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SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40 SP8 – Developer Edition to Download

The download offering for 7.40 is expired. For a complete list of all available versions, please see the following:

SAP AS ABAP and SAP BW on SAP HANA: FREE Developer/Trial Editions



The download provides the software required to install and run SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.40 SP8. You can explore it and learn how to develop modern ABAP applications with core data services and SAPUI5 or you can get an overview on SAP’s client/server technology. Just as its brothers in the Amazon or Azure Cloud it is preconfigured to run the Database Feature Gallary and the Enterprise Procurement Model programming examples out of the box.



It contains:

  • SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4 SPS8
  • SAP Sybase ASE 15.7
  • SAP GUI for Java Environment 7.40 and SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 in recent versions
  • SAP Microsoft Management Console 7.42 Snap-In
  • SAPINST Windows GUI if you want to perform a GUI based installation from a remote Windows PC


Download Informations

 Sorry, currently the download is not available.




You need to read and accept the Software End User License Agreement.


Operating Systems

This edition runs on a Linux 64 Bit version. It has been successfully tested on:

  • Fedora
  • RHEL
  • Ubuntu and Debian


Linux newbies don’trun away: you find a step by step instruction on how to set up a Linux VM and how to run the AS ABAP installation SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40 SP8 – Developer Edition to Download: A Step by Step Guide for Linux Newbies.

Hardware requirements

  • x86_64 processor based hardware
  • at least 4 GB RAM and about 8 GB swap space
  • about 80 GB free disk space for the server installation
  • about 2 GB free disk space for the client installation



Linux geeks can now go ahead downloading the software and following the concise installation instructions SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40 SP8 – Developer Edition to Download: Concise Installation Instruction. And I encourage all Linux newbies to download it nevertheless and give it a try with the step by step instruction mentioned above. Have fun.

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    • Hi Ethan,


      7.50 is nearly out of the door. We will start working on the Developer Edition immeaditely after the release date. Then hopefuly it will not take another year to announce the download version for 7.50 but several weeks only. So that this will be the release to go. Take 7.40 as a preview for 7.40.


      Kind regards


          • Hi Ethan,


            there is also a TechEd at Barcelona...

            In general as soon as the 7.50 is out of the door, we are going to work on a AWS and download Developer Edition.


            Kind regards


          • Hi Thea,


            Seems like there is a working distribution right now, so it's not clear to me what is stopping the team from just leaving it up? Anything the community can do to help with this? I think SAP should always have a downloadable version available for development use.




  • Hi,

    I've got a link to download. The first 2 files are ZIP the rest are RAR. The first zip file is corrupted. Downloaded again and having the same issue... Is it me or other experiencing the same problem?

    Thank you


    • Hi,


      we do not plan to support a Windows version. We offer AS ABAP on HANA and ASE in Amazon and Microsoft Cloud and on ASE as download. We will start working on a 7.50 version now. Our focus is currently on the different deployment options and time to market with new releases. So we reduce the OS matrix to one.


      Kind regards


  • Hi;


    I wonder why SAP invest on Linux based MiniSAP systems even though majority of OS is Windows? Even in the Enterprise, Windows Servers are ubiquitous ?


    Any radical reasoning behind that ?



    • Ubiquitous?  Really?


      1. Ceteris paribus, Linux tends to have lower hardware requirements. 
      2. There aren't the licensing issues.
      3. If it's supplied as a VM, the guest OS is largely irrelevant.
  • I am installing on Ubuntu 15.10 and receive the following error during the install:


    syb_step_get_ase_version was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step: Assertion failed: This tool does not support the database server verion


    Any suggestions?  I have searched scn and did not find any help.



    • In know this is an old comment, but in case anyone finds it searching for a solution, running this command before starting the installation fixed the problem for me on Ubuntu 16.04

      sudo apt-get install libaio1 libaio-dev


    • Hi Alex,

      see the instructions from Thea. You can run the VMWare image on any windows machine. We have currently zero bandwith to supply native installers for Windows I am sorry.

