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Broadcast Announcement: Agentry SMP 3.0 iOS 9 client support targeted for SMP 3.0 SDK SP10

To All SAP Agentry/SMP 3.0 users,

SAP Global Services and Support (GSS – One Service) tries to be proactive in giving an announcement to the customers prior to more issues to show. We value your time in using our products and we always try to fix issues and give the best solution out to the customer.

Unfortunately based on some internal and external installation of SAP Mobile Platform/Agentry Products in iOS 9, the SAP Agentry team believed that upgrading the Agentry client to iOS 9 will see a serious performance degradation running Agentry-based applications.

As part of the target delivery, an official Agentry iOS client that supports iOS 9 is scheduled to be released for SMP 3.0 SDK SP10 and later. The plan was to get it ready by end of September to be given to the iOS App store to be available 1 week later unless there are new issues seen that may delay the delivery (An update will be posted).

More internal SAP testing is being done at the moment and it is possible that we may see more issues that would require an SAP SMP 3.0 SP10 patch.

If we get more information we may update this Broadcast Announcement or update the official release notes.

Thanks for all your patience as we strive to improve our software. We also thank each of the customers in the community who brought this to our attention.

As an action: Please share right away to your users and team of developers.

SPECIAL REPORT Please Read (For people upgrading to SP10): Broadcast Announcement: SMP 3.0 / Agentry SP10 Complex Table drop down duplicate entries

SAP actions: The SAP note # 1933857 – SAP Mobile SDK Supported Devices Operating Systems (Being updated to state iOS 9 for Agentry – target release TBD)

Best Regards,

Mark Pe
SAP Platinum Support Engineer

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  • I can confirm performance issues with iOS9 and Workmanager 6.1.0 (Agentry and SMP3.0.6.0 SP6. It will result in a severe lack of responsiveness.

    I will keep my users from upgrading until a solution is available.

    Unfortunately, personally I haven’t made a backup…

    Karl Pelzer

    • Karl,

      Hi. Thanks for the update. We are awaiting more news internally on the status. We will try to update the community once we learn more.

      Thanks for your patience.

      Best Regards,

      Mark Pe
      SAP Platinum Support Engineer

  • Hi,

    We are facing the same issue on SMP 2.3 Agentry 6.1.4.

    We are deploying several field service solution and this issue is preventing us from using them.

    Will there be a fix for SMP 2.3 and when can we expect it?

    • Bouraoui,

      For Agentry 6.1.X or SMP 2.3 this fix will be released October 15 (target) – SMP 2.3 SP07. It will be delayed only if there are QA issue. Please look at the target date and add some margin.

      Best Regards,

      Mark Pe

      SAP Platinum Engineer

        • Robert,

          Agentry 6.0.X is out of extended maintenance since July 31 2015. All bug fixes are only for products that are under maintenance (Agentry 6.1.X – SMP 2.3 and Agentry 7.X – SMP 3.0).  I will be advisable to start planning on upgrading to SMP 3.0 (Agentry 7.X).

          Please review: for more information on what end of maintenance mean.

          What we have for customers who are still in Agentry 6.0.X is a quick Customer Outreach training on getting you ready on what is different between Agentry 6.X and Agentry 7.X and how you will need to address the upgrade. This is a training scenario that we give for companies under support maintenance. Hopefully after this training scenario you may feel confident in the new technology. The upgrade lessons learned can help you do the upgrade.  There is always the support and services button ( – support) in the support portal where you can add a service to let SAP services to the upgrade for you.  If you are an SAP system integrator or third party consultant, you may need to discuss with the company to do upgrade as bug fixes is for supported platform.

          Best Regards,

          Mark Pe
          SAP Platinum Support Engineer

  • To all our valued customers,

    We have other customers who have tested the upcoming dev build and verified that the new upcoming build fixed navigation performance issue for iOS 9 in their environment. This is promising.

    This is the update for now.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Pe
    SAP Platinum Support Engineer

    • Hi all,

      It is September 30, 2015. the SMP 3.0 SDK SP10 and PL01 is available in the service market place software download area.


      Best Regards,

      Mark Pe
      SAP Platinum Support Engineer

      • Hi Mark,

        The SDK SP10 PL01 only contains a new Editor Plugin, but not a the OpenUI files and so on to create custom clients.

        Does this mean that the problem is fixed just publishing with this new editor version?

