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The SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is available since October 20th, 2015.


This is the landing page for SAP NetWeaver 7.5 to be the central place to point to the new and relevant content

SAP NetWeaver is the technology platform and foundation for the SAP Business Suite and the SAP NetWeaver hubs  such as SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Process Orchestration.

This document is regularly updated. By following it, you’ll be notified about the latest SAP NetWeaver 7.5 news.


SAP NetWeaver 7.5

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is the compatible follow up release of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 and the on-premise foundation for SAP Business Suite (as of Enhancement Package 8 for SAP ERP) and for the on-premise edition of SAP S/4HANA.

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 includes enhancements for integration with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and expands support for on-premise/on-demand environments.

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 supports Java 8 to enable SAP customers running Java-based hubs — such as SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Process Orchestration, and SAP Business Process Management —to keep up the speed of innovation and benefit from new Java features.

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 contains innovations in ABAP, Java and the cloud environments, which together with improvements and optimizations in SAP NetWeaver hubs, SAP Fiori, and lifecycle management will bring significant advantages for SAP customers.

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 supports new and evolved technology trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, cloud, big data and analytics and fully responds to the growing customer needs and expectations being the foundation for easy and fast development of simple business applications with first class user experience.


Foundation for S/4HANA and Business Suite

Development Platform

  • Dictionary tools in Eclipse
  • Further optimizations for HANA
  • Common ABAP programming model for transactional and analytical applications
  • Industry 4.0 scenarios support
  • Java 8 & Eclipse 4.4 support for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  • Big Data support

User Interface

  • SAP Fiori as cross-application user experience
  • Layered and code-free adaptations of SAPUI5 based applications
  • Personas-like premium features for WDA/FPM


  • Seamless extension and integration based on HANA Cloud Platform
  • In app extensibility for S/4HANA

Lifecycle Management

  • Stable and rock solid kernel
  • Simple upgrade and migration, true zero downtime
  • Unicode only
  • Cloud operation and extensibility for S/4HANA

NetWeaver Hubs

  • Gateway: OData V4 support and developer productivity enhancements
  • BW:  flexibility (planning, Eclipse- and web-based tools)

and more…

Further Information

Please browse the table below to get detailed information on specific spaces and topics on SCN related to SAP NetWeaver 7.5.

Knowledge Areas Related Links
Development Platforms

ABAP Development

ABAP Development

New! SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.5 Landing Page

SAP HANA Cloud SAP HANA Cloud Platform (Read Only Archive)
SAP HANA Cloud Integration Get started with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration service (HCI)
SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) SMP Developer Center
Development Tools

Eclipse Development Tools

SAP Development Tools Update Site:

ABAP in Eclipse

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer Center

SMP Developer Center

SAP HANA Developer Center

User Interface Development Tools

SAPUI5 Developer Center

SAP Fiori


WebDynpro ABAP

Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP

SAP Visual Business

SAP Business Client

Roadmap Update: NWBC, Fiori UX and UI Client Convergence

SAP Business Client and SAP S/4HANA

New! SAP Business Client 6.0: Released!

NetWeaver Hubs

SAP Enterprise Portal

New! SAP Enterprise Portal on NetWeaver 7.5: Highlights

Business Warehouse (BW)

SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business Warehouse 7.5

New! Customer nominations for Ramp up for SAP Business Warehouse 7.5, edition for SAP HANA are now open!

Process Orchestration

SAP Process Orchestration

Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware

Identity Managment & Single-Sign-On (IdM & SSO)

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (SAP IdM)

SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On

Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)

SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)

Help for NetWeaver 7.5

Stay turned for more upcoming information about SAP NetWeaver 7.5!

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    1. Olga Dolinskaja
      Post author

      Hi Abdul,


      thanks for the note. The link to the Help will be available on RTC of SAP NetWeaver 7.5. I’ve updated the page accordingly.




  1. Hemendra Sabharwal

    Thanks Olga for sharing useful information about NW7.5, to me after looking at individual spaces, it looks like I am heading in right direction.



    Warm Regards


  2. Former Member

    Hello Olga!


    Thank you for this document.Do you have any information about Web Dynpro Java? Will NetWeaver 7.5 support it?





      1. Osvaldo Lopez

        Hello, in that doc said:

        SAP NetWeaver 7.5 — planned for the delivery of the on-premise edition of SAP S/4HANA — is designed to meet these needs and lay the groundwork for supporting the next stage of innovation.


        It will be the compatible successor of SAP NetWeaver 7.4, and will provide the onpremise foundation for SAP Business Suite (as of enhancement package 8 for SAP ERP) and for the on-premise edition of SAP S/4HANA.


        I don’t understand the part of EHP 8; an example: a customer who uses SAP EHP 6.04, if he upgrades to EHP 8, a new netweaver will be part of that upgrade?

          1. Former Member

            We have our ECC system on EHP7, NW 7.4. Can we migrate to Suite on HANA by keeping the same EHP7 and only changing the Netweaver to 7.5 during DMO migration. Will NW 7.5 require EHP level to be elevated also?

