCP product managers at a session called

SAP HANA Cloud Platform – Q&A Session. Have a look at Michael Phorn ‘s wrap on this and more and check back as more are confirmed!

Session Highlights

I’ll say it again: Last year, HCP was big at TechEd, and this year it will be bigger.  Over 200 sessions related to HCP are currently searchable in the Las Vegas catalog.  There are at least three dozen in total we especially recommend you take a look at:


Below, we focus on our top-12 picks run by HANA Cloud Platform product managers, many of whom will be on-hand not only for HCP-related sessions in other tracks, but for other activities as well, so feel free to dig into the agenda builder to find more.

Session Details


1-hour lecture

SAP HANA Cloud Platform: A Guided Tour

Matthias Steiner

This session provides a guided tour of SAP HANA Cloud Platform for people new to the topic. We explain the various usage scenarios like on-premise and cloud extensions, new line-of-business solutions powered by SAP HANA, and the Internet of Things. We then elaborate on the value proposition of cloud platforms (business agility, layered pace of innovation, time to market, and more). We wrap up with an overview of the platform services and capabilities and how to get started.


1-hour lecture

Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Jenny Lundberg, Andreas Wesselmann

Join this Road Map Q&A session and get insights to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP’s open platform-as-a-service offering. Receive a short intro, an update on what is planned and what is coming, with a main focus on answering your questions around our road map. Please bring your business cases and questions and we can address them in this interactive session.


1-hour lecture

Extending SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Thomas Bieser

Do you want to extend the reach of your SAP Business Suite applications to new and mobile users? Do you want to productize new B2E, B2B, or B2C scenarios? Depending on your preferences, you have different options. Get an overview in this session of how to achieve these objectives with technologies delivered with the upcoming releases of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, as well as how to get them done using SAP HANA Cloud Platform without major modifications to your installed base.


2-hour hands-on

Extend the Reach of your SAP Installed Base with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Thomas Bieser

James Wood

Markus Tolksdorf

Learn to extend your SAP installed base to realize new B2E, B2B, and B2C scenarios for mobile users around the globe with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. See how such scenarios can be implemented even if your SAP systems are based on older releases of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. Discover best practices regarding security, connectivity, authentication, authorization, and performance. Get your hands dirty implementing the full stack, from the SAP back end to the mobile front end.


1-hour lecture

Road Map Q&A: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – On Premise and in the Cloud

Jenny Lundberg, Juergen Hauser

This session explains how to make the most of print forms and interactive forms using SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. It includes a special focus on SAP Forms as a Service by Adobe, the hybrid solution where the Adobe Document Services (ADS) runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

More information: SAP and Adobe jointly presenting the latest developments for IFbA at SAP TechEd Las Vegas


1-hour lecture

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe: Configuration for ADS on SAP HANA Cloud

Jenny Lundberg, Juergen Hauser

Adobe Document Services (ADS) required an SAP NetWeaver AS Java stack. The new ADS on HCP runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, without the need of an AS JAVA. This session explains how to configure and connect an on-premise ABAP system to the ADS on HCP and and gives insight into the usage of the new ADS Configuration Tool, a cloud application also running on HCP. This session explains how to configure the ADS on HCP and provides examples for uploading credentials and fonts.


1- hour hands-on

Architecture Guidelines for Microservices Based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Matthias Steiner

Chris Paine

This session teaches best practices in cloud application architecture and design based on microservices characteristics. Explore a default architecture template using popular open-source frameworks in conjunction with platform services provided by SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Using an example application, take a close look at particularly important aspects of the source code and discuss pros and cons of various design alternatives. Sample code base runs on both NEO and Cloud Foundry stacks.


2-hour hands-on

Cloud Security: Using the Security Services in SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Martin Raepple, Milen Manov

Discover new ways to protect your apps running in SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP’s public platform-as-a-service. In this session, develop a full-featured application using the platform’s security services, such as SAML-based single sign-on, SCIM, and the LDAP connector for secure access to an on-premise user store such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), role- and group-based access control, secure storage of confidential data, and OAuth to protect your application’s REST APIs.



Send Your Sensor Data to SAP HANA Cloud Platform with IoT Services

Rui Nogueira, Aaron Williams, James Wood

In this session, find out how to send sensor data from the single-board computer Raspberry Pi to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and how the Internet of Things (IoT) services of this great platform support this task. At the end of the session, you have built an end-to-end application using the UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) that displays the sensor information you have sent from your Raspberry Pi and persisted on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


1-hour lecture

Cloud Foundry and SAP HANA Cloud Platform: A Natural Evolution

Pankaj Kumar

SAP plans to integrate the open runtime platform Cloud Foundry, the industry standard for open platform-as-a-service (PaaS), into SAP HANA Cloud Platform. In this session we explore the impact of this evolution, the capabilities that Cloud Foundry adds to the SAP PaaS (such as multi-runtime support and community services) and a preliminary road map.


2-hour hands on

Extending SAP Cloud Solutions Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Krasimir Semerdzhiev, Michael Phorn

Would you like to develop, manage, and deliver your application to millions of users and companies in the SAP cloud ecosystem, SuccessFactors solutions, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Jam, and more? Please join us and learn how you can innovate, build, and deploy your first extension working with those solutions from scratch.


2-hour hands-on

Extending Cloud Solutions from SAP Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Krasimir Semerdzhiev, Pankaj Kumar

The SAP Cloud portfolio has rapidly expanded in recent years and now includes the Ariba Business Network, SuccessFactors and Concur solutions, the SAP Business One application, and the SAP Anywhere and SAP Cloud for Customer solutions, among many others. By using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, customers can build extension modules for all these cloud products using open data access APIs, while partners can create generic extensions, certify them with SAP, and publish them to the cloud for customers.

Community Session Highlights

Given by valued contributors to the SAP community, I want to also highlight two sessions NOT affiliated with SAP HCP PM but related to HCP that are definitely worth your while to check out, especially if you’re interested in the outside-of-SAP perspective. Huge shout-out to SAP Mentor Tammy Powlas for helping me source these sessions:

  • Gregory Tutt – SpinifexIT  – DEV204 – Building an Application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Using Java and SAPUI5
    In this session, we walk through an end-to-end scenario of creating a database on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and making a visual tool to read and update the content. We focus on best practices learned and bits of technology we used such as OData and the Java libraries that we recommend (for example JPA, Olingo). We share how we managed to use the metadata from our API to build a fully dynamic UX and overview on extending standard components to keep the standard behavior but change the rendering.


Wherever you are in the world, you can also participate live in TechEd by visiting SAP TechEd Online, where you’ll be able to watch the keynotes as well as plenty of other live content that will be related to HCP.  Look for an HCP strategy session given by Prakash Darji in addition to other engaging live sessions featuring HCP product managers.  There are at least three SAP TechEd Live sessions dedicated to HCP as of now: Stay tuned to the online site and to @saphcp on Twitter for updates on the program as we confirm them.

At your leisure, remember you can also enroll to take free openSAP courses on HCP.  As Matthias noted last year: “More than 50k of you enrolled for our openSAP courses…” In the meantime, the number of openSAP HCP enrollments is well more than doubled with multiple offerings related to HCP so even if you can’t make it to TechEd you can still continue to learn along at home.


In addition, find us online at as well as right here on the SAP Community Network.

And finally, don’t forget that TechEd brings you unparalleled networking opportunities and while we really do invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities to meet us in person, you can also always interact with us online on Twitter.  Follow @saphcp not only for live updates from the scene, but also to reach out to us directly.

Have a great TechEd and don’t forget to Tweet #SAPtd and @saphcp!

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