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(Patch Released) Serious Issue with Design Studio 1.5 SP1 on BIP

Hello Everyone,

Just yesterday I had the confirmation from Design Studio development team that a new issue introduced with SP1 for Design Studio 1.5 has been identified and already fixed. Over the last days many incidents were created on this, some of them with Very High priority, due to the criticity it has for business users.

When running Design Studio applications on BI Platform errors like data source instantiation not possible are raised (Data source is not initialized, could not instantiate the data source, cannot load query). In many cases it is resolved with an APS restart, but the issue comes back after some minutes.

If you look at the APS logs you will see the error:

“…Not a valid logon token. (FWB 00003) Cannot find token.”

SAP Development released SAP Note 2218808 today on this and for DS 1.5 SP1 PL1 – which is going to fix this issue – planned release data, please refer to this note updates.

Update on September 24th: PL 1 was released to SMP. This is supposed to solve this issue!

Kind Regards,

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  • Hi Marcio,

    thanks for this post!

    We have this issue and unfortunately we did a system copy of our QA-System at the same time we patched to DS 1.5 SP1. So I spent almost my whole week trying to find the issue on the BW side. I could have never imagined that such a severe bug would come in with a support package. I should have known better .....

    Have a great weekend!



  • Update about the behaviour at the moment: after restarting the APS you can work on creating/editing dashboards as long as the first session is kept alive. That means that if the first session times out or the user logs off then the APS needs to be restarted. So if one user keeps on working on a dashboard without being idle or logging off then it should work without the need of restarting the APS.
    That should help you keep on working on the creation on dashboards until the Patch is available.


  • We too are experiencing the issue and logged an oss message about this.

    Very frustrating indeed... Luckily we noticed the issue before upgrading production but we lost several days looking for a solution and trying to get through OSS first line support.

  • Dear All,

    The patch which solves this has just been released in SMP. You may now update your DS installation to 1.5 SP1 PL1.

    Kind Regards,

    • Could we have some feedback ? PL1 is working for you ?

      I tried this morning to start my application from BI Platform. The first try was ok, all datasource connected, but as soon as i close my browser or restart computer, i have the same problem that before... 🙁

      • Hi Jonas,

        After the patch release we did not notice any new incident on that. I was just reading some of the ones which were waiting for the patch and they are still waiting for customer confirmation. So I assume the issue has been resolved by the patch (no Very High/Critical incidents came anymore for this).

        Did you uninstall completely the previous version you had, restart BIP and then installed DS 1.5 SP1 PL1? If not, please try that... It may happen that the new DFO files were not completely or correctly copied to CMS during your installation procedure.

        Kind Regards,

      • patch seems to be working fine here as well. We upgraded development & quality already successfully and further testing revealed no additional bugs. So production will now follow quickly.