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Designing a delightful experience for multiple stakeholders in Eye Health Care

Some months back we had an opportunity to work with Sankara Eye Hospital (SEH), Bangalore, a not-for-profit institution focused on Eye Care.  The project is about designing an end-to-end delightful experience to their out-patients by highly motivating their staff.  Their business model is to levy a modest fee for their services from people like us (who can pay) and use the proceeds to provide eye-care services to the rural poor.  The maintain a ratio of 20:80 for payment: free.  They have some of the finest specialists on their rolls as well as specialised/niche areas of eye care treatment which are very few in this country.

As soon as we finalized the approach and project for SEH, we acquired volunteers from SAP with DT project experience.  The project ran for 10 days across 8 weeks.

We had three teams addressing three different design challenges in the areas of out-patients, doctors and management.  In each team we had SEH (Doctors, Optometrists, Operations, Front Office and Back Office staff) members and SAP (Development and Consulting) colleagues.

The SEH members were highly motivated and had not seen something like this as a team workshop to solve their own operational and strategic issues.  They praised highly about SAP colleagues for their involvement and spontaneity.   We learnt more of ‘Empathy’ from them as well as their complex people, process, economic, management, donors, and other stakeholders issues/expectations.  It is also an interesting learning to know about what it takes to run such an establishment to handle 450-500 outpatients and 200 inpatients a day!

More about the project, teams and outcomes can be found in this link –

I like to thank our SAP colleagues without whose time and involvement this project would not have seen its fruition.  We will be happy to receive your comments and feddback that will help us improve in or next social project.

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  • Hi Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri,

    Great to hear such things. Happy to see SEH Bangalore in the blog. Can you explain little more on the solution which was implemented. Was it anything related to SAP UI5? If there any such workshops in the future I would like to participate during the design thinking phase.

    I am from Bangalore 🙂



    • Hi Nagesh,

      Thanks for your reply.  There were both non-IT and IT solutions that were prototyped. We were product/platform agnostic and some simple and cost-effective solutions were implemented.  Being a not-for-profit establishment, SEH would prioritize their investments primarily to the community side.  Will let you know of our next project where you can participate and always looking for volunteers. 



  • Any technology becomes truly existent only when it is relevant for common man. It is use cases as this that will keep new SAP technologies and SAP organization market relevant. Kudos to entire team on the efforts. Would love to be part of some such initiatives in future and make by share of contributions, where possible



    • Thanks Moulee and that is my POV as well.  Sometimes we do the other way of force fitting of our technologies (either as an ideation trigger or part of the changed context in the HMW statement) which jeopardizes the natural outcome!   Will keep you posted on our next CSR project.

  • Heartfelt congratulations to you and th entire team Lucky! Though I was not involved directly in this project, by working with the same team, I could see the awesome benefits this project could create for SEH. I wish you all the best for many more such projects!

  • Hi Lucky and the DT team.

    This is a great initiative and I am sure must have been a great experience to work with SEH and resolve the complex problems they face. Sheer numbers 400-500 out patients an 200 inpatients adds a lot of complexity. Definitely look forward to be part of such projects.

    Congratulations to the team.