        It’s very important for me to know, because I have a Work Manager 5.2 installation running on Agentry 6.0.XX. I know this version is not supported anymore and we are migrating, but we are not ready yet and this is a big issue since some of the users upgraded their iPad OS version.

        Agentry 6.0.X was updated till this summer, last client version is from August, so I was wondering, will the fix for iOS9 be rolled-out to this version?

        • Just while I was writing the this question I got the following answer from your support team colleague:

          “Yes, support for iOS 9 will be included in the latest 6.0.x release with an ETA of mid-October.”

          But I still have a question, if the fix is implemented by publishing with new editor version and the Agentry 6.0.X product has been archived from marketplace software download area, how will the support will be released?

          • Marcal,

            Hi. With respect to what you saw with my colleague on his statement. We had a discussion about that and discussed it with engineering (under discussion – official answer will be Agentry development based and not support).

            As far as what I can tell we cannot officially confirm nor deny that statement until an official release is made. As far as you know, all Agentry 6.0.X is at end of extended maintenance as documented in Unless the customer has a customer specific end of maintenance agreement with SAP as documented under 52505 (some customers just upgrade rather than getting this support add-on – read the link above and talk to your AE if you have purchased this).

            The complication of a release with an end of extended maintenance is not a trivial matter as it is not available in the product availability matrix and any new bugs that it will produce may be subjected to the steps defined in the end of extended maintenance 52505. Note: The end of extended maintenance is 7/31/2015.

            Easiest recommendation is to upgrade to SMP 3.0.


            Mark Pe
            SAP Platinum Support Engineer

        • My understanding is that is was fixed is SDK SP10.  That will contain ALL the Agentry Toolkit files including the Open UI framework to build your client.  The Patch levels only contain those things that were modified in the patch.  So in this case only the Editor plug-in was changed for SP10 PL01 and probably completely unrelated to this issue (I have not looked at the release notes).  Given the testing and lock down schedules for the release, if critical items are found during testing they will sometimes need to be released in a zero day patch as in this case.


  • Hi Mark / Bill,

    Does SMP SDK SP10 PL01 support building an iOS9 client for Work Manager with the embedded ESRI component?

    Reading the release notes for SP10 it states –

    Agentry Toolkit – Release Notes Summary – SAP Library

    Agentry Support for iOS 9.0

    Agentry applications now run on iOS 9.0, with some exceptions. You cannot yet compile the Agentry OpenUI iOS SDK against the iOS 9 SDK using Xcode 7, so some iOS 9.0 features, such as multitasking split view and slideover, are not yet available for Agentry applications.


    Some new iOS 9.0 features (such as split view and slideover) will not be enabled for applications that have been compiled on Xcode 6 against the iOS 8 SDK on iOS 9.

    If you can’t compile using iOS 9 SDK & Xcode 7 with the OpenUI iOS SDK do I use

    Xcode 6 with iOS 8 SDK?



    • Stephen,

      I am not aware of any reason you could not build the SDK SP10 iOS framework under XCode 6 and the iOS 8 SDK which would allow you to add in the ESRI compoenents as needed.


      • Marcal,

        That statement on Xcode 7 non-support is based on pre-released testing that certain branding of iOS 9 in Xcode 7 crashes (it was also in the summary that certain new feature is not supported yet).


        2015-09-29 15:27:45.586 SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup[81429:4014798] Starting Agentry from the SAP Mobile Platform Agentry Client Framework …

        Sep 29 15:27:45  SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup[81429] <Error>: CGContextSaveGState: invalid context 0x0. If you want to see the backtrace, please set CG_CONTEXT_SHOW_BACKTRACE environmental variable.



        2015-09-29 15:28:00.086 SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup[81429:4014798] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘Trying to dismiss UIAlertController <UIAlertController: 0x7fee80646720> with unknown presenter.’

        *** First throw call stack:


        0   CoreFoundation                      0x0000000106da4f65 __exceptionPreprocess + 165

        1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x000000010681edeb objc_exception_throw + 48

        2   CoreFoundation                      0x0000000106da4e9d +[NSException raise:format:] + 205




        The latest known Xcode is 6.4.X that people can use. So that Release Notes summary above was a nicely written document by the technical team.

        From your statement, you may risk it but you can decide on your own. From a support perspective until a full XCode 7 support is released, we can only use the link above as reference for customers.


        Mark Pe
        SAP Platinum Support Engineer

        • Hi Mark,

          Yes, sorry for providing misleading information. Maybe I should write that I don’t recommend to use it for a production environment until a future SDK release supporting Xcode7.