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Determination of Depreciation start date in Asset accounting

In this document, I will try to show by example how these different date fields are dependent on each other and how system calculates these value fields.

The master data of an asset (first tab) is shown below:


Based on the screen layout and tab layout configurations the above screen may differ.

The “Capitalized On” field is ready for input. User will have two options either to fill it with particular date or leave it blank.

Let’s consider:

Case 1: User manually entered the “Capitalized On” date

The field “Acquisition on” is read-only. Once the asset is capitalized , system will fill this value with “Capitalized on” field value.

Now, the capitalized date is manually entered and asset is created.


The asset is still not capitalized.

The field ODepr.Start  date field is still blank.


Now using external acquisition with vendor F-90 the asset is capitalized.


After Capitalization,


System copied the “Capitalized on” date to “First acquisition on” date field.

The ODep.Start date is based on asset value date and period control method in the Dkey.


Note that , there are two Depreciation keys used – LINI and MX04.

For LINI – system calculated ODep Start date as 01.02.2015 and for MX04 its 01.03.2015. (This is due to period control method in DepKey settings , although the asset value date is same.)

In Asset values explorer: Asset value date is as below (same as manually entered “Capitalized on” date value)


System settings of Period Control for Depreciation Keys:


Below is the system settings for Period Control keys for Acquisition transaction:


The above illustration explains the system behavior in calculating asset value date, depreciation start date and First acquisition on date values.

Case 2: The field “Capitalized On” field is left blank during asset creation


Now using external asset acquisition transaction (F-90) the asset is capitalized:


Note the document date and posting date.

Now the system refers the earliest of document date and posting date as Capitalized on , First acquisition on date.

Note: if posting date and document date are in different fiscal year, then posting date will be considered.


Asset value date is,


As described above, the depreciation start date is based on asset value date and period control method in Depreciation key(assigned to depreciation area).


system calculated the ODep Start date as mentioned above.

If in the depreciation key settings, “Depreciation to the day” check box is checked, then system ignores the ODepStart date and considers asset value date for depreciation calculation.


For further information on the Asset dates , please refer to below link:

Below is the reproduced information from above post:


system will automatically determine the value date in below scenarios (Not manually entered)


Any feedback/suggestions for improvements are most welcome.


Ravish Prabhu

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