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Students want more and more information (from our ERP)

After great success with event information shown on TV’s at the entrance halls of our University (Impact of working with UX as a goal), student’s delegates came up with some requests. Room occupation has grown in the last years and students usually go around the buildings looking for free rooms to get together with course or team mates and study.

We took two actions to handle this request by showing room occupancy both on the self service for students and on computer monitors on the different buildings of the university where students move around.

The information shown on TV’s at the entrance halls have the goal of quickly answering the question “Where’s my class/exam/event?” and although the resulting map developed will help answer “Is there (will there be) a free room?” and “Up to what time is it free?”, we decided to design a different map. The solution would simply need two coloured block types: free vs occupied. Noone will be interested in what class will be held when the room is occupied, so for simplicity sake we decided not to show any information of the sort.

The same RFC function + webservice is used as in the mentioned service above to get the information of our ERP. Only the presentation layer needed a change.

After some work and testing, for self service portal we came up with


And for the computer monitors, as they’re not very big, we added a big and here I am title: “Searching for a free room?”


Here’s one the spots where we placed them, right where one of our helpdesk desk’s is.


We will be evaluating usage of the self service functionality and comments on the monitors on the halls and evolve if necessary…UX always on the target! 😎

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