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In my past as an Developer for the Cloud Application Studio I missed an automatic documentation generator which builds the documentation on base of your already written code and the comments. In other development environments this documentation generation is possible and so I decided to start building an simple generator for Cloud Solutions on my own.


I Implemented the documentation generator in the current version with C# and the .NET Framework.

Current Features

  • Solution and Business Object File Parser
  • HTML Documentation Generation for each Business Object
  • HTML Overview Page for the Solution with links to the Business Object files
  • Capability to style the output as you like (CSS)


Getting Started

  • Clone the GitHub Repository (Rugosh/SolutionDocumentationGenerator · GitHub) and build the program or download the alpha release
  • Run the program with your Solution and Output path as parameters
    Example: SolutionDocumentationGenerator.exe C:\Users\tok\Documents\CopernicusIsolatedShell\Projects\BYD_DEV\YEKRNL1PY D:\dev\_testdata\bydDocu
  • View your generated Documentation


I want to extend the documentation generator over the time with new features, such as other output formats (e.g. Word) and Parsing of other file types for more documentation possibilities.

To stay up to date what has changed and what you want to see visit the Repository (Rugosh/SolutionDocumentationGenerator · GitHub) and contribute.

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Tobias,

    thanks for sharing this tool, I am curious about your next enhancements.

    I noticed that an error is thrown when the parser comes across an association using the valuation keyword; the split method that isolates the multiplicity does not work correctly here.

    Kind regards –


    1. Tobias Kuhn Post author

      Hello Markus,

      thank you for reporting this tool misbehavior. I will fix this asap and let you know when this bug is fixed.

      Best regards,


  2. Stefan Hagen


    nice! I’ve build something similiar as perl script and in text form 😉

    Regarding output formats. If you’re able to extract relationships, I would suggest to take a look at GraphViz. My original plan was to create a solutio map which can display all modify and instance relationships (ignoring UI script and UI action calls).

    Best Regards,

    1. Tobias Kuhn Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      thank you for your reply and the hint for GraphVis.

      I will check the tool and than verify if I will use this in the future.

      Best regards,



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