              1. Niels Mortensen


                Hi Karl

                We are in the same position as  Mohsin. ECC system on EHP7, NW 7.4 on Hana.

                In the PAM it looks af if we can go directly to S/4 Hana 1610, but in this document it seems that NW 7.5 is a prerequisite for just going to Suite on Hana.

                1.3.1 Scenario 1 – System Conversion: SAP Business Suite Customer who wants to move to SAP S/4HANA

                • Update to SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.5
                • Migrating the database to SAP HANA (in case, the SAP Business Suite system is not yet on SAP HANA).
                • Installation of SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 
                • Installation of SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition
                • Migration of data from the old data structures to the new simplified data structures

                Do we need to upgrade to NW 7.5 before installing s/4 Hana or can we do it in one go.

                And can we wait a few months after “Installation of SAP S/4HANA” with the actual migration of data from old structures to new.

                Thanks Niels

    1. Olga Dolinskaja
      Post author

      Hi Sergey,


      please look in SAP Software Download Center under “Installations and upgrade” and find “SAP NetWeaver” in the “A-Z alphabetical list”. Clicking on it will display all available for download SAP NetWeaver releases with SAP NetWeaver 7.5 as the last entry at the bottom.




  3. Former Member

    Hi Olga ,


    Thanks for you post on SAP NetWeaver 7.5. It  is available now as of 20th Oct 2015.


    Would you please explain the following ?

    SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is on-premise foundation for SAP Business Suite (as of Enhancement Package 8 for SAP ERP) and for the on-premise edition of SAP S/4HANA ” How about EHP 7 on NW7.5 ?


    As EHP8 is not available yet , we are planning to upgrade EHP6 (on NW 7.0 EHP3) to EHP7 on NW7.50, is not it possible ?


    Thanks ,

    Al Mamun

    1. Samuli Kaski

      I don’t think so. In your case, if you want NW 7.5 you will have to wait for EHP8. It doesn’t make much sense for SAP to do the downward compatibility testing, just like EHP6 isn’t available with NW 74. EHP8 is to be released in Q1/2016.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Samuli,


    I want to create a Socket IO Client Lib that also supports Client Websockets.

    My current status is that the only way before 7.5 is XHR Polling.

    So I want to know if NW 7.5 contains Websocket Client ABAB classes, for example CL_APC_WS_CLIENT class and examples that explain how a connection needs to configured via SM59 (Configuration of RFC – Connections) .

    Or do I have to wait for EHP8 Q1/2016 to get this, to set it up on our EHP7 Testsystem to browse the new introduced classes.


    Thanks in advance for response.

  5. Rüdiger Plantiko

    I wonder what will happen to the ABAP stack in the planned S/4HANA environment?

    As far as I read from various sources in the web, I have the following picture:

    • The applications that are planned to replace SD, MM, FI etc. will not be implemented in ABAP but as HANA native applications (i.e. SAPUI5 for the UI, .xsjs for server-side logic).
    • It will be possible to use an ABAP stack, but the HANA basis services will not need it. ABAP is a “may”, not a “must”, an environment offered among others, like e.g. Java.

    Is this correct?

    What will be the future of ABAP, NGAP etc. in the light of these plans?

    1. Karl Kessler

      Hi Rüdiger,

      sorry, this is not true. The digital core of SAP S/4HANA (finance, logistics etc) is implemented in ABAP 7.5 based on Core Data Services and SAP UI5. In addition we add capabilities from products derived from SuccessFactors, Ariba etc which are written in Java.



      1. Denis Konovalov

        Hello Olga,


        Thank you, but can you confirm which mode it is uses by default and in which mode it opens iviews in the main portal page ?


        Previous versions also declared support for IE9/10/11, yet were using non standard mode to render those…




        1. Vera Gutbrod

          Hi Denis!

          The Portal UI is supporting standards mode with its 2 leading framework pages (Fiori Framework page and Ajax Framework page). For the Portal administration screen the default mode is still quirks (AFP quirks mode). When this is fixed, we will here also move to standards as default.


      1. Attila Berencsi

        Hi Andre,

        thank you for the roadmap reference containing lot of useful information for the future, containing the plans of OData v4 support.

        Best regards


  6. Saqib Ayub

    Hello We are using SAP PI (EHP 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.1) dual stack system. I just realize that SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is given two Installation Options : 1- SAP Application Sever ABAP for Process Integration 2- SAP Application Sever JAVA for Process Integration.


    Can anybody Pls. tell me the difference between above two? What would be suitable for us to install. Regards Saqib M. Ayub Khan

      1. Samuli Kaski

        … and looking at the latest SAP Product Road Map for SAP Gateway it is apparent that oData v4 is not supported in NetWeaver 7.50 SP03 (= Today). I found SAP note 2335769 which introduces some oData v4 decoupling code. The SAP note is included in SP05 but looking at all notes in SP05, I think it is safe to say that oData v4 support isn’t included in SP05 either. Maybe some way to go still…

  7. Former Member



    We plan on upgrading to BW 7.5 non-HANA and I would like to know if the old WAD templates will be supported ?

    The same question goes to BW 7.5 on HANA






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