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Partial Payment for invoice via Automatic Payment Program (F110)

Business Process Procedure

When a vendor invoice must be paid partially via the transaction for Automatic Outgoing Payments, a payment request must first be entered in SAP for that particular invoice. The reason is that the automatic outgoing payment transaction does not allow to create partial payments for line items.

After creation of a payment request, the request is available for selection and payment within the automatic outgoing payments program.

The initial creation of a payment request does not generate any posting documents yet, but is a so-called “noted item” and will just reside on the vendor account until a payment is carried out for that invoice. The payment request will then be changed into an actual partial payment made, and only then result in a posting document.

As a summary, the steps to be followed are:

  1. Creation of payment request for the partial payment amount
  2. Set payment block in the original invoice
  3. Process payment request with transaction for automatic outgoing payments
  4. Check Postings using Vendor Line Item Report.

Upon final invoice settlement of the remaining amount:

  E.  Remove payment block from original invoice

  F.  Process original invoice and partial payment(s) for Final Settlement using APP

A. Creation of payment request for the partial payment amount

Via Menu                       :  Accounting->Financial accounting->Accounts payable->Document entry->Outgoing Payment->Payment request

Via Transaction Code    :  F-59

Business Process Example

in this Business Process assumes an invoice with document number 72526689 for the amount of 508,00 HKD to be present on vendor account 10560003 and for which a partial payment of 150 HKD has to be made. another 2 down payment requests for 80.00 HKD each already exist in the account.

Invoice Document 72526689

when user enter Transaction code F-59 for Payment Request system will show below screen.

now, user can enter invoice document number and click enter


Enter the document number of the invoice for which a payment request must be entered, or use button  to find the invoice. The other buttons in the application toolbar can be used to display the invoice. Press <Enter> after entry of the document number. Two situations are now possible:

i. payment request and/or partial payment already exists for this document

            In this case, a window will show up in which the details are shown. Example:


click on Continue for next screen.

ii. No payment request and/or partial payment exists yet for this document

            In this case you will be taken straight to the next screen with the header details.The screen with the document header of the payment request will appear. Document type “AB” is the default document type. Example screen:


In field Amount (i.e. 150.00 HKD), the amount of the partial payment must be entered and the other fields e.g. Text, Baseline dte and Days are also available for adjustment where required.When all line item details have been entered, the payment request can be saved. The next step is to block the original invoice for payment.

B.    Set payment block in the original invoice.

Via Menu                       :  Accounting->Financial accounting->Accounts payable->Document->Change

Via Transaction Code    :  FB02


If the vendor line items would be displayed at this point (do not forget to activate option Noted items before you execute transaction FBL1N), the following would be shown:


Note the special G/L indicator “P” which marks the noted items on the vendor account. These noted items are now waiting for being processed by a payment transaction. Also note payment block “A” in the invoice.

C.    Process payment request with transaction for automatic outgoing payments.

Via Transaction     F110

If the vendor would now be processed with the transaction automatic outgoing payments (F110) you will find that the original invoice will show up as an exception (due to the payment block) and that the payment requests area available for selection in the payment proposal:


If the exceptional line items (marked with button red) are selected by double-clicking, you will find the details for each item.


If the non-exception line items (marked with button green) are selected by double-clicking, you will find the details for each item.


D.    Check the Postings using Vendor Line Item Report.

all the below cleared items will have invoice reference as original invoice. so, total amount paid 310.00 HKD and total outstanding was 508.00 HKD. after payment run actual outstanding was 198.00 HKD.


E.    Remove Payment Block from Original Vendor Invoice.

Repeat steps explained in Item B. but, this time Remove the Posting Block and save the document.

F.    Final Settlement using Automatic Payment Program via F110.

when the user executing next run for automatic payment program. system will pay only the balance outstanding amount i.e. 198.00 HKD.


double click to check the payment requests already paid against original invoice.


after payment run executed. run vendor line item report.

clearing document circled in RED created with 1st payment run for partial payment.

clearing document circled in BLUE created with 2nd payment run for final settlement.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Srinivas,

      Nice document. Very well explained.

      Thanks and keep sharing.



      Author's profile photo Roberto Gutierrez
      Roberto Gutierrez

      Hi Srinivas, I'm from Colombia South America, nice Document

      I'm looking for to solution to one problem, ¿How I can configurate the system to not allow pay separately the vendor Invoice or a partial payment in the F110?, final payment.

      SAP should block the payment or generate error if I try to change the status of one of the documents referenced in the payment propouse to pay (invoice less partial payment, all document are referenced).

      As you describe in your document, I can to pay the both documents, but the system allows to block the partial payment and pay the vendor invoice separately, and It permit to pay the total value, this is not correct and generates internal control problems, human errors.

      We need that the system to prevent the erroneous payment, ¿Are there a standard configuration, program, BTE, to control this?

      Thank you for your help

      Author's profile photo Anna Strokova
      Anna Strokova

      Hi Roberto,

      Not sure if you got an answer since last October.  I am facing the same issue.   However when the payment run picks up both the original invoice and the payment request, it marks the payment request item in exceptions (red light) with the message in REGUP-POKEN 018 (FZ 518 Payment request: no payment, original document will be paid).  Which makes it sort of (!) safe.

      However this can be overridden manually in the payment run and both the original payment and the payment request can be paid together - which is the situation we are trying to avoid.

      Please share if any solution was found in your case.

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Anna Strokova
      Anna Strokova

      Thank you Srinivas.

      Author's profile photo Anton Morgunov
      Anton Morgunov


      Thank you for this article.

      Could you clarify the following issue? I posted an invoice (FB60), a payment request (F-59) and made a payment run (F110) for the payment request. It all went fine.

      Now, when try to pay the balance of the invoice with the second payment run, F110 proposes and actually pays the whole original invoice amount, not the remainder. I'm using a payment method with payment-order-only option - no posting by payment runs.

      Is there something else to configure to have only the residual amount of an invoice paid when payment request was used before and payment-order-only method is used?

      Blocking/unblocking of the original invoice was done as suggested.


      Thank you.

      Best regards,

      Anton Morgunov

      Author's profile photo Srinivas Nooni
      Srinivas Nooni
      Blog Post Author


      if you are using payment order under payment method.

      Means that the payment program does not post a payment document and the paid items are not cleared. Instead, the system generates and saves a payment order. The information contained in this order can be used to clear the items at a later date.

      The payment is posted when it appears on the bank statement, and the relevant open items are selected when the payment order is entered.

      The paid items remain blocked for other clearing transactions and further payment runs until the payment has been posted.


      Author's profile photo vasantha malneedi
      vasantha malneedi

      Thankyou srinivisa great explanation.keep on posting.

      Author's profile photo Mahender Reddy
      Mahender Reddy

      Thanks for sharing, very informative.

      Author's profile photo Kapil Deshpande
      Kapil Deshpande

      Hello Srinivas,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your business knowledge of SAP. It is always useful and clear the concept.

      Do you have any consolidated document which has the same types of knowledge? If yes could you please share the same with me on


      Thank you