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Trading Partner Management Part 8 – User Defined Functions (UDF’s)

You use TPM user defined functions to fetch functional profile and partner agreement related parameters during runtime. The following table describes UDF’s belonging to TPM:

TPM UDF’s Description Arguments
getParty Returns the Integration directory Party name for given values

agency – Agency Qualifier Code

scheme – Agency Scheme

partyIdentifier – Identifier Name

getPartyID Returns the Identifier value for a given Party , agency qualifier code and agency scheme

partyName–  Party Name

agency – Agency Name

scheme – Agency Scheme

getAgreementID Returns the TPM agreement ID for given PI parameters. The values should match exactly as defined in agreement

senderParty – Sender Partner Identifier

senderQual – Sender Partner Agency qualifier code

receiverParty – Receiver Partner Identifier

receiverQual – Receiver Partner Agency qualifier code

senderService – Sender Business Component

receiverService – Receiver Business Component

interf – Interface

namespace – Interface Namespace

getAgreementID Choose this UDF if you need to retrieve parameters such as senderID, receiverID, and so on.

senderID – Sender Partner Identifier

senderIDQual – Sender Partner Agency Qualifier Code

receiverID – Receiver Partner Identifier

receiverIDQual – Receiver Partner Agency Qualifier Code

msg_protc – Message Format

msg_type – Message type

msg_ver – Message version

msg_rel – Message release

msg_agency – Message agency

msg_subver – Message subversion

direction- Message direction

getAgreementID Returns the TPM agreement ID for given Partner Parameters. The values should match exactly as defined in agreement

senderProfileID – Sender Partner name

receiverProfileID – Receiver Partner Name

msg_protc –Message format

msg_type – Message type

msg_ver – Message version

msg_subver – Message subversion

msg_rel – message release

msg_agency – Message Agency

direction – Message direction

getFunctionalProfileName Returns Functional Profile name for the given agreement ID as defined in TPM. To be used with getAgreementID function agreementID – Agreement ID
getFunctionalProfileProperty Returns value of a given functional Profile’s key

profileName – Functional Profile name

keyName – key name as defined in functional profile

getSystemEnvironment Returns the current activated system environment test or production from TPM.
getIdentity Returns the required identity for the given partner ID and Qualifier code

sourceID – Partner Identifier

sourceQual – Source partner qualifier agency code

targetQual – Target partner qualifier agency code

The figure below shows the process of using TPM UDF (getAgreementID) in accessing partner agreement parameters.


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