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You Asked for It (Again), SAP Delivers: Fifty-Six (56) More CRM Enhancements!

Last year I wrote the blog post, “You Asked for it, SAP Delivers: Twenty Four (24) Cool New CRM Enhancements” introducing readers to the SAP Customer Connection program which allows customers to suggest new product enhnacements for SAP CRM. As I described in the blog post, SAP delivered two-dozen improvements to the CRM WebClient framework based on the ideas suggested and voted for by you — our customers!

This year, in 2015, we had our biggest customer participation ever: Over 154 customers from 22 different countries submitted 171 enhancement requests! After the votes were tallied, SAP went to work, cranking out as many of the top-requested enhancements as possible. In the end, SAP was able to deliver over twice as many enhancements as last year!

Some of the enhnacement requests that SAP was able to deliver are generic usability tweaks to the CRM WebClient framework that will benefit all CRM processes, while other enhancements are more application specific (i.e., improvements to the CRM Service Order). You can have a look at all of new enhancements in the presentation here or you can use the

Some of the most popular new enhancements from the CRM2015 round of the Customer Connection program include:

  • Timeout notification and optional count-down clock
  • Open links in new browser tab
  • Drag and drop of email attachments in Interaction Center email editor
  • Search for archived documents in Interaction Center
  • Mass change of iBase components
  • View account search results visually on a map instead of a result list
  • And many more…

And as usual, enhancements from the Customer Connection program are available for immediate use (via SAP Notes) for select existing CRM versions! No need to wait for a future enhancement package.

So if you would like to get involved, hurry up and sign up for the CRM2016 round of the Customer Connection program which is still currently open. But hurry up, the submission period for new requests closes on October 31!

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  • Putting many of these in our CRM sandbox, and they are some very cool features that we will be deploying soon.

    On the View accounts in the map D7324 & note 2104728, trying to demo with the free open street maps (not intended for prod). The note 2104728 states SAP visual Business 2.0 is required, and the install guide for this shows note 1445387 is a pre-requisite.  Is note 1445387 for the gateway system? as steps 3.8 & 3.9 do not look to be CRM services.  If yes, where is the set up for CRM to call the gateway server as part of the deployment of note 214728.

    Wanted to test the free version before determining which mapping vendor to proceed with & or any forum recommendations.



    • Hi,

      As state in note 1445387 are only relevant for higher releases of Visual Business. Thus steps 3.8 and 3.9 are not relevant for CRM yet.

      Cheers Uwe

      • Hi,

             Note 2104728 is stating VB min release 2.0 and the SAP install for VB2.0 is showing note 1445387 as a pre-req which is why I an confused to the requirements.

        To run the pre-configured setup with Open Street Maps  in our sandbox is VB even required? as the configuration looks to come with the same settings as this SCN blog  as we do not get any results when selecting the map button with the rest of 2104728 applied.


      • OK, steps 3.8 & 3.9 aren't needed, (not sure why the VB 2.0 references note 1445387 as a pre-condition) but basis does need to install VB 2.0 or higher onto the CRM backend in order to implement the note 2104728.

        • Hello All, I would like to summarize important information that was communicated by SAP, in parallel in a customer incident raised by Glenn: The points 3.6, 3.8 and 3.9 mentioned in note 1445387  are not required for the implementation of note 2104728.  These points are only valid for SAP Visual Business 2.1. To display the CRM Account Search Result on a Map, Visual Business 2.0 is used (in the CRM backend). To use the required functionality, the SAP Visual Business frontend software has to be installed on the client PC. Hope this helps. Regards, Jutta

  • I do not really understand why the Session Timeout is given - without the option to keep session alive for the IC Agent waiting for a call...

    To accomodate this, we enhanced CRM_UI_FRAME and inserted some scipt on workareaviewset.htm (found somewhere on the internet), and enhanced CRMCMP_IC_FRAME and changed some script in mimc_session_manager.js - so now - as long as the user is logged on - the session keeps alive 🙂

      • Hi John,

        Our scenario is like this:

        1) the service agent logs on on to the Telephony system and CRM.

        2) while waiting for a call - CRM goes to the background.

        3) a call arrives, but then the Agent discovers that CRM has timed out so the agent has to logon again before taking the call - for our customer this gives longer wait-time on the phone.

        It would be great if it was possible to bypass the Automatic logoff for a specific role (IC agent) during the daytime (ie. 9 to 5). I have not found a way to do this by customizing...

        Therefore, I have implemented some JavaScript to do just that...



        • HI Michael,

               In RZ11 parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout controls the timeout at a system level.  Basis normally control as the system needs bounced to change.  But is system setting not a role setting.

              No calls in an hour?  do you pay well and are you hiring?     :.)

          • Hi Glenn,

            😉 - no the agents are handling other tickets received from ERMS or E-service in another session during the day ... and sometimes a team might receive only a few calls during a day.

            According to SAP it is not a good idea to set the parameter to ie. 9 hours - I think the recommended time is less than half an hour...

            Kind regards 🙂

          • Hi Michael,

            Using the 'Multi-Session" functionality in the Interaction Center shoud resolve this problem though, right? That way the agents can handle the ERMS issues and service tickets in the main session. They, when a CTI event like a phone call arrives a new session is opened and the agent can switch to the new tab and handle the phone call, and then automatically return to the main session after pressing End when the phone call session is over. So it sounds like your issue is caused by the fact that agents are manually opening a second CRM session, which SAP recommends against (for a vaiety of reasons).