      The local installer is a variant of our cloud appliance images (CAL)


  • I have completed all the prerequisite steps and have installed the developer edition but when started I get this via SICK:


    OS release Linux 4.2.5-300.fc23.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Oct 27 04:29:56 UTC 2015 x86_64 is not supported with this kernel (742)


    This is Fedora 23 completely up to date.  I probably should have chosen Fedora 22 or a Centos/rhel 7 flavor but Fedora 23 is what I run as my desktop so it is convenient for me.


    I'm going to try and install the latest SAP kernel if there is an update but any help would be appreciated. Perhaps install an older Linux kernel version?


    Thank you, Michael



    disp+work information



    kernel release                742


    kernel make variant           742_REL


    compiled on                   Linux GNU SLES-11 x86_64 cc4.3.4 use-pr140815 for linuxx86_64


    compiled for                  64 BIT


    compilation mode              UNICODE


    compile time                  Sep  2 2014 15:05:39


    Fri Nov 13 09:31:10 2015

    trace file set


    update level                  0


    patch number                  17


    source id                     0.017


    RKS compatibility level       0




    supported environment



    database (SAP, table SVERS)   700













    operating system

    Linux 2.6

    Linux 3

  • Hi Dimitry,


    BEX Query Designer is part of the regular sap gui. If you have that available, you can certainly create BEX Querys with the NW 7.4 Trial Edition. I am not aware if SAP has the full SAP GUI freely available for download anywhere, but this might be something our friends from SAP could consider. Is there any reason that the full SAPGUI version could not be made available as part of or separate to the NW 7.4 Developer Edition?




      • Thank you for the clarification. It surprises me that query designer is a third party product - but you guys know better. Oh well, I will try to download an edge version of BO to try at least to get the data from the cubes. It is still such a pity, that you are providing all this possibilities to learn BI-IP/BW - but no way to test it.

  • Thea, is there any news on when a new ABAP trial will be available for download?

    I was only able to find the 7.02 version for download on the SAP Store.




        • Hi,


          It can take up to 2 months to wait for 7.50 release. I would appreciate if you could temporary return 7.40 until that time.

          I guess I won't have as much free time to learn new features as I have now when 7.50 will be available.



          • Hi folks,


            we know the situation perceived from the outside looks unsatifactory but we we are working with high pressure to get the new version out and as you all know the new year brought new budget cycles with updated guidance etc. Pls be aware that the CAL versions for 7.4 are still available.


            Rgds and thank you for your understanding


          • Hi Karl,


            So what will be done to make sure that this situation doesn't repeat after the 7.5 version release? Or should we expect availability of these systems to remain unpredictable? A little transparency would go a long way.




          • Sorry, but I don't see why being busy is relevant.  Nobody's asking for something new, they're asking why something that was already there was capriciously removed.


            As for CAL, there are practical, financial (and some might say moral) reasons for avoiding AWS.

        • Hi,

          now we are close to end of Q1/16. If the target is still true: how would I be informed on the availability of the new download trial version (AS 7.5)?

          Kind regards, Heiner

          • Hi Heiner

            For example: here. We will link to the new solution as soon as it's available.

            At this point in time we're mostly on schedule. (+/- 1, 2 weeks)

            😉 Okay, more plus than minus.


            Kind regards, Ralf

        • Hi!


          The Q1/2016 deadline is passed what is the status for availability of downloads. I have tried my hand on AWS+CAL combo, it works fine but it is costly for me. Just for learning purpose it is definitely costly.


          By when we can positively expect the new version to be available?


          Best regards

    • /
      • I have been using a 7.4 MaxDB Version last year for a while, so no surprise here.

        AWS charges around 13 USD/month for services + around 1 USD/hour for 7.5 HANA edition (only 7.5 option I found).



  • Hi all,


    I just tried to fire-up my 7.40 SP8 but it didn't start. In the DB-log I found information on the DB-license being expired.

    There is no valid license for ASE server product. Installation date is not found or installation grace period has expired. Server will not boot.

    Any chance to renew it?


    I'd be happy to move to a 7.50 NW on ASE also on CAL, if it was available. Any plans for such a solution? NW on HANA is too expensive to have it run all-day-long...




