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How to find If the Sales data is correct per the customising

Working within Product support as a technical Engineer we frequently get issues with sales order not being closed whereas the status should have been completed. There are many reasons for this kind of behaviour but one of the main reasons is if sales order data is manually changed by a user or a user exit.

To check if the data has been manually changed , we decided to develop the report ZSDVBCHECK. This report checks if the data has been manually changed or else if the settings are correct according to customizing. In addition, the report checks if the billing, delivery relevance flag, the schedule line category etc. were changed manually. If this is the case, the report will display a discrepancy allowing you to pinpoint the correct point to change.

It also displays the copy control settings and sales order header and Item status.

Step 1: Enter the Sales order and Item number that you want to check


Step 2 : On the result screen you can then select what you want to see. To check if there is any data discrepancy , Select the Item and click on ‘compare General Data’


Step 3: Result screen show display any data that has been manually changed.


The report is delivered through note 2166688. There are few manual steps that you will need to carry out. All the steps are attached to the note.

Please feel free to give feedback and suggestions in the comment section (No incident creation necessary).

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  • Hi Amber

    This is really very informative blog and this is general requirement of clients. SAP should have delivered this report in standard. I hope this will be included in next SAP release.

    There are many other areas in SD which need special attention of SAP. I saw SAP badge with your name so you must be working for SAP. Please look into other gaps and address those general requirements in this kind of SAP notes.

    Thank you for sharing this note.


    • Hello Mozza m,

      Thank for your feedback , we are looking to improve and address other gaps. Please feel free to contact and comment if you think there is anything that needs to be added to this report.

      Thanks Amber

      • Hi

        I tried to check this report in my system and for that I have to implement this note. I checked the manual steps and got to know that these are basically ABAPER's tasks so I am dependant on ABAPER. Wasn't there any provision to add these in note and these could be done automatically once we implement this note with help of BASIS?

        Now I can't comment on this report until I ask my ABAPER to do these steps.


        • Yes, at the moment you will need to implement it manually. let me know if your abap needs any help in implementing and testing. I can help you with the implementation.

          Thanks Amber

    • It can be beneficial everyone. Is there any field related with root of problem. For example : This data be changed in include 'MV45AFZZ'


      We will implement this note asap with our abaper. If we find any requirements for helpful , we will share comments.


      M.Ozgur Unal