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ASUG TechEd Session BA122: It Isn’t Only Brain Surgery

Hi, my name is Jamie Oswald and I wanted to let you know that I’ll be speaking with Steve Lucas at SAP TechEd 2015 in Las Vegas. To get into the details, I’m going to host a quick reddit-inspired AMA (ask myself anything) session.

Q: You’re speaking “with” Steve Lucas?

A: Yes. Steve Lucas and I are speaking at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas in October of 2015.

Q: Are you part of his keynote?

A: In the sense that I’ll be on-stage with him, verbally sparing, perhaps playing the straight man for one of his classic Steve-jokes, or maybe even running one of his demos? No, no I won’t.

Q: So then in what sense are you going to be part of his keynote?

A: He usually thanks his customers, and I’m one of his customers. He’ll probably also off-handedly mention SAP technologists broadly, and I’m broadly one of those as well.

Q: And how exactly are you speaking with him?

A: He’s speaking there, and I’m speaking there as well. I’m presenting session ASUG session BA122: It Isn’t Only Brain Surgery: SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions on Thursday morning at 8 am.

Q: 8 am? Do they not know who you are?

A: My megalomania aside, most people don’t actually know who I am. My megalomania included, 8 am is practically a keynote at these things, so hashtag winning, hashtag bigdeal, hashtag nosleeptilthursday.

Q: And your session is about what?

A:  It’s about how Mercy Health has been able to deploy SAP HANA as an analytics side car for our enterprise SAP BusinessObjects software installation in an environment without SAP ERP. The first focus area for this toolset was Perioperative Services, which is the section of our business that runs our operating rooms, but we’ll also talk about how we’ve been able to use it to accelerate and enhance the analytics of several of our other lines of business as well.

Q: But what if I can’t make it to Las Vegas?

A: I will be giving a webinar with similar presentation before TechEd, but I’m planning on sandbagging that one a little, so you’ll want to come catch me in person?

Q: What if I love your use case and would like to help you win a major award for your Periop work with SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects?

A: If you are so inclined, you could do a lot worse than going out and voting for me! (for others to consider voting on, check out Christine Donato‘s blog)

Thanks to me for my time and insightful answers. Hope to see you all at my session in Las Vegas!


photo credit Martin Gillet

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