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How to handle Aggregate Functions like (Count/Max/Min) in Webi Summary Report’s

How to handle Aggregate Functions like (Count/Max/Min) in Webi Summary Report’s.

Hello every one,

I would like to share how can we handle aggregate functions like Count /Max/Min for summary reports in Webi. Whenever we are working on Webi summary reports we will regularly face this issue like count /max/min will always show’s unexpected value but defined formula is correct.

Scenario: I have created one sample report which contains objects like EMP id, EMP Name, Emp age, Emp Sal and Emp type.



Note:  Emp id, Emp sal are measure objects and rest of all are dimension objects.

Now we got a request that report need to display :

  1. 1. Number of employees under Emp type A & B
  2. 2. Max Sal of Emp type A & B
  3. 3. Min Sal of Emp type A & B

  In general we will create 3 variables & we will apply (Count/Max/Min) function’s as  below :

  • Number of employees =Count([Emp id])
  • Max  Sal of Emp type =Max([Emp Sal])
  • Min    Sal of Emp type =Min([Emp Sal])

If we do like this we will get incorrect values as below:


Possible solution is we have to convert Emp id & Emp Sal as Dimension objects & then we need to apply (Count/Max/Min) functions on newly created dimensions .


Hope, this document might be helpful for some of them.



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