    • Hi Oliver

      7.50 SP02 on ASE is planned to be available End of Q1 (CAL & Download).


      To get away with your license prob (we're talking about a CAL system, right?)

      You can

      • drop your system and set up a fresh one (license is already been updated centraly)
      • replace the license by a new one (needs to be done on OS layer)


      Your choice?


      Cheers Ralf

        • Hi Ralf,

          no, I was talking about a Download system (running on CentOS).

          If it was possible to replace the license on OS-level, this was preferred, as I'd not be losing my database-content, at least I hope so.


          Can you instruct me how to do that?




    • Hi Emanuel,


      in this thread -at least in my understanding- we are talking about the "Developer Edition to Download" (formerly known as miniSAP).


      Providing this special edition seems to take some time due to licensing issues. When the 7.40 offering was expired, the 7.50 offering was announced for end of 1st Quarter 2016 - so probably some folks are still waiting for the availability of that special edition.


      Kind regards, Heiner

  • Good afternoon everyone.

    Does anyone have any position on the date of release of this version 7:50 to download?

    He was not scheduled for the first half of 2016?

  • Are there any plans for an updated Developer 7.50 Edition to Download?
    Or is the future the 1$/h Amazon cloud edition?

    Just wondering.

    Kind regards


  • I experienced the same as Brandon: finally I found that the Amazon cloud edition can never replace learning with a Developer Edition to Download. So I cancelled my Amazon cloud engagement, and I will stay tuned for a download version based on 7.50 (until then I will use the 7.31 version, which still for me is a great help to keep in touch with ABAP development).

    • too bad. Or too simple: After installing UBUNTU as VMware virtual machine I searched fo ANY SAP Abap developer edition - currently without success.Looks like they removed it completely.

      amusing: when searching I didn'read too thoroughly, clicked here or there and suddenly (as registered amazon client) initiated an EC2 Cloaud SAP HANA instance, a process that shoult take 60 minutes. No way to stop, finally was able to queue the delete instance process. Next morning received alert from amazon " N. Virginia region has entered the ALARM state, because "Threshold Crossed: 1 datapoint (115.0) was greater than the threshold (100.0)."

      I created a case with amazon and thanks Amazon for giving me credit for the misuse.

      This is what I call good service.


      The last note posted here was


      Thea Hillenbrand Jan 11, 2016 11:40 AM (in response to Thomas Keller)


      the download version should be available end of Q1/16.

      Kind regards



      no further comment.

      Have fun


  • /
  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


    it's been just over a year now. Are there any news concerning a SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.x0 Developer Edition to download or are the only options to rent a Microsoft or Amazon cloud computing environment ?


    H. Bahr

  • Oh well,


    Past this weekend we’ll be in november so I’ll have to assume 7.50 would be sometime the next year.


    The instance I had stopped working some time ago because the license expired, and since there is no real date for the 7.5 version, then:


    • Does anyone could provide some tips on how to handle a netweaver license expired instance?,


    • Would it be wiser to reinstall the whole thing it again?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Jesus,

      Is there no possibility anymore to request a license key from SMP, and install it on client 000 as SAP*, as described in this thread (where the initial password of SAP* can also be found)? See the last post in this thread (29 Sept).

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Rob,

        I really didn’t understand what you meant by:

        >> Is there no possibility anymore to request a license key from SMP, and install it on client 000 as SAP*

        But the truth is that following the instructions on the thread of 29 sept you mentioned I was able to log on client 000 and install a new temporary license I just got from minisap (described also on the concise installation blog).

        More precisely the steps were:

        • Logged in on client “000” with username “SAP*” and password “DidNPLpw2014“.
        • In minisap site I got a new license (after sending the required information, the new license file came just a few seconds later).
        • Went to transaction SLICENSE and removed the expired license (Right clicked the license row and selected the “Delete License” option from the pop-up menu), otherwise trying to install a new license will complain about a duplicated license.
        • Then I used the “Install” button (F6), and give the path to the new license minisap sent.
        • And the new license was installed successfully (the row went from a red icon to a green one).

        Just to be sure everything was correct I re-initiated my linux instance and confirmed all was working again (and it was!).


        Thank you very much !!
        Now I can play with abap again.