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Hi All,

As most of you are aware that the Sample Auditing unx/unv along with the sample reports are available in SCN  @

However there is a problem observed for one of the dimension part of Auditing universe.

This is for the users who are using the audit reports which are based out of Auditing.unx. where the Event status – successful/failed field is part of the audit report will show most of the status as failed despite they are successfully audited.

This is noticeable only when the users are trying to retrieve the Event status – successful/failed dimension from the Auditing.unx during that time almost all of them are showing it as failed.

The reason for this behavior is the query condition mentioned for the Event status – successful/failed is wrong and need an update.

Here are the steps to modify one of the dimension in the Auditing.unx.

1) Open the Universe using Information Design Tool (IDT) for BOE 4.x.

2) Traverse to the Events table and select the dimension Event status – successful/failed and double click on that, You can notice the query on the Query panel  as “ADS_STATUS_STR.Status_ID WHEN 0 THEN ‘Successful’ ELSE ‘failed’ END” which is not the correct condition.

3) Please replace the Query with “ADS_STATUS_STR.Status_ID WHEN 1 THEN ‘failed’ ELSE ‘successful’ END”.

4) Save and Publish the Universe back to repository

5) Refresh the Report.

Note: This is required only to support the Event_Type_ID (1008) Save, the reason being Save has 3 successful status (0,2,3) and 1 failed status where as all other events has only one successful status (0)  and one failed status(1).

Best Regards,


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      1. Sateesh Babu Chilamakuri
        Post author

        Yes, This needs to be updated. I have shared the information with Product Owner of BI Platform regarding the same. This needs to be updated for all the supported databases.

        However there is already a SAP Note: 2203901 in place with the similar steps mentioned.

        Best Regards,


    1. Sateesh Babu Chilamakuri
      Post author

      Hi Manikandan,

      This is applicable for the old one which is available with the link

      However If there is any dimension by name Eventstatus – successful/failed in Event table in the Auditing Universe shared by Matthew then we need to check the query for that dimension.

      The Initial query works for almost all the events, however the EVENT_Type_ID(1008) seems exceptional because it has 4 status ( 0,2,3 for success and 1 for failed).

      Hence this change is required to accommodate 1008(Save) event_type_id.




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