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BW-WHM* Released SAP Notes (Last 7 Days)

Hello Guys,

I only would share with you the BW-WHM* released notes for the last 7 days:

Component Number Description
BW-WHM-MTD-SRCH 2152359 BW search/input help for InfoObjects returns no results
BW-WHM-MTD-INST 2142826 Method INSTALL_SELECTION of class CL_RSO_BC_INSTALL uses selection subset of pr
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD 2211315 External SAP HANA view: navigation attribute returns no values
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD 2217796 External SAP HANA View with Nearline Storage: column store error: fail to creat
BW-WHM-MTD-CTS 2204227 Transport: Error RSTRAN 401 in RS_TRFN_AFTER_IMPORT due to obsolete TRCS instan
BW-WHM-DST-UPD 2213337 Update rule activation ends with dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2216264 730SP15: Transformation not deactivated if the InfoObject/DSO used in lookup ru
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2212917 SAP BW 7.40 (SP14) Rule type READ ADSO doesn’t work as expected
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2214542 SAP HANA Processing: BW 7.40 SP8 – SP13: HANA Analysis Processes and HANA Trans
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2215940 SP35:Time Derivation in Transformation is incorrect
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2003029 NW BW 7.40 (SP08) error messages when copying data flows
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2217533 DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR when transporting transformation
BW-WHM-DST-TRF 2192329 SAP HANA Processing: BW 7.50 SP00 – SP01: HANA Analysis Processes and HANA Tran
BW-WHM-DST-SRC 2185710 Delta DTP from ODP Source System into Advanced-DataStore-Objekt
BW-WHM-DST-SDL 2126800 P14; SDL; BAPI: Excel IPAK changes with BAPI_IPAK_CHANGE
BW-WHM-DST-PSA 2196780 Access to PSA / PSA / Error stack maintenance screen takes long time or dumps .
BW-WHM-DST-PSA 2217701 PSA : Error in the report RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DIRECTORY_MS when run in the ‘repair
BW-WHM-DST-PC 2216236 RSPCM scheduling issue due to missing variant
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2185072 DTP on ODP source system: error during extraction
BW-WHM-DST-DTP 2214682 P35:PC:DTP:Monitor-Anzeige dumpt bei Skipped DTP
BW-WHM-DST-DS 1923709 Transport of BW source system dependent objects and transaction SM59
BW-WHM-DST-DS 2038066 Consulting: TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED dump when loading from file
BW-WHM-DST-DS 2154850 Transfer structure is inactive after upgrade. Error message: mass generation: n
BW-WHM-DST-DS 2218111 ODP DataSource: Data type short string (SSTR)
BW-WHM-DST-DFG 2216492 Datenflusseditor erscheint in den BW Modeling Tools anstatt im SAP GUI
BW-WHM-DST-ARC 2155151 Archiving request in Deletion phase / Selective Deletion fails due existing sh
BW-WHM-DST-ARC 2214688 Short dump while NLS Archiving object activation
BW-WHM-DST-ARC 2214892 BW HANA SDA: Process Type for creating Statistics for Virtual Tables
BW-WHM-DST 1839792 Consolidated note on check and repair report for the request administration in
BW-WHM-DST 2170302 Proactive Advanced Support – PAS
BW-WHM-DST 2075259 P34: BATCH: Inactive servers are used – DUMP
BW-WHM-DST 2176213 Important SAP notes and KBAs for BW System Copy
BW-WHM-DST 1933471 Infopackage requests hanging in SAPLSENA or in SAPLRSSM / MESSAGE_TYPE_X or TIM
BW-WHM-DST 2049519 Problems during data load due to reduced requests
BW-WHM-DBA-SPO 2197343 Performance: SPO transport/activation: *_I, *_O, transformation only regenerate
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 1772242 Error message “BRAIN290” Error while writing master record “xy” of characteris
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2215989 RSODSACTUPDTYPE – Deleting unnecessary entries following DSO activation
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2209990 SAP HANA: Optimization of SID processes for DataStore objects (classic)
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2214876 Performance optimization for DataStore objects (classic) that are supplied thro
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2218170 DSO SID activation error log displays a limit of 10 characteristic values
BW-WHM-DBA-ODS 2217170 740SP14: ‘ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT’ in Transformation during load of non-cumulative
BW-WHM-DBA-MPRO 2218861 730SP15:Short dump ‘RAISE_EXCEPTION’ during creation of Transformation with so
BW-WHM-DBA-MD 2172189 Dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X in X_MESSAGE during master data load
BW-WHM-DBA-MD 2216630 InfoObject Master Data Maintenance – Sammelkorrekturen für 7.50 SP 0
BW-WHM-DBA-MD 2218379 MDM InfoObject – maintain text despite read class
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2215347 A system dump occurs when viewing the database table status of a characteristic
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2217990 Message “InfoObject &1: &2 &3 is not active; activating InfoObject now” (R7030)
BW-WHM-DBA-IOBJ 2213527 Search help for units not available
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 1896841 Function: InfoCube metadata missing in interfaces
BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB 2000325 UDO – report about SAP Note function: InfoCube metadata missing in interfaces (
BW-WHM-DBA-HIER 2211256 Locks not getting released in RRHI_HIERARCHY_ACTIVATE
BW-WHM-DBA-HIER 2215380 Error message RH608  when loading hierarchy by DTP
BW-WHM-DBA-HIER 2216696 Enhancements to the internal API for hierarchies in BPC
BW-WHM-DBA-HCPR 2210601 HCPR transfer: Error for MetaInfoObjekte during copy of queries
BW-WHM-DBA-COPR 2080851 Conversion of MultiProvider to CompositeProvider
BW-WHM-DBA-ADSO 2215201 ADSO: Incorrect mapping of RECORDTP in HCPR
BW-WHM-DBA-ADSO 2215947 How to Set Navigation Attributes for an ADSO or HCPR
BW-WHM-DBA-ADSO 2218045 ADSO partitioning not possible for single RANGE values
BW-WHM-DBA 2218453 730SP15: Transaction RSRVALT is obsolete
BW-WHM 1955592 Minimum required information in an internal/handover memo



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