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As part of Process Performance Monitoring in S/4HANA, we are delivering a SAP Best Practices Scope Item ‘Order-to-Cash Performance Monitoring’ (BKN).

The scope item is available in the SAP S/4HANA cloud enterprise edition since version 1605 and the SAP S/4HANA On-Premise edition since version 1610.


The goal is to deliver a ready-to-run solution for process managers whose task it is to define and increase the efficiency of the company’s order to cash execution.

The main questions that the delivered solution answers are:

  • What are the average lead times of the process (such as order to delivery/goods issue, goods issue to billing)?
  • How often are delivery or billing blocks set, and how long does it take to resolve these blocks?
  • How often do critical field changes occur?

The order-to-cash process manager gets an overview page on his (or her) Fiori launchpad that displays average lead times as well as totals (for the last 28 days or for 365 days) of the order-to-cash process.



Selecting a card in the overview page you get to the the ‘Order-to-Cash Performance’ application where you can drilldown the data by different criteria, such as sales organization, division, sales group, sold-to-party, and others:


Using the ‘Time Series’ application you can view the process performance indicators over time:




You filter and drill down to the level of single sales orders (or sales order items) as a sorted list, starting with the highest values, identifying sales orders with issues.




From here you can navigate further into other applications – as it is configured in the tile’s navigation – export the data or share the displayed results with a stakeholder, or a responsible internal sales representative or manager to take further action.



You can navigate further to display the processing history for a single sales order (item) by displaying the recorded process activities:





While the ‘Order-to-Cash Performance’ scope item is pre-installed in the S/4HANA Cloud edition, it is needed to be explicitly installed in the On-Premise edition. For the installation, see scope item BKN in the SAP Best Practices Explorer, as well as SAP note 2328518.

Details about manual adaptation in the S/4HANA On-Premise version are given in the configuration information of the Order-to-Cash Performance application.



The following Fiori Apps are available in ‘Order-to-Cash’ Performance Monitoring:


The application documentation can be found here:



  • Early Knowledge-Transfer material on ‘Order-to-Cash Performance’ in the SAP Learning Hub, under Sales Processes, denoting further usage and adaptation possibilities.



The next blog will discuss the Architecture of Process Performance Monitoring in S/4HANA.

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    1. Bernd Schmitt Post author

      Hi Damean,

      you’re right, I think the better note reference is actually collective note 2328518 from where you can navigate to the different versions. The corresponding US version for S/4HANA 1610 FPS00 is 2330455.




  1. Monsicha Marayong

    Hi Bernd Schmitt,

    Can we customize or change the default cards? If yes, can you help share how? for example change the sales order type as the app only supports sales orders of types OR and CBFD



    1. Bernd Schmitt Post author

      Hi Monsicha,

      In on-premise you can simply add new order types in the customizing:

      SAP Reference IMG -> Cross-Application components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Process Observer -> Order-to-Cash Performance Monitoring -> Maintain Order Types for Performance Monitoring

      From S/4HANA Cloud Edition 1705 on you find a configuration app that allows you to do the same. Find more information here.

      Nothing more to do, and the newly tracked orders will also occur in the default cards.

      Best regards,



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