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Google has removed the support of NPAPI from Chrome 45

Google has removed the support of NPAPI from Chrome 45, which was released on September 1st 2015. As a result, from Chrome 45 the following SAP technologies are not supported in Chrome:

  • SAP GUI for HTML which is tightly dependent on Java Applet for interacting with the client. SAP is working on a replacement for the Java Applet. The expected availability of the Java Applet replacement for Google Chrome is in Q4/2015. Please refer to Note 2208040.
  • SAP Screen Personas 2.0 that runs in a browser which supports Silverlight plug-in. Please refer to Note 1884539

Customers who use Google Chrome with SAP GUI for HTML or with SAP Screen Personas 2.0  have the following options:

  • Replace Google Chrome with a browser that supports NPAPI.
  • Prevent Google Chrome from updating to release 45 until a replacement is available. This support article describes how to disable the Google auto update:

This info is also updated in SAP-Note for Chrome: 1655306.

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    • Hi Espen,

      I'm sorry, but the Java applets belonging to ACF (like those for Upload / Download / Execute / Netchart / Ganttchart) were never supported in Google Chrome according to SAP Note 1655306.

      However they have been working in Chrome until the removal of the NPAPI. With the removal of NPAPI a complete re-design of these components including changes in all applications using these components would be required in order to make this work in Chrome (major effort, high risk). Consequently SAP currently has no plans for replacing these functions by alternative components.

      Therefore the only solution is to use Internet Explorer if you are running applications depending on these applets.

      Kind Regards, Andreas