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Hi Guys

In the legal control area there was several changes created this week – note 2206843 is a new development which allows you to specify a qualifier (example X002/EU), at licence type level. Previously it was only possible to enter these directly on the licence which was time consuming especially if all licences of a licence type require same qualifier.

There was a performance issue with “create licence from log” function that note 2212956 addresses. Also relevant for this function, is note 2215365 which will help resolve a program error leading to message popup “The valid-to date falls before the valid-from date” (/SAPSLL/CON_LMGM033).

Note 2215506 fixes a syntax error occurring after note 2206169 is installed, in program /SAPSLL/CON_LMGM033 (data object IS_OBJ_CRIT-LCLIC does not have a component with the name ADDDA0). The note includes some manual dictionary changes only (there is no coding change)


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