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SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Sneak Preview – License Key Application

license key.pngAs you’ve seen in the previous article the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is available now and is providing a seamless support experience –

From the new SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you now have access to a new and improved License Key Application. As you know, whenever you need to set up new SAP Software, you need a license key to run the software permanently. 

You’ll recognize the same functionality of the previous license key application within the new application. However, the new License Key Application’s fresh and bright interface is a welcome modification. In addition to being more visually appealing, the new application is also more user-friendly and intuitive, making the request of license keys simple and streamlined. The layout also benefits from a consistent look-and-feel with other applications on the new SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

The increased search utility throughout the application allows for easier navigation and there are automatic warning pop-ups with detailed information throughout the process to make the user aware of issues before continuing with their request.  The addition of status information will provide the user with increased transparency on the status of their requests. There is also now a menu option for favorite systems and the creation of systems without a license key has been integrated.

The new functionality within the application makes the entire request process much more efficient.

Under the current process keys for most product ranges are delivered via email after you submit the request and with some delay. With the new License Key Application, there will be no delay, as almost all license keys can be instantly generated within the application (as seen in the image below) and are available to download, while still allowing for the option to have the key delivered via email if applicable (email delivery not available for all keys).

license key screenshot.png

Ready to try it out?  The Launchpad is now live for you to use – Click